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If you have a son in the Boy Scouts of America, chances are you’ll have to plan a Court of Honor for him at some point. A court of honor is an activity where the BSA scouts and their families come together to get their awards.  The boy scouts receive their rank advancement, merit badges, and other awards like their eagle scout award.

I recently planned my son’s eagle court of honor and wanted to share some ideas with you in case you need some for planning your sons! If you are looking for easy Eagle Court of Honor decorations you are in luck! I have lots of ideas to share. Here’s a BSA Eagle Scout Binder that’s super helpful in organizing the event, and even an idea for an eagle cake!

Boy Scouts of America

Read on for lots of ideas for planning a fun, fabulous, and easy court of honor for your BSA scout(s) including free printables!

On My HonorEHprint Free Printable Files:
Boy Scouts On My Honor Banner ~ pdf (4467 downloads) ,
Boy Scouts On My Honor Banner ~ image (662 downloads)

Click the above links to print out for free, under the text “free printable files”. I’ve included a PDF version as well as a JPG version.

BSA On My Honor and Be Prepared Signs

On My Honor

I fell in love with this On My Honor banner from The Carver Crew and had to quickly recreate it (I had a time crunch) so I made it out of paper.  I also wanted to display it behind the podium like their Court of honor but we ended up having our ceremony in the chapel.

BSA On My Honor Ribbon Banner

How to Make:  I added a pdf version to print at home. However, if you want to enlarge this print and have it printed at Costco in a 20×30 for $9.99 like I did then you’ll need to print out the second version in a jpg or image so you can upload it to the photo site.

Court of Honor Invitation

I ordered the BSA Court of Honor invitation from an Etsy shop.

Here’s the direct link to the invitation I got. If you don’t want to pay for printables files or to have invitations professionally made, you can always design your own.

BSA Court of Honor Eagle Table

Eagle Scout Memorabilia Table

I LOVED this Court of Honor set up from The Red Balloon and wished I had given myself more than a few days to plan for this event.  It was the inspiration for what I did, but obviously I didn’t pull off all of the details they did! When you are in a time crunch, you have to improvise! {high fives}

BSA Court of Honor Memoriabilia Table

I found navy blue fabric 60″ wide at Walmart of all places and purchased Four 60″ squares. {60″x60″} to decorate the Memorabilia table.  A fun flag bunting and the On My Honor banner made a simple yet powerful backdrop to the boys hard-earned memories.

bsa court of honor flags

I cut the graphic off of the Court of Honor Guest List sign that I purchased on Etsy in sheet and taped it onto a tall red tin, dumped in some blue glass pebbles you use in a fish tank, and plopped in 2 plastic flags.  Two of these on the table made it festive, fun, and easy.

Eagles Nest

Davis Eagle Table

For Davis’ section of the Eagle table, I kept it simple and on topic.

  •  Picture of Scout in Boy Scout Shirt in a frame
  • Guest Sign In Sheet or Cards
  • Eagle project ~ Better Bears 
  • Pinewood Derby Cars and awards
  • Raingutter Regatta Boats and awards
  • Flag in Case
  • Flag T for TURK {shoot yeah}

Eagle Court of Honor

One of our Tip Junkie editors, Kathi made all of these cute centerpieces for each Eagle Scout. {squealing}

boy scouts of america decorations

I used my silhouette to cut the names of each Eagle Scout on vinyl which made the process so much faster.

Eagle Cake Tip Junkie

Eagle Cake

My mom started the tradition of making an eagle cake for all 3 of my brothers and now all 3 of my boys will be able to enjoy her yummy and incredible Eagle Cakes. {crossing fingers} I think it’s a great tradition to pass on!

BSA Eagle Cake for Court of Honor

How to Make The Eagle Cake

I’ve been getting so many questions online and in real life about how my mom made her Eagle Scout cake.  Full disclosure, she’s been making these cakes for 30 years.  All 3 of my brothers are Eagle Scouts and two of my boys. So between family, friends, and church my mom has made countless Eagle cakes for Eagle Scouts.

