Super Mario Bros. Birthday Party! {free printables}

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Mario Birthday Planner (6180 downloads)

This past weekend we had a Super Mario Bros. Birthday party for my oldest son! Right now he is OBSESSED with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING Mario, so it wasn’t a surprise when he chose Mario for his birthday theme.  I had so much fun putting this party together!

The main table all set for lunch.  I got all the plates, napkins, silverware, etