Song Box

Are you running out of song ideas to sing with your children? Use this song box as a fun activity in the car, while making dinner, or sitting together as a family. Make your own cards to include of your families favorite songs.

How to Play: Have your child pick a song card out of the box. Then sing the song. Easy!

How to Make:

1. Print out the lable and tape or glue to the side or top of a plastic baby wipes container.
2. Print out the pictures and songs.
3. Cut out.
4. Glue the picture to colored paper which is a little larger than the picture. (Just enough so the colored paper shows.)
5. Glue the song to the back of the corresponding picture.
6. Laminate.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
-- -- -- -- -- Boredom Buster
Homemade Gift


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