Second Pregnancy Planner + Tips to Make it Special


A second pregnancy or third or fourth pregnancy can be such a special time in your life.  However, a 2nd pregnancy can also feel a little overwhelming when the reality hits and you wonder how you’re going to juggle it all without a pregnancy planner or a list of things to do when pregnant.  So if you’re having a baby I’ve got you covered with clever ways to make it special.

Preparing For Your Second Pregnancy

Second Pregnancy Planner and Tips to Make it Special

So if you’re looking for a great pregnancy timeline or pregnancy calendar then check out thees clever pregnancy tips which will help you break down the weeks of pregnancy and help to spread out all the to do’s to help you and your family prepare for the arrival of your little miracle.

Are you expecting your second child or grandchild? {or third.. or fourth} Then check out this Week by week pregnancy to do list and in case you’re wondering here are 7 ways pregnancy is different the second time around so you and those around you can be prepared.

How To Make Your Second Pregnancy Special

How To Make Your Second Pregnancy Special

Here are some stress free ways to make your second pregnancy special even if you’re short on time.  Be sure to add a few of these to your pregnancy calendar so you make the time to create special moments you’ll cherish.

Get pregnancy tips here: How To Make Your Second Pregnancy Special

First Trimester

Before you’re having to deal with morning sickness it’s a good time to find a pregnancy planner or a pregnancy calendar that you will actually use.  So if you’re a paper person then find a pretty notebook or printables and if tech is your thing then download a pregnancy app that will automatically alert you with important notifications.

Week 5: Get a Pregnancy Planner

Free Printable Pregnancy Planner and Checklist

Since this isn’t your first rodeo you have a basic understanding of what things to do when pregnant and first up is get a pregnancy planner.  You can check out these best pregnancy planner apps to download as there are several options and they give you a rundown of the pros and cons for each one.

If you’re like me and pretty paper is more your thing then check out this printable pregnancy planner which helps you organize baby names, baby shopping list, hospital packing list, baby names list, reading list, nursery tasks and other printable pregnancy checklist.

Get printable here: Free Printable Pregnancy Planner and Checklist

Week 6: Record Milestones for Pregnancy

Free Printable Pregnancy Journal

Along with your pregnancy planner you’ll want to create an easy way to document your second pregnancy every step of the way.  Things will get a little busy the third trimester so make sure this is convenient so you’ll actually track your 2nd pregnancy like you did your first.  Well… not exactly like your first cuz you had more time back then.  {giggle}

Get printable here: Free Printable Pregnancy Journal

Week 9: Prepare a Baby Budget

How To Prepare For A New Baby On A Small Budget

If you’re looking for ways to prepare for a new baby on a small budget then here a re some smart things you can do to save money while preparing for your pregnancy and many valuable tips.  This baby budget can go into your pregnancy planner so  everything is in one place.

Get details here: How To Prepare For A New Baby On A Small Budget

Week 12: Plan Babymoon

Decide if or when you’ll go on a babymoon.  The goal of a babymoon can be to go on a vacation that will provide many of the things that you will miss or not as easily enjoy once your baby arrives.   Frances give us her tips and tricks on how to plan a babymoon.

Week 13: Baby Name Ideas

It was easy for me to pick the baby name for my second pregnancy.  However, the first and third took me quite some time agonizing over what to name the sweet baby in my tummy.  Since I love unique names I found a list of 100 unusual and surprising baby name ideas you might like.

Second Pregnancy Announcement Chalkboard Sign

An adorable way to let your first born announce your second pregnancy.  Waiting to announce your pregnancy is totally OK.  Share the news with your firstborn whenever YOU are ready.

Get the sign here:  Second Pregnancy Announcement Chalkboard Sign {affiliate}

Second Trimester

Hopefully the hard part is done and you’re morning sickness is starting to subside.  For me, the second trimester in the pregnancy calendar felt like the longest.  To help organize your second trimester of your 2nd pregnancy here are things to do when pregnant and 12 Genius Things to Buy in Your 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy.

Staying Fit During Pregnancy

Next up are amazing pregnancy tips on how to stay fit while pregnant from a former fitness bikini competitor.

