How to Cook Quinoa [14 Recipes]


Easy to make and healthy to boot, these quinoa recipes are delicious and are perfect to make anytime. These recipes are so tasty that if you are not a quinoa lover, you will be soon. In case you’re not familiar with quinoa it’s actually a seed but, considered a whole grain. It’s packed with nutrition and is one of the healthiest whole grains you can make! These recipes are quick so whether you are on the go or not, you can enjoy the benefits of quinoa without sacrificing your time!

How to Cook Quinoa [14 recipes]

I remember the first time I tried quinoa. I thought I’d hate it. But, I was wrong! With the right recipe, it can be amazing. These quinoa recipes make implementing quinoa in your cooking look beautiful as well as taste delicious. You’ll love the recipes for different types of quinoa soup, quinoa salad, quinoa bowls, quinoa bites, quinoa parfaits, and more. Yummy.

14. How to Make Quinoa in the Rice Cooker.

Mom Advice


Did you know that you could cook quinoa in your rice cooker? Mom Advice shows you a foolproof way to cook it.

13. Cheesy Spinach Artichoke Quinoa Bites.

Cupcakes & Kale Chips


Flavored with three types of cheese, you can transform your favorite spinach artichoke dip into a healthy finger food that’s gluten free. Find the recipe here.

12. Crispy Cheesy Quinoa Bites.

A Pretty Life in the Suburbs


Crunchy, hand held and delicious. These cheesy quinoa bites are loaded with flavor and packed full of nutrition. Perfect as an appetizer or side dish with dinner. Recipe here.

11. Southwest Quinoa Soup.

Real Housemoms


Hearty and comforting this soup by Real Housemoms is perfect for cool fall or winter nights! “It’s packed with chicken, quinoa and kicked up a notch with a bit of jalapeno.” Recipe here.

10. Greek Quinoa Salad Recipe.

Your Homebased Mom


Feta cheese, olives, cucumber, roma tomatoes, and chickpeas are combined and tossed with a red wine vinaigrette. Recipe here.

9. Garden Veggie Quinoa Salad – Gluten Free & Vegan.

Whole New Mom


This colorful salad is bursting with flavor and loaded with veggies, 12 cups to be exact. It’s gluten-free, vegan and low carb. Find the recipe here.

8. Crunchy Thai Quinoa Salad.

Your Homebased Mom for Thirty Handmade Days


Looking for a simple recipe to serve your dinner guests? This crunchy thai quinoa salad is absolutely one of the best looking and yummiest recipes I know. This scrumptious salad looks far more labor intensive than it is. Find the recipe here.

7. Black Bean and Quinoa Salad.

A great make ahead meal that can be refrigerated overnight. Find the recipe here.

6. One Pot Cajun Shrimp and Quinoa – Gluten Free.

Will Cook for Smiles


The zesty flavors of cajun seasoning and tomato sauce make this healthy dish a favorite. The marinated shrimp is full of flavor! Recipe here.

5. Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowl Recipe.

Lil' Luna


This vegetarian meal is healthy and tastes delicious. A quinoa bowl with grilled sweet potatoes, black beans, spinach salad, and topped with avocado, cilantro and lime juice is delightful! Find the recipe here.

4. Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Bowl.

Almost Supermom


This buffalo chicken quinoa bowl is loaded with chicken, blue cheese crumbles and ranch sauce. What’s not to love? Find the recipe here.

3. Broccoli, Cheddar and Quinoa Gratin.

Cookie + Kate


A tasty broccoli, chees-y and creamy quinoa dish covered in homemade bread crumbs. It’s comfort food at it’s finest. Recipe here.

2. Strawberry Almond Quinoa.

Real Housemoms


Perfect for a warm day or as a side salad, this chilled strawberry almond quinoa is delicious! Make it the night before so it’s ready to go the next day. Recipe here.

1. Berry Quinoa Parfait

Mom Advice


Start your day off right with a protein packed parfait. Creamy quinoa is topped with fresh berries and sliced almonds. You can also use frozen berries if they’re not in season. Find the recipe here.

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