spray paintI just found this amazing how to guide for spray paint from Centsational Girl.  Holy Moly, it’s jammed packed with fabulous information.  You can search “spray paint” here on Tip Junkie and get pages of DIY projects.

So knowing how to properly apply spray paint is important when getting your craft on.  {{giggle}}  Here are just a handful of the questions Centsational Girl covers in her spray paint faq.

Spray Paint How to Guide:

1. What surfaces can I spray paint?
2. What are the pros and cons of spray paint vs. brush on paint?
3. How can I avoid drips?  Do you have a certain technique you use when applying spray paint?
4. To prime or not to prime, that is the question.
5. What are the dangers of skipping primer when using oil based spray paint?
6. My spray paint just bubbled and cracked, and I’m freaking out.  What did I do wrong?

You get the idea, it’s a fabulous resource on how to use spray paint for your before and after projects.  She also has hooked us up with beginner tips and simple painting technique for spray paint.

Spray Paint DIY Projects from Tip Junkie: