Easy Better Bear Eagle Scout Project {free printables]


Davis has chosen to make Better Bears or Boo Boo Bears to give to Texas Children’s Hospital for his Eagle Project.  This project was so easy, really fun, and very rewarding.  I would highly recommend it to any teenage boy who doesn’t want to do an outdoor or physically exhausting Eagle Scout Project.

Davis Boo Boo Bear Eagle Scout Project TIp JunkieDavis’ Better Bear prototype he made all by himself ~ At the Start of His Project

The idea came about because Drake had to have surgery and Davis was so excited that Drake would get his own Better Bear. We had to have the conversation that the hospital may not have any. Davis was so disappointed that in that moment he decided he could do something about it and make them for his Eagle Scout Project.

Davis Original Better Bear Tip JunkieDavis’ Original Better Bear

You see Davis had surgery twice in Elementary school and received a Better Bear each time while at the hospital. They were so comforting to him during a very scary time. They meant so much to him, that he still has them 11 years later!

I’m so relieved and excited that Davis found a project that’s so personal and resonates. We’ve been praying for this for a long time as he’s not a self starter. {giggle}

Here are the files we made and used for Davis’ Better Bear Eagle Scout Project.  Feel free to print out and use them.  They aren’t professional as Davis created them. HA!  Hopefully they will help you organize the project as this was such a fun and easy project to do!

Purpose:  To provide better bears or boo boo bears to give to children to comfort them while in the emergency room.


  • Make a prototype of the bear {printable}
  • Get approved by BSA and Hospital, signatures required
  • Make templates for bears
  • Create sign up sheets for volunteers to sew bears, take to church {printable}
  • Cut out bears in fabric and make kits
  • Print out better bear kit cover sheet {printable}
  • Deliver kits to volunteers
  • Pick up finished teddy bears
  • Deliver to Children’s Hospital, get beneficiary signature
  • BSA Board of Review
  • BSA Eagle Court of Honor

Davis Boo Boo Bear Template for Childrens Hospital

Materials needed to make the bears will vary depending on the size of your fabric.  I would suggest a sturdy cotton which doesn’t shrink with a small pattern.  Avoid stretchy or fussy fabrics.

1 Bear:

  • 13″ fabric {doubled}
  • 3 oz of batting

50 Bears:

  • 25 x 13 = 325 / 36″ = 18.05 yards of 36″ fabric
  • 16 oz of batting = 6 bears = 133 oz of batting

In addition, you’ll need thread and sewing machines.  Davis found that his volunteers did them together as families.  It was so fun to get pictures of all these young kids making bears for others.

Observations:  We had a hard time initially getting our prototype big enough.  We had one set of volunteers cut the bears and make the kits.   In the end, we ended up having 9 people volunteer to sew and stuff bears, with an end total of 16 people who volunteered.  72 bears were completed and donated.  Davis’ grand total of hours was 121 hours.

What was Challenging?  Getting the template bigger was his biggest challenge.  I thought learning to sew would be intimidating for Davis but it wasn’t!  I was showing him the sewing machine and he interrupted me and said, “Mom, move over I’ve got it.”  And he did!  It was unbelievable.

Better Bear Eagle Project Finished

When Davis delivered the 72 bears to Texas Children’s he was beaming with pride!  He knew exactly how much comfort these bears would bring so many because he had experienced it himself.  It was an incredible experience as a mother to witness.

Davis’ BSA Eagle Court of Honor was a special event and we’re so proud of him for his years of serving to become the young man that he is today.

Better Bear Eagle Scout Project Tip Junkie
Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
Over $100
Long Term
Family Life
Free Printable
Get Well

Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    Make a Test Bear.

    We had a hard time finding a Teddy Bear template to use.  So if you ladies find one PLEASE leave a comment to the link.  I can’t find my final template.  I’ve attached the original one that tweaked to make the final template.

    Print out out the Better Bear template.  Cut along lines.


  • Step 2

    Trace the teddy bear template onto back side of fabric that’s been washed and doubled. So when you cut out one template there ends up being two pieces of fabric.

    Tip:  Fold the fabric so you can cut 4 pieces at a time which will make two bears.

  • Step 3

    These boo boo bears for kids are so easy to sew that kids can do it.

    Sew your prototype bear or test bear and make any adjustments that you want.

    Next, you’ll need to do all the paperwork to get the BSA Eagle Project approved and a beneficiary signature of approval.

  • Step 4

    Cut bears out of fabric.  Davis had one crew cut out the fabric and make bear kits that included fabric and batting.

    Volunteer Sign Up Sheet.  Then he sent around a sign up sheet to those who would be willing to volunteer to sew the bears together.

    Davis had originally intended on having a separate crew stuff the bears with batting ~ but that was a logistical nightmare.  So he decided to have the same people who sewed the bears to stuff them.  Which worked out really well.

  • Step 5

    Make the kits.  Davis created a cover letter to add to the kits which he gave to the volunteers.

    The kit was in a gallon Ziploc bag and included the cover letter and 2 pieces of cut fabric for each bear.  We also gave them a bag of batting.

    We tried to have the volunteers sew bears in increments of 6 or 4 to better accommodate the batting. {ie. 12 or 8 gets 2 bags}

    16 oz batting = 6 bears
    12 oz batting = 4 bears

    The batting was a Farfield brand Poly-fill or polyester fiber fill.

  • Step 6

    Deliver the kits and pick up the finished bears.

    These are  the boo boo bears that my Mom made.  They turned out so amazing.  We were extremely grateful for all of the volunteers.

  • Step 7

    Davis’ learned so much about leading a project and how to properly manage people.  The perk was that he also learned how to sew in the process.  {giggle}

  • Step 8

    Deliver bears to beneficiary.  Earning his Eagle Project gave Davis such a huge feeling of pride and accomplishment.  I expected him to be happy that it was over ~ but I didn’t expect how much taller he walked and the confidence that grew within.  I think it really helped that he picked a project that was very personal to him and that didn’t have too many moving parts.  He was able to be the driving force and truly lead without feeling overwhelmed.

    I’ll say it again, I would highly recommend this project!  {high fives}

  • Step 9

    Drake had his tonsils out and Davis was able to give him his very own Better Bear!  It was one of the prototypes that he made all by himself.   It was a full circle moment.

    Who knew such a simple teddy bear made of 2 pieces of fabric and batting would bring so much joy and comfort?!?  It really is the simple things in life that make such a huge difference.


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