TJ Community: Photography Week

It’s Photography week here on Tip Junkie and I’ve enlisted an excellent Mom-preneur to help us learn something new and win free prizes.  {squeal in delight}  I hope you’ll give a proper Tip Junkie welcome to Beth Bryan who will be giving of her time and talent by leaving her a kind comment below and clicking on her

Some online shopping advice for Battlefield 1 Kaufen

The most popular source of entertainment nowadays is video games. Many people like to play them just for fun and to pass-time. These games have made people take up gaming as a profession. All this is possible due to the latest advancement in the field of games. The best example of great use of technology

Features of a Reliable E-commerce Platform

When dealing with customers who are in a hurry and have no time to waste, reliability can make you king of the market. The world has become such a busy place that people are always on the move from one deal to the next, and wasting time is not welcomed at all. Thrive to become

Tips On How To Find The Best Gadgets

This is a tip article about how to find the best gadgets. Also in here you will get a detailed description of what they are and advice about it.

How To Save Laptops From Water Spills?

How would you save your laptop if you accidentally spilled water, coffee and other liquids while sitting next to your laptop? Don’t know! well this post will help you save your laptop If you spill a drink while using your laptop and cause liquid damage. And trust me or not, these tips may give you

Tips of Legally Purchasing Copyrights

Though stealing ones ideas is an illegal move, you can purchase the copyrights if you want to and are capable. If you come across an idea that has been patented but you think will be great for your business, you can purchase it –if it’s up for sale that is. People are different in a

Tips of Purchasing Commercial Property

There are numerous ways of starting successful businesses that you can manipulate. For example, there are people who purchase pieces of land and leave them for several years before selling them at higher prices after they have appreciated in value. When it comes to business, you just need to find something that you are good

Easiest Hack to Fix Frayed iPhone Cords

Prevent or fix frayed lightning cables with this simple tip.  Lightning cables are Apple device connector cords for charging. It will save you tons of money and it takes about a minute to complete.

Tips For Shopping Online

Today, it seems that no matter what it is you are after, there is some place to buy it online! Of course this new mode of shopping has made it so much easier for people to get what they want from pretty much anywhere in the world, eliminating the need for physical visits to the

Tips for Making Money by Selling Handicrafts

If you have a knack for making cool thing using your hands, you may be able to turn your side hobby into a fully-fledged business. There’s a specific marketplace for handcrafted items. It’s easy enough to tap into as long as you have the right savvy, commitment and the technological tools. If you want to

Essential Characteristics of a Great Designer

Whichever line of work you opt to venture into, there are some core values that you should always keep in mind. These are characteristics that are bound to make you great at the new job that you are planning on starting. Make sure that you remember to work smarter and harder for better results. There

Tips to Increase Productivity in Your Shop

Running a shop is not an easy job as you think and it is not a small detail as well. Every business you do is important and for the success of every job, productivity plays a main role. If you want to make the most out of time, successfully complete the tasks for the day

How Does A Four Gas Monitor Work?

If you are required to use a four gas monitor in the course of your work, you might be wondering how exactly they work and why they are necessary. The purpose of the monitor is to detect the presence of four different substances (such as volatile organic compounds or VOCs, toxic gases, combustible gases, oxygen

How to Take Better Photos of Your Handmade Products for Sale

If you’re trying to conquer design, sales, marketing and manufacturing, you may be finding it tricky to get it all done perfectly.This may be because you strive in one or two of those areas, but aren’t as well versed in the others. Nowhere is this more evident than on Etsy or eBay. Bland product descriptions,

Video Production Company Melbourne

It has been said that – ‘A picture tells 53 times more than words’. Over the last few years marketing world has completely changed a lot. Marketing is log no longer about the stuff that you make instead its more about the stories you tell. And this is the reason why businesses are looking forward