Tips To Make Cool Birthday Cards


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Whenever we think of a birthday party, what comes into our minds is what kind of gift to give. Gifts have evolved as a tradition in human generation. You can give several items such as wall hangings, photo frames, show cases, a bouquet of flowers, flower vase and a birthday card too. Even if you aren’t giving any gift, birthday cards are necessary to round off this special day. Here are the Tips to make creative birthday cards.

Use Fabric

Fabric can be used to add texture to the card design. You can cover the card with pieces of fabric then embellish by machine-stitching other pieces onto the birthday card. For an additional special touch, create flowers out of the together sewn punches.

Make Computerized Card

Today, several applications and software which can be used to create completely cheap yet elegant cards for your dear ones are readily available in the market. You can make cards on computers with these applications in a short period of time and hardly any cash involved. Fonts such as dingbats can be used on the computer to make your card stylish and creative.

Adding a customized metal rim tag to your card can add a special touch on it. This can be done by printing an icon on a paper by using a cartridge xerox and then sticking to the tag. Cards made this way have high and definite graphics which boots the show of your birthday card.

Feel Free to Accessorize

At times, the party has a specific color associated with it. And you need to subtle match the theme.
Fortunately, as far as card making tips for art and design are concerned, you can never make a mistake with accessorizing.
So, even if the card element is just there for support and isn’t technically part of the card, accent it. You will be shocked at the great transformation this small change will bring.

Use of Real Flowers

Pressed flowers can add a feeling of realism. In order to achieve this, make sure you use flowers that have lost all the moisture because moisture may make them turn brown. Dry adhesive dots can be used to attach the flowers onto the card.

The most ideal themes to use in a birthday card are balloons, flowers, animals, cakes, cartoon characters, cars and princesses. Make sure you try to create something unique that is related to the recipient or your special relationship to the recipient.

Use Phrase Stickers

Cards are available in several varieties with various styles, patterns and sizes. It’s not necessary that a birthday card should just be rectangular or square in shape. It may be small medium or even big.

To create a birthday card, you may even stick phrase stickers on the card and then write your thoughts and feelings about the recipient. Including phrase stickers is a perfect way to express your true feelings in a short sentence or a phrase that will win the recipient’s heart and make him or her feel special.


I hope you find the above tips and suggestions helpful and use them to improve your card making skills. You can use these tips with limited resources and yet achieve elegant outcomes. Keep on trying them to provide overwhelming smile to the recipient.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$0 or Free
30 Minutes
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