Amazing Sweet 16 Travel Party for Teens!


The best ideas on how to host an amazing Sweet 16 travel party for teens.  This travel party theme includes everything you need {and more} for a Super Sweet 16 birthday bash, she’ll never forget!

This party is a First Class experience for the soon-to-be world traveler.  Guests are greeted at the door by a Travel Agent, given passports and boarding passes at Customs, make a craft during their departing flight, enjoy a little competition during the test flight, enjoy in-flight service and beverage, enjoy activities at 4 destinations, arrive back just in time to give travel advice to the birthday girl, and grab a party favor at baggage claim.

Travel Party Ideas

As most of you know, I’m a mom of 3 boys and therefore I don’t have a daughter.  So when I begged my friend got the opportunity to host a Sweet Sixteen birthday party, I was over-the-moon excited.  Knowing this would be my only opportunity to host a Sweet 16 birthday party, I dove in and gave it my all!  You’ll have to leave a comment at the bottom to let me know how I did.  {wink}

Sweet 16

sweet 16 travel party printable file

1. Travel Party Ideas for a Sweet 16 Birthday Party {printable file} ~ This travel birthday party idea is a free printable file which includes ideas with links to invitations, party games, cake ideas, photo booth props, dessert table ideas, party printables you can purchase as well as free party printables, party favors, as well as different colors you can do your travel theme with.

There are plenty of other decorating ideas like hot air balloons, paper planes, maps, agenda’s and more! This printable file is a collection of travel birthday party ideas I put together when I was preparing to present options to the birthday girl.

It was important to me that she was involved and felt “in control” of her party, but not overwhelmed with decisions or tasks. Therefore every time we met I presented 3 planning decisions she needed to make with 3-4 options each. This way the planning was easier for her and not too overwhelming.

You know I believe that credit should be given! So in this free file are also links to blogs and Etsy shops so you can not only find further ideas and tutorials but proper link credit to the incredible ideas for the Sweet 16 Travel Party.

Sweet 16 Travel Party Game Stations

Looking for more ideas? Then be sure to check out my free printable file with all of the Travel Party Ideas I found while researching for this Sweet 16 birthday party.

Travel Party Theme

Flight Plan

Travel Agent

Flight Plan – Travel Party Agenda {printable file} ~ Here is the flight plan or Travel Party Agenda I made when I hosted the Sweet 16 Travel Party Game Stations.

Each guest received a flight plan from the Travel Agent. It was an organic way to show each guest what to expect from the party, what games we were doing, and when they were going to eat! A great tip especially when hosting a party with 20+ teenagers.

During the party we chose 4 destinations because those are the places the sweet 16 birthday girl had traveled. We used those experiences as a way for her guests to get to know her better and find a connection.

Boarding Pass

U.S. Customs Declaration

Boarding Pass – Travel Party Invitation {printable file} ~ Use this boarding pass example as an invitation to a travel party or any creative way you dream up. It’s not an editable file so I made it a generic as possible. You can add text on top of it or print it to use as is.

After the Travel Agent approved their passport, it was time for each guest to receive one of these boarding passes at U.S. Customs Declaration during the Sweet 16 Travel Party Game Stations.



Since this party hosted over 25 teenagers, it was necessary to break the guest up into 4 teams. To make sure the birthday girl was able to spend time with each of her guests, we used the passports to automatically separate the guests into teams.  I purchased the passports from Oriental Trading Company. 

Inside each passport, I listed the 4 destinations they would be traveling with a colored sticker. The color sticker you were given on your passport determined what group you would be playing each game with.  Easy as pie.

Travel Party Ideas

4 Party Games

Sweet 16 Travel Party Game Stations ~ We had so much fun playing games!  These Super Sweet 16 birthday party game stations are perfect for an airplane, Travel themed party, or ‘Oh the places she’ll go!’ party. These fun party game signs include Travel Agent, U.S. Customs Declaration, departing flight, in-flight snacks, in-flight beverage, souvenir station, travel advice, and baggage claim.  {wow}

Flight Destinations

New York City

New York City, New York

Our first destination during the Sweet 16 Travel Party Game Station was New York City. The party guests were separated into teams and while Team 1 acted out a Broadway Musical song, the other groups watched during the performance.