Cake Decorating Materials You’ll Need:

  • #18 Star Tip ~ Eagle
  • #16 Star Tip ~ Eagle details
  • #4 or #5 Round Tip ~ Eyes & Beak
  • #10 or #12 Larger Round Tip ~ Fill in Beak
  • Small round silver candy ~ Eye iris

Eagle Cake Tips & Tricks: 

Step 1:  Use a lot of icing. I ice the entire cake in white first, including the sides.

Step 2:  Use tooth picks to draw the outline of the picture on the cake.

Step 3:  Flag:  Ice the red, white and blue of the flag using #18 star tip first. Then the eagle.

Step 4:  Eye:  I use a plain round tip to outline the eye, a #4 or #5.

Step 5:  Beak:  I use the same #4 or #5 tip for the beak, but the I use a larger plain round, I think a #10 or #12 to fill in and build up the beak. I smooth it with a tapered cake decorating spatula.

Step 6:  Eagle:  For most of the eagle, I use the #18 star tip. For smaller details I use the #16 star tip.  I mix up dark brown chocolate icing then I mix in white with it in at least 3 or 4 separate bowls so I have different shades ranging from dark brown to very light. I start at the bottom or breast of the eagle with the darkest brown.

I do two or three rows of that, then I use the same tip I used with the dark brown, but put it on the bag of the 2nd darkest brown. Do a few rows of that till it is all the second color is coming out.

Then I switch the tip to the next lighter shade and so on. After the lightest brown shade, I move that tip to the white.

Step 7:  Eye Details:  The details of the eye are the last thing I do. I often use a small round silver candy in the iris of the eye.

Step 8:  Finishing Detail:  I end by adding a white boarder around the outside edge of the top of the cake and around the bottom edge as well.

BSA Eagle Court of Honor Dessert Table

BSA Dessert Table

  • Eagle Cake
  • Flag Cupcakes
  • Balloons: red, white, and blue
  • Leather Bunting: red, blue
  • Plastic tablecloth {our Scouts are messy… but they clean up after themselves. HA!}

Court of Honor Food Table

eagle court of honor decorations

eagle court of honor printable decorations

I used the Eagle 2” circles from Tips From a Typical Mom and popped them on top of a 3″ circle from the travel party I did years ago.

Then I cut the bottom of the BSA Guest List sheet and taped the stars to my plate and napkin holder {snicker}  Man, I love playing with paper.

Boy Scouts of America Flag Cupcake Cake

A HUGE thank you to Kathi who gave me her amazing BSA decor to re-use.  I adore her Boy Scout Oath character traits she attached to a stick and on wood.  Fab!  I used many of her decorations as her son got his Eagle a couple months ago.  Girlfriend helped me out so much in a pinch.  Love friends like that. {high fives}

BSA Drink Dispenser

Court of Honor

Turk Boy Scouts of America

One down… two to go! If you have any great, easy ideas for planning a Boy Scouts of America Court of Honor, I’d love for you to share in the comments!

The Tip Junkie’s are Scouters

BSA Davis Eagle Cake

BSA Eagle Court of Honor

I was featured on Tip Junkie

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More Scouting Ideas

BSA court of honor eagle table
Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
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1-2 Hours
Free Printable


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  1. Is this just a 9×13 cake or is it a bigger one? It looks bigger. If it is bigger than 9×13, how did you cook it? Did you have to have that size pan? I just don’t have one and don’t think I have seen one like that. Also, what size star tip did you use for the cake, and also what was the tip you used for the Eagle? Thank you so much. If my son’s upcoming Court of Honor looks even half as good as yours does, I will think it was a success.
    Thanks in advance,

    • Hey Hanh ~ The file is at the top of this article for you to download and print. Look for “Free printable files” and click on those links.

  2. I really enjoyed your article. I have a son with an upcoming Eagle Scout Court of Honor and you gave me such great ideas! Thank you so much for sharing! Just Wonderful!

  3. Hey Samanta ~ Here’s the info on the Better Bear Project that my oldest did for his Eagle Project.

    My 2nd son did an “adopt me” bandana for the Houston SPCA as he loves animal.. I haven’t blogged about that yet. But here’s the template that we used.

    I hope these help!

  4. I love all of this! Thank you! Can you tell me more about the Better Bears project? My second son loves to sew and is just about ready to pick an Eagle Project. The bears look right up his alley! Thanks in advance!!

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