Get pregnancy tips here: Staying Fit During Pregnancy

Week 14:  Weekly Pregnancy Photos

creative weekly pregnancy photos

Week 14 is a good time to start your weekly pregnancy photos or photos of your growing belly.  These days nothing is off the table and you can make them as traditional or as fun as you want. {cheesy grin}  These creative pregnancy photos made me giggle and I just had to share and you can check out Maya Vorderstrasse instagram account to see all her original images.

Week 18: Ultrasound Photos

baby ultrasound embroidery

I’ll have to do another post on creative Ultrasound photo displays because there are some crazy fun ones that I’m dying to show you.  In the meantime you can create ornaments, embroider on a hoop, display in a frame, create wall art, make cards, DIY a grandparent gift and even transfer onto canvas.

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

When you’re having a baby you need excellent pregnancy tips on nutrition, rest, exercise and weight management during pregnancy.  Yep these are healthy things to do when pregnant.

Get ideas here: Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

Week 24: Start Planning the Nursery

Share a room with new baby

Yes, this was my third son’s “nursery” way before Pinterest.  {giggle}  If you’re wondering of course it’s ok for the new baby to share a room with one of it’s siblings. When my third son was born, I really worried about him bonding with his older two brothers because they were so close and because of the 6 year age gap.  Therefore, we put the youngest two in the same room and it was great for the boys.   We made sure they had different sleeping schedules so they could each fall asleep on their own and without interruption.  Years later, we found out waking up together with this little brother in the mornings was one of the things Dylan favorite memories.

Get the tutorials:  15 Ways to DIY a Beautiful Nursery

Week 25: Write a Birth Plan

how to write a birth plan

Wondering how to write a birth plan?  There are so many resources online that you can’t go wrong but I love this one by Two Peas in a Prada.  If you’re looking for a free printable birthplan then download the free printable birth plan from Orlando Health Winnie Palmer.

Week 27: Choose a Color for the Nursery

Choose a Paint Color for the Nursery

Since you started planning the theme or baby room decor it’s now time to settle on the color scheme and start moving forward with painting and supplies.  Especially since you’re pregnant and have kids in the home you’ll need to plan ahead a little to reduce the fume exposure.

Third Trimester

Ok Ladies you’re having a baby and it’s the third trimester which means it’s crunch time.  The third trimester can go by pretty quickly especially if you already have a toddler or two in the home.  It’s time to buckle down and get the supplies you need and finalize all your preparations.  Don’t wait because the bigger your belly gets the harder it is to breathe and move around quickly.  So do as much as you can while you can. {wink}

Week 28: Baby Proofing Your Home

Since you already have a kiddo or two at home then you’re most likely already covered in this area.  However, it’s always good to check your baby proofing checklist and make sure your toddlers and new baby will be safe.  Especially since you won’t be getting much sleep in the next year so might as well go ahead and do it now.

Get baby checklist:  20 Things Parents Didn’t Know They Had to Baby Proof

DIY hack ideas here:  10 Clever Low-Cost DIYs to Baby Proof Your Home

Week 29: Sprinkle Shower

Bottoms Up Sip and See Baby Shower Theme

Week 29 is a busy week for your second pregnancy and if you’re wondering when or if to have a baby shower this is a good time to schedule it on your pregnancy calendar.

  • Enjoy your baby shower
  • Thank You notes
  • Birth announcements

If you’re having a baby shower for your second pregnancy, here are some fun baby shower theme ideas.  For first born children it’s typical for family or friends to host baby showers.  Personally I feel that every baby should be celebrated in some way.   So consider a couple alternatives like a Sip and See baby viewing party or a Sprinkle Shower and have your guests bring diapers and wipes as a gift while they celebrate the blessing of your new baby.

Pregnancy Tip:  Diapers and Donuts Sprinkle Shower is another easy theme for a sprinkle shower.

Week 30:  Baby and Toddler Gear

Normally, in week 30 of your pregnancy you’ll buy baby gear for the first time like a car seat, stroller, and other important baby necessities you didn’t get at your baby shower.  Here’s a baby and toddler gear checklist you might enjoy.  However, if you’re not having your first child and already have these items then it’s time to focus on making sure your larger items and baby gear are still in working condition as well as preparing your toddler for their next phase.

