15 Ideas for Throwing the Ultimate Star Wars Party


How to host the ultimate Star Wars Clone Wars birthday party for your kids is easy!  Use these 15 fabulous ideas as inspiration and your Star Wars gathering will be the talk of the town.  Ideas include Gathering Games, Ultimate Star Wars Clone Wars Party GamesStar Wars Clone Wars Party Food Recipes, and Star Wars Party Favors.

Gathering Games:

star wars printable masks
1.  Star Wars Party Printable Masks for Photo Booth~  These adorable Star Wars Party Printable Masks were used  at the photo booth with Storm Trooper Balloons and were a HUGE hit. Laurie  also made 2 adult Star Wars masks that are free printables!  {{score}}
Star Wars R2-D2 Robot Paper
2.  Star Wars R2-D2 Robot Paper Craft {printable} ~ How to make a Star Wars R2-D2 paper craft is a fun gathering game for any Star Wars or Clone Wars birthday party for kids. This is an easy piece-together paper craft kids game perfect for ages 5 years old to 8 years old.  You can download the printable free!

Party Games 

Droid Game
3.  Don’t Drop The Droid ~ A fun Star Wars, Clone Wars, or Jedi Academy game or activities for kids that’s cheap, easy, and fun to play. You’ll only need 2 spoons, hard boiled eggs, and kids to play the game. It’s my version of the ‘egg and spoon’ relay race game.
clone, clone, droid game
4.  Clone, Clone, Droid ~ If you’re having a Star Wars or Clone Wars birthday party a fun game or activities for kids to play is a version of Duck, Duck, Goose. Instead, call it Clone, Clone, Droid. {wink}
star wars astroid
5.  Survive the Asteroid Field ~ How to play ‘survive the asteroid field’ game for a Star Wars or Clone Wars birthday party is an easy game and so much fun for the kids to play. All you’ll need are black balloons, and pool noodle light sabers.

Party Food Recipes

Star Wars Birthday Cake

6.  Star Wars Clone Wars Birthday Cake ~ How to make Star Wars or Cone Wars birthday party cake is easier than you may think. Simply order a $14 flat-iced round cake from local store and add sugar cookies or printables to quickly turn any cake into a themed birthday cake.

Jar Jar Links

7.  Jar Jar Links ~ Quickly warm up some Little Smokes and add barbeque sauce to dip and create Jar Jar links for a Star Wars birthday party or just for fun. It’s cheap, quick, and fun for the kids to eat.

Trooper Scooper Recipe for Star wars party

8.  Trooper Scooper Recipe ~ Find out how to make Star Wars party food that looks like a Storm Trooper! Try out this easy Trooper Scooper recipe for a Star Wars birthday party, Halloween party, or just for fun.

Obi-wan Kabbob-ies

9.  Obi-wan Kabbob-ies ~ How to make a fruit kabob for a fun Star Wars, Clone Wars, or Jedi Academy party for kids.  It’s healthy and easy!

Darth Vader Taters

10.  Darth Vader Taters ~ Quickly pop  tater-tots into the oven for a Kid-Friendly appetizer or side dish for a Star Wars Birthday Party or just for fun. This is the easiest way to add fun themed party food to any Clone Wars or Star Wars themed party or event.

Party Favors

13.  Storm Trooper Balloons ~

14.  Pool Noodle Light Sabres ~

15.  Star Wars Tags ~

Party How To Themes:

Special thanks to Michelle R. Photography  for taking such incredible pictures of Drake’s 6th birthday party.  I love having special memories captured that matter!  {{wink}}
Star Wars Clone Wars Birthday Cake

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