How to Guide: Spray Paint


spray paintI just found this amazing how to guide for spray paint from Centsational Girl.  Holy Moly, it’s jammed packed with fabulous information.  You can search “spray paint” here on Tip Junkie and get pages of DIY projects.

So knowing how to properly apply spray paint is important when getting your craft on.  {{giggle}}  Here are just a handful of the questions Centsational Girl covers in her spray paint faq.

Spray Paint How to Guide:

1. What surfaces can I spray paint?
2. What are the pros and cons of spray paint vs. brush on paint?
3. How can I avoid drips?  Do you have a certain technique you use when applying spray paint?
4. To prime or not to prime, that is the question.
5. What are the dangers of skipping primer when using oil based spray paint?
6. My spray paint just bubbled and cracked, and I’m freaking out.  What did I do wrong?

You get the idea, it’s a fabulous resource on how to use spray paint for your before and after projects.  She also has hooked us up with beginner tips and simple painting technique for spray paint.

Spray Paint DIY Projects from Tip Junkie:


  1. Comment-Anonymous Amy

    Thanks for sharing this fantastic link!

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  3. Comment-Anonymous Jen

    I love spray paint! Yesterdays yard sale find was a beautiful little vanity for my 6 y.o. daughter. A friend of mine had given me a 30 y.o. metal chair for her to use. You should have seen the poor cushion, tons of masking tape to attempt to keep it on and lots of rust. It’s so funny how people don’t realize that with a screwdriver, fabric, staple gun and a can of spray paint gives you an awesome new item.

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  5. Comment-Anonymous Ami Allison

    OH thank you thank you! I have a bunch of cans of spray paint. 3 shelves, 2 picture frames, a Texas basket, a grapevine wreath. I want to paint them all but end up just staring at them and the spray paint. I get so nervous because I have never done this before. Thank you for posting this!! 🙂

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  7. Comment-Anonymous Centsational Girl

    Thanks so much for the feature, I’m just so flattered! So glad you enjoyed the article, I’ll be updating it even more as more issues arise. Hip hip hooray for spray paint!

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  9. Comment-Anonymous erin @ little apartment on the prairie

    Thanks! I had no idea that was posted… I’m off to study.

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