How To Save Laptops From Water Spills?


How would you save your laptop if you accidentally spilled water, coffee and other liquids while sitting next to your laptop? Don’t know! well this post will help you save your laptop If you spill a drink while using your laptop and cause liquid damage. And trust me or not, these tips may give you a fighting chance to salvage both your laptop as first life of defense in any similar situation.

First thing first; turn off your laptop immediately.

Next, immediately unplug the laptop from the power cord and press the power button for 4 seconds or until the laptop shuts down
Remove the battery to disconnect the battery from your laptop to avoid the presence of static charge in it. And until you go through all the steps we are going to show you below; don’t even try to power the laptop on.

Next thing you have to do is cleaning the laptop with the cleaning cloth; try to use soft and highly absorbent cloth to remove as much visible moisture as possible.

Tilt the laptop to get the liquid out for the laptop it will get most of the liquid out the same way it came in. This technique will prevent the laptop from going deep inside your laptop.

Clean the laptop with the cleaning cloth once again, and repeat the same procedure using the highly absorbent cloth or paper towel.

Tip for pros: If you have necessary tools to pull out ram or reach out mother board to dry them out, please do this as soon as possible.

Since laptops are sensitive devices if they have intel core processor which can usually be found in HP laptops. But on the other side, these gadgets should neither be kept near food items nor should they be used as dining tables for late night dinners.

So back to the rescue, once you’ve dried your laptop from both outside and inside, let it dry for at least 24 hours next to a window or an another dry location for mentioned time.

Use a blow dryer if you have one and set it on the coolest settings. Carefully dry the laptop paying attention to the keyboard and the parts you removed and keep the blow dryer moving over all parts.

You may turn on your laptop to a boost test after you’ve let it dry for 24 hours. Just connect the battery and plug the power chord to test for other problems.

In case your laptop does not start, then please take your laptop to your local franchise if your laptop has a warranty. Or you may visit your nearest electronics store to give your laptop for necessary repairs.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
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30 Minutes
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