Halloween Costumes from a box – No Sewing required (Mailbox & Popcorn Box)


We have two costumes, as I have two boys. The oldest Devon is a blue mailbox. We made this out of a box and used posterboard for the top. The rivets are simply dried glue drops and we spray painted the box. The front flap opens and there is a bad attached inside so that you can drop the candy right into the mailbox. My youngest son Dylan is sporting a box of popcorn. I simply tapered each side and hot glued it, then painted it all white. I then taped masking tape and painted red for the stripes. The popcorn it self is made from packing popcorn that I dabbed a little yellow paint and put one brown dot on the inside of each curved piece. I just hot glued the popcorn onto the box leaving a hole for his head. These were so much fun and very simple to make. My boys get so much positive attention when we do our own costumes.

popcorn and mailbox
Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$1 to $25
1-2 Hours
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  1. I have been making costumes since my oldest son Thomas who is now 24 was a little man. I have made a High Top Converse Tennis Shoe, a Hershey’s Kiss, A Rubix Cube, a box of M&M’s as well as a green M&M. I just love making costumes ūüôā

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