Star Wars Jedi Birthay Party Agenda

Use this Star Wars Birthday Agenda to help plan your Jedi Training Academy birthday party.  Here are several free printables to make your Star Wars Jedi birthday party perfect with games, food, and party favors.

Star Wars Jedi

Theme: Jedi Training Academy



Gathering Game:  Star Wars Lego

4:30   Jedi Training Course
4:50   Light Saber Training
5:00 Destroy the Death Star
5:10 Sharp Shooting the Storm Trooper
5:20 Final Exam (Bingo)
5:30 Open Presents
(Have box to put presents in & trash sack)
5:40 Food, Cake, & Ice-cream (B-day song)
5:50 Star Wars Lego X-box
6:25  Gift Bags (to parents) & Clean-up

Star Wars Birthday Agenda

EHprint Print Free File:
Star Wars Birthday Agenda (4489 downloads)

Star Wars Birthday To Do List:

Laminate Bingo Cards
Wrap stairs w./ pictures
Order Balloons
Star Wars Music
Hang the Star Troopers
Make Tunnel
Order cup cakes
Put up the Tetherball
Make Present Box

To Buy:

Large & small Non-helium balloons
(red, black, yellow, blue)
Black & Yellow cardstock
White Cardstock
2 red, 1 black table clothes,
Green fabric (tunnel)
Fabric for Tunic
Gold cord for tunic
File Folders, “May the force be with you.”
Sidewalk chalk
Chex cereral
Ice cream cones
Straight pretzels
White chocolate
Food coloring
Red & green Hawaiian punch
Clear plastic gloves
Vanilla ice cream
Green & red straws
Aluminum foil
Star wars paper plates & napkins

Star Wars Games:

Jedi Training Course:
Walk over lava – wood blocks over red table cloth.
Stomp on the Dark Side – walk up the stairs that have Darth Vader, Emperor, Storm Trooper, etc on them.
“Dagoha” tunnel – green material shreds hanging down from the top of a long cardboard box.
Cones to run around.
Pick star wars chess piece out of basket.
Limbo poll

Light Saber Training:
Separate boys in two teams, according to chess piece they grabbed.
1 Group drop balloons from balcony, other try to keep them off ground.
Destroy the Death Star:
Draw three death stars in chalk on  driveway.
Separate boys into 3 groups.
Stand at boundary line & try to erase the other teams death stars by throwing water balloons
Sharp Shooting the Storm Troopers
Have boys take turns trying to shoot the storm troopers hanging from balcony. With dart guns

Final Exam:
Star Wars Bingo – Use M&M’s as markers

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  1. Thank you for posting this and sending the files (2008)! The 17 children at my son’s 4 year old Padawan Training had a blast! Parents were talking about it for months and even asked if this year’s party would be a repeat!
    We added just a few things. The walls were covered in those $1 black vinyl tableclothes with glow paint planets. We also used them to create a tunnel up our stairs, illuminated with glow necklaces, to the Sacred Room of Bravery. The Sacred Room of Bravery was the nursery cleared out with black-out curtains. The children would enter alone or with a Padawan partner to find portraits of their heroes (character stickers cut from a large SW sticker book) and often came out with alien creatures (inexpensive OT items).
    Thinking back on last year’s party makes next month’s Mythbusters/ManvFood/Dirty Jobs party look measly! Suggestions gladly welcomed.
    Thanks again!

  2. Wonderful!! Did you blog about your party? I’d love to add your link on this post so people can see different versions of the party.

  3. Thank you for such a tremendous resource! My 11 year old son loved his Star Wars party. Awesome ideas!

  4. Thank you SO MUCH for posting all this! WOW! You have put together my son’s DREAM birthday party. I am going to use a lot of your ideas for his 10th birthday party in April (he is peeking over my shoulder, looking at the computer, and getting so excited already!).

    I was actually looking for a Star Wars chore chart when I stumbled onto your Star Wars birthday party info., but this is much more fun! 🙂

    Again, many thanks for taking the time and effort to post all of your ideas, resources, and photos! You’re so creative and have given me a way to create a very memorable day for my son (plus things he will play with for weeks afterward, I’m sure!).


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