7 Fast How to Quilt with Scrap Fabric Patterns


Check out these beautiful modern quilts made with scrap fabric you have from other quilts and sewing projects! If you want to learn how to quilt or simply looking for a new patchwork design then this is a perfect way to use up those scraps you have sitting around. Learn how to make these beautiful scrap quilts using these great step by step tutorials.

4 Fast How to Quilt with Scrap Fabric Patterns

Yep, Ladies it’s time to do some fabric scrap recycling!  {snicker}  Today I’m featuring square patchwork, quilting in diagonal rows, things to make with fabric scraps like a beautiful baby quilt, what to do with fabric scraps with NO pattern and even a to-die-for sewing machine scrap fabric quilt to use as decor.  {squeal in delight}

1.  QUILT Word Wall Hanging

QUILT Fabric Scrap Recylcing Quilt

Lelsie says this is a fun wall hanging while practicing your piecing skills and bonus take care of your fabric scrap recycling your stash. For those beginners, If you can sew a straight stitch, then you can make this quilt. Finished Quilt Size is 44” x 16”.

Get free pattern with instructions here:  QUILT Word Wall Hanging

2. Stitch Happens Scrap Fabric Quilt

Stitch Happens is a scrap fabric quilt pattern

Stitch Happens is a scrap fabric quilt pattern from Kelli Fannin Designs.   This pattern is easy to piece and has instructions with image for color placement. Wouldn’t it be so cute to decorate your craft room or sewing area? The finished quilt size is 37″ x 40″.

Buy the instant download: Stitch Happens Scrap Fabric Quilt Pattern

3. Squares Patchwork Scrap Quilt

Squares Scrap Quilt Pattern and Tutorial

Scrap fabric and your favorite color will make a lovely quilt like this one. This easy project will stitch together quickly. Pull out your most colorful and beautiful scraps for an easy quilt that will go together quickly. Choose a color to tie everything together, like the tan chosen by the designer. Any favorite color that complements your scraps will be lovely.  The finished quilt size is 56″ x 70″.

Get the free pattern here:  Square Scrap Quilt

4. Butterfly Quilt Block

Butterfly Block Quilt Pattern Free

The butterfly quilt block pattern by Nicole at Lillyella is made with a paper piecing technique. Paper piecing is a wonderful way to use every last piece of your smaller scraps of fabric.

Get the free pattern on Craftsy:  Butterfly Quilt Block

Laura has created a free printable pattern as well as a video to show you how to sew a quilt with diagonal rows while doing some fabric scrap recycling.  The design might seem difficult at first glance but since it’s stitched together diagonal rows, it’s easier than it looks.

Quilt Pattern to download here:  Aunt Grace Pattern
Watch the video on YouTube here:  How to Sew a Quilt with Diagonal Rows

6. Baby Quilt from Fabric Scraps

How to Make a Colorful Baby Quilt from Fabric Scraps

Once this baby quilt is completed the finished quilt, designed by Chris Malone, is 48″ x 48″. The downloadable patterns includes how to quilt many fun quilt projects made with scraps or selected yardage. You’ll find time-friendly projects for all skill levels, such as bed quilts, table runners, and lap quilts.

Buy the instant download: Annie’s Fun & Easy Scrappy Quilts

7. How to Make a Slab Quilt

How to Make a Slab Quilt with Free Pattern

A slab quilt is improvisational piecing with scraps. Laura shows you how to cut scrap fabric in different size pieces and then makes a fun quilt without a pattern. Yep, you get to make it up as you go. The perks are NO PATTERN to follow for this slab quilt and you get to use up all your scrap fabric making your own patchwork design on the fly.

Watch the video on YouTube here: How to Make a Slab Quilt with No Pattern

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Who knew patchwork quilting and learning how to quilt using scrap fabric recycling could be so beautiful! I hope this gives you some new design ideas on what to do with fabric scraps you can cut up and quilt.

Laurie Turk the Tip Junkie
How do you use your scrap fabric? 


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