15 Best Star Wars Theme Party Ideas

How to plan and execute a Star Wars theme party with games, activities, party food, and photo props has never been so easy. If you or your child loves Star Wars, you are going to love all of these amazing ideas, and I guarantee you’ll be inspired to do something fun with your Jedi’s. May the Four-ce be with you! {{giggle}}

How to throw a Star Wars Party with these ideas which include several Star Wars party games, party food ideas, activities, costumes and so much more!

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The Star Wars Birthday Party Printables were purchased from Allison Powell Designs.

Party Games

Party Games

How to make a Star Wars R2-D2 Droid Paper Craft as a fun gathering game for any Star Wars or Clone Wars birthday party for kids. It’s an easy piece-together paper craft kids game perfect for ages 5 years old to 8 years old. 
How to play Survive the Asteroid Field game for a Star Wars or Clone Wars birthday party. It’s an easy game and so much fun for the kids to play. All you’ll need are black balloons, and pool noodle light sabres.
A fun Star Wars Don’t Drop The Droid game or activity for kids that’s cheap, easy, and fun to play. You’ll only need 2 spoons, hard boiled eggs, and kids to play the game. It’s my version of the ‘egg and spoon’ relay race game.
If you’re having a Star Wars or Clone Wars birthday party a fun game or activities for kids to play is a version of Duck, Duck, Goose. Instead, call it Clone, Clone, Droid. {wink}
Star Wars Bingo
Bingo is a fun activity you can do as a family or at a Star Wars Birthday party.  Here are several free Star Wars Bingo printable cards to enjoy!
Star Wars Party Food
Try out this easy Trooper Scooper dip recipe for a Star Wars birthday party using cream cheese, ranch dressing mix and monterey jack cheese.
Quickly pop in tater-tots into the oven for a Kid-Friendly Darth Vader Taters appetizer or side dish for a Star Wars Birthday Party or just for fun.
Lil’ smokies and bbq sauce is all you need to make fun Jar Jar Links.
Quickly add strawberries, green grapes, purple grapes, blueberries to wood skewers for Obi-Wan Kabbob-ies a Star Wars birthday party or just for fun. It’’s healthy, quick, and fun for the kids to eat.
Stack up some white mini donuts into a tower for Thermal Detonaters.
Chocolate mini donuts make great Qui-gun Cakes, just stack them up in a pyramid fashion.
How adorable are these Lea Buns?! Small and large Oreo Cookies were used to make them with food markers to draw the face.
Star Wars Cake

Star Wars Cake

How to make a semi-homemade Star Wars Cake from a flat-iced round cake and add sugar cookies or printables to quickly turn any cake into a themed birthday cake.
Star Wars Costumes

Star Wars Costumes

How to make a no-sew Jedi costume for only cost $3 and was easy to make by simply making a few cuts in the faux-leather.
I purchased these adorable Star Wars Party Printable Masks and we had the best time at the photo booth with the Storm Trooper Balloons. I also made 2 adult Star Wars masks that are free printables right here.
15 Best Star Wars Theme Party Ideas

More Star Wars Party Ideas:

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15 Best Star Wars Theme Party Ideas
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