10 Things to Make w/ Shoe Laces


Cool things to make using shoe laces.  These shoe lace crafts include how to make shoe laces, shoe lace patterns, and eclectic crafts with shoelaces.

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Things To Make

Things to Make with Shoelaces

1.  Painted Leather Shoelace Accessories ~ Learn how to make bohemian-inspired accessories from ordinary leather shoelaces.  The tutorial teaches you how to “latigo lace” leather shoelaces together.  Depending on the length you can make a headband, bracelet or even a keychain.

Things to Make
2.  DIY Bracelets {Bracelets & Bangles}This step by step tutorial will show you have to easily make cute bracelets, great for any age to wear and/or make! Using your choice of  fabric, leather or even shoe laces you will be able to create these great bracelets to match your wardrobe.

Things to Make with Shoelaces
3.  Shoelace Headband ~ Embellish an ordinary headband by gluing shoelace loops on it.  So simple and such a fun accessory for an outfit.

4.  Can Tab and Shoelace Bracelet ~ Make a cool bracelet from can tabs and shoelaces.  Simply feed the shoelace ends through the soda tabs.  Cheap and easy!

Shoe Lace Craft

Shoelace Crafts

5.  Shoelace Sewing {free templates} ~ Four free templates for children to practice sewing.  The shapes include a kite, guitar, flower and boat.

Shoelace Crafts
6.  Straw and Shoelace Necklace ~ Transform a pair of shoelaces and straw pieces into a statement necklace.  It’s fun for all ages.  For a more grown up look you can spray paint the straws gold or silver and use black shoelaces.

How To Make Shoe Laces

How to Make Shoelaces

7.  Funky Shoelace Tutorial ~ These handmade shoelaces are so stinkin’ cute!  They are definitely going to be a hit with the kiddos.  They’re also a great way to use up some of your fabric scraps!

How to Make Shoelaces
8.  Knit Shoelaces {free pattern} ~ Knit some fun and colorful shoelaces with this free pattern.

Shoe Lace Pattern

Shoelace Pattern

9.  Braided Shoelaces ~ Braid some fun and funky shoelaces from strips of fabric.  It’s so easy your kids could do it themselves.

Crafts With Shoelaces

Teach Your child to Tie Their Shoelaces

10.  DIY Shoelace Tying Board ~ This typing board is an excellent tool to teach your child to tie their own shoelaces.  And, it’s so simple.  Simply trace a flip flop on a piece of cardboard to make the shoes and then punch holes for the laces.


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