Pregnancy Checklist:

  • baby car seat, stroller, baby necessities
  • toddler play yard
  • pack hospital bag

My boys are 22 months apart and holy smokes my baby carrier saved my life and my back.  Every trip I put my toddler in the cart and my baby in the carrier. At home, I was able to have my hands free to make sandwiches, pick up messes, and play with my toddler while my newborn was snuggled and close to my heart in his carrier.

Second Pregnancy Tips:

  • Reuse an older sibling’s bottles but buy new nipples.
  • Use a carrier with your newborn.

Hospital Bag Essentials For Second Pregnancy

If this is your second pregnancy this Hospital Bag Essentials For Second Pregnancy will work great as it includes essential items for mommy, baby, and daddy.

This is also a good week to pack your hospital bag and you can use this hospital printable pregnancy checklist for baby.

If you’re looking for an editable copy then check this Newborn Baby Checklist.  Customize this baby checklist by checking the items you already have. Then, click Remove Checked Items for a simplified registry or shopping list of items your baby needs that you can print.

Since we’re talking about Newborn baby checklists you might as well print out this baby checklist of 14 Reasons to Call Your Newborn’s Doctor.  This way you can have it handy when you need it in the wee hours of the morning and he’s got a fever.

Week 32: Tackle Toddler Transitions

  • Set up baby’s nursery
  • Tackle toddler transitions early

I learned from experience that not all toddlers are ready when we are to tackle their transitions and hit new milestones.  However, if your toddler is ready to transition into a big bed from a crib and start potty training now is a good time to be able to give them your 100% attention.

Week 35: Buy a Baby Book

My first two boys were born at 36 weeks and thank heaven I was ready because it would have been so stressful otherwise.  One of the things you may already have received at your baby shower is a baby book.  However, if not then decide how you’re going to make your child’s first year baby book.  There are so many options from digital photo books to Facebook Profile Books to traditional baby books.

Week 37:  Prepare Siblings for Baby’s Arrival

Second Pregnancy Gifts fro New Baby from Siblings

Yep, this is me a few hours after I gave birth to my third son, Drake, and the boys with the gifts they picked out for their new brother. Yep, Davis picked out the ball. {giggle}  We also had gifts from the new baby to each of the boys that they opened up at the hospital.  It not only gave them something to do while they were there but it really did help the bonding process between the three of them.

Give the older child a gift from the baby as soon as they come home.

Week 37: Sibling Gifts

How To Prepare A Toddler For A New Baby

If you have other children, be sure to prepare them for their sibling’s arrival.  When having a baby with siblings in the house make sure your first born is prepared for the new baby to avoid jealousy and tantrums.

Get ideas here: How To Prepare A Toddler For A New Baby

Include the Kids In Your Routine

After baby is born, figuring out how to spend one on one time with your toddler {or other children} can be a challenge.  It’s time to think outside the box and find unique ways you can incorporate them into your new routine.

  • Workout routine
  • Cleaning

Include your eldest child with the new baby

Include Your Eldest Child

Help your eldest child feel special by giving them “big boy” or “big girl” responsibility. They can help with chores around the house like “paint” the baseboards with a dry paintbrush and help dust; use a swiffer in the kitchen to get pickup all those Cheerios on the floor; or something more personal with the new baby.

My middle son loved to give Drake his morning bottle.  Dylan loved waking up and being the first person Drake wanted when he woke up.  Granted, he didn’t know this was actually Drake’s second feeding of the morning.  That will remain our little secret {giggle}  This simple morning routine not only allowed the boys to bond but it allowed me to pack lunches which helped get everyone off to the bus stop on time. Talk about a win/win.

Find Time Hacks

Trust yourself. You’ll figure out ways to streamline your life.

Laundry never ends.  Consider having one basket for each family member for their clean laundry. When anybody has “spare time” they can fold & put away.

Prepare the night before.  Pack your gym bag and baby’s daycare bag at night and your gym clothes by your bed.  Then just roll out of bed, throw on your clothes, and get out the door quicker.

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Second Pregnancy Planner with Tips for 40 Weeks

What Did I Miss?

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