Minion Selfie Station {photo booth}


A party just isn’t a party without great photos! {smiling} Providing photos ops which help the memories endure are always a top priority for me. A photo booth is always a must have at a party that I host as it doubles as a party game and DIY Decor.  It’s also a great way to cover a not so pretty spot in your home or a gym.

Selfie Stations or Photo Booths are also an easy activity for kids and adults of all ages. Here’s a Minion Selfie Station or photo booth idea that I created for our Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts which had a Minion theme.

Minion Photo Booth

Blue and Gold Photo Booth

Get free printables and pictured instructions on how to created all the entertaining games over on my other post with Blue and Gold Banquet games for the Cub Scouts.

Extra Large Minion Eyes

Materials Needed:

Extra Large Minion Goggles

How to Make:

1. Print the Eye Googles.

For the eyes I printed out these Free Printable Despicable Me 2 Minion Goggles and Mouths quite a bit larger than their original size.  At first, I printed them in black and white and on draft a couple times until I got the size that was proportional to the poster boards.   Then once I had the right size, I printed them out in full color on matte photo paper so there wouldn’t be a glare for pictures.

Since they were so large, it took 6 sheets of paper per Google.  I cut them out and taped them together on the back.  If any of the front seams where popping out I took a clear glue stick to adhesive down.

Tip:  I tried to get these printed at Office Max on poster paper but they wouldn’t do it since they are a trademarked character even though they were hand drawn and not a copy-written image.

Minion Photo Booth Props

2.  Print Photo Props

Print and cut out the Despicable Me photo props on matte photo paper.  Tape a wooden dowel or skewer to the back of each prop at an angle so they are easier to photograph.

Optional:  Stick the photo props in a vase or cover a rectangle of craft foam with paper so they are cute and won’t fall over or get ruined thrown on a table.

Blue and Gold Photo Booth

How to Play:

Since this is a selfie station, it requires little explanation or assistance.  I had my camera set up on a tripod.  However, so many people had their phones with them so it was easier than I had anticipated.  Everyone enjoyed the photo op!

Cub Scout Blue and Gold in Church Gym

I used this easy game as an activity for kids at the Blue and Gold Banquet the Cub Scouts. Click over to that link to get the details for all the games and how to make them.

Cub Scouting Blue and Gold Banquet Photo Booth
Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$1 to $25
1-2 Hours
Activity or Game
Party Decorating

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