15 Rainbow Crafts for Kids


How to make rainbow crafts with your kids is so much fun! It’s super inexpensive, creative, and can lead to hours of fun. Plus, it’s a great way to teach your child about colors. You are going to love these step-by-step rainbow for kids tutorials so that crafting with your child is easy as 1-2-3. Plus, you’ll love all of the ideas!

How to make Rainbow Crafts with these tutorials which include rainbow stained glass, paper plate rainbow, rainbow twirlers, rainbow slime, exploding rainbow, cardboard tube rainbow blowers, perler bead keychain, and more!

Rainbow Crafts

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Rainbow Crafts

St. Patrick’s Day must have rainbows to find the pot of gold, right?  This Paper Plate Rainbow by A Night Owl is sure to make everyone smile.  Made from strips of colored construction paper and a paper plate.

Sometimes that pot of gold is too hard to catch! So, why not make your own with this End of the Rainbow Twirlers by Crafty Morning ?!  Hang it outside to watch it spin in the wind.  It will be a rainbow of color.  {{snicker}}

This fun Rainbow Paper Plate Craft by Daisy Cottage Designs is perfect for preschoolers to learn about colors as well as a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft.

Q-tips make wonderful paint brushes.  They’re cheap, disposable and perfect for little hands.  By taping several q-tips together you can paint the rainbow with this Rainbow Art with Q-tips by Make and Takes.

Kids will love making a rainbow with this free printable, Taste the Rainbow by Tatertots & Jello. Skittles for the rainbow stripes and miniature marshmallows for the clouds.  The best part, kids can eat it!

This fun Rainbow Mobile craft by B-Inspired Mama is perfect for preschoolers to learn about colors. By mixing all the colors in one pot, preschoolers will need to identify each color on their own while stringing them together. 

Rainbow for Kids

Rainbow for Kids

Make a Rainbow Keychain by My Frugal Adventures using perler beads. It also makes a cute backpack accessory.

Have your children create a Stained Glass Rainbow by Mom on Timeout from tissue paper, glue and wax paper.  They will feel a great sense of pride when their artwork is hanging for all to see.

What child would not want to make these cute Cardboard Tube Rainbow Blowers by Kids Craft Room? It is made from cardboard tubes that normally go right into the landfill. Craft and recycle at the same time. Decorate your rainbow blowers with paint, tissue paper, and anything else you have around the house.  

Here is a fun way to occupy your preschool aged child! Make a Fruit Loop Rainbow by Housing a Forest using Fruit Loops cereal, glue and paper your kids can make a piece of artwork perfect to display for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day! Easy to setup and cleanup!

This simple homemade Rainbow Slime by Schooling a Monkey recipe is fun for kids all year long, but create some special St. Patrick’s day fun by coloring your slime with every color of the rainbow.

Kids will love watching an Exploding Rainbow by Smart School House with this simple experiment using vinegar, food coloring, and baking soda.

Art and Craft Ideas
Art and Craft Ideas

Learn the ever popular technique of weaving with this Rainbow Paper Plate Weaving by Pink Stripey Socks.  All you’ll need are some paper plates, yarn and scissors to create beautiful woven art.

Make a rainbow with this Rainbow Shaving Cream Art by Hello, Wonderful with shaving cream and paint. 

This easy 3 D Rainbow Paper Craft by Easy Peasy and Fun is the perfect craft for any kid who loves rainbows. Children will love creating their own artwork for St. Patrick’s Day. 

15 Rainbow Crafts for Kids

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Rainbow Crafts

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