Paris, France
Paris, France-jpg

The second destination in Sweet 16 Travel Party was Paris, France. For this stop, we took the guests to a place where the birthday girl had already traveled, so they could get to know her better. Party guests enjoyed a photo booth with fun Paris themed props.

Rome, Italy


The third destination at the Sweet 16 Travel Party was Rome.  Again, we choose to take the guests to a location where the birthday girl had already traveled, for a better opportunity to get to know her better. While in Rome, party guests enjoyed a dress design race with white plastic bags and toilet paper. They had a blast!

London, England

London, England-jpg

The fourth destination for our Sweet 16 Travel Party was London, England.  Party guests enjoyed making candy airplanes {more details below} and had a paper plane throwing contest.

How to Make a Candy Airplane Craft

Departing Flight

How to Make a Candy Airplane Craft ~ Easy candy airplanes which are a perfect craft activity to make for an airplane party, travel themed party, or just as a fun activity for kids and teenagers. This makes a great boredom buster activity, as well as party game, and party favor!

Travel Advice or Well Wishes for a Journey

Travel Advice

Guests were able to write down their Well Wishes for her Journey on luggage tags.  For the travel advice I could have used a guest book as well.  I chose to create hanging luggage tags the birthday girl could then quickly string up and hang as a pennant banner in her bedroom when she got home.

Souvenir Station

We didn’t have time to make luggage tags at a Souvenir Station.  However, I wanted to make sure that I mentioned it in case you’re looking for more party games or activiites to do during a Travel Theme birthday party or event.

Travel Party First Class Food Table

Travel Birthday Theme

Easy Travel Party Food Table Ideas ~ Here are some easy food ideas if you’re hosting a Travel, airplane, or red white and blue party anytime soon. {wink} I used First Class Travel Printable Party Kit by Black Leaf Design to decorate the food table for this Sweet 16 birthday party.

I kept the food simple with cupcakes, croissants, cheese and crackers, hot air balloon cookies, Chex party mix, mini hot dogs, and popcorn.  A little taste of each of the 4 destinations we traveled during the evening.

Travel Party Dessert Food Table

In-Flight Service

Birthday Cake ~ I purchased a $12 double layer, white iced, round cake at Kroger and made it fabulous with cookies on a stick from Sweet Tooth Cottage.  I place red gum balls around the bottom edge to cover the gold cardboard cake plate.  Then since it needed a little something else, I taped on a navy and white polka dot ribbon.

I LOVE how the hot air balloon and cloud cookies turned out from Sweet Tooth Cottage.  The best thing about these cookies is that they taste even better than they look!  {pinky swear}

hot air balloon cupcakes for a travel party

Hot Air Balloon Cupcakes

Hot Air Balloon Cupcakes for a Travel Party ~ Give your travel birthday party the WOW factor with these Hot Air Balloon cupcakes made into a garland or banner. You can put anything inside the muffin cups like candy, muffins, or cupcakes!

Baggage Claim Party Favors

Baggage Claim

Thanks to the First Class Travel Printable Party Kit by Black Leaf Design, these luggage party favors were perfect.  We quickly popped in a travel game and chocolates to make the party favor even more sweet!

Free Printable Pan Am Stewardess Cap Pattern

Travel Theme

Free Printable Pan Am Stewardess Cap Pattern ~ Use this incredible 1963 inspired Pan Am Stewardess Cap to dress up as a flight Attendant to accent your Halloween costume or a fun Sweet 16 Travel Birthday Party like I did!

Thank You Mom-Preneurs!

I’ve got to give a special thanks to these Mom-preneurs who because of their incredible talents helped make this Sweet 16 birthday party such an incredible one.

Tip Junkie loves to promote women in business. {high fives}

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