Have the Sewing Craft Room You've Been Wanting

Are you a Sewing Craft Fanatic?

Would you like better craft organization?

Hard to believe this is someones basement isn’t it? I love this room and it’s craft organization! Bright colors and organized space everywhere. I love how the white accents the green apple walls. It is not mine, and I didn’t organize it…but I did fall in love with it!

Where do you have your craft supplies? Are they all over the kitchen table right now as you are working on a scrapbook? Do you hear yourself saying, “Everyone, we are eating on the tray tables in the family room , I am NOT moving my crafting supplies until after I finish this project!”

Do the kids have to step over boxes of “stuff” because there is no room for all you buy? Where do you work on your projects? Do you have a specific place or is it anyplace you can find a clean surface to work? Do you have to clean everything back up every night because your “craft space” is really your living room and you know you have to have places for people to sit to watch tv together that night?


You have to set your priorities. If your priorities are family first, crafting is fun…but not that important. – Then you need to limit yourself to working on one project at a time. Only have the necessarily supplies for that project and limit what you buy. You can’t have 5 gallons of water in a 1 gallon bucket. (I think that is a Peter Walsh analogy).

If your priorities ARE crafting and you do it for a business, or for your piece of mind then you need to make the space to have a dedicated space to work in each day.

Look around your house. What about that spare bedroom, or you literally NEVER use? Do you use that fancy dining room to dine in or just to look pretty? What about a portion of your basement or even a garage that you don’t need for a car. There are people that use closets for a craft room.


What you need to do for your perfect space is to visualize what you would like it to look like.  Then of course comes the reality of your situation. Look at that space you are thinking of. Think outside the box.

Once you have the space, you need to set your budget. It can range from going to garage sales to find need supplies to having a carpenter come in and remodel for you.

It isn’t impossible to have that Craft room you have been wanting.

Sandy Jenney is a Professional Organizer, Mom and Step Mom to 8 children and a blogger. You can follow her at www.organizewithsandy.com and on Twitter at @OrganizerSandy and on Facebook at OrganizerSandy.


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  1. I have a room….my scrap studio but I love that basement! It would make a great space for crops and classes. I need a room like that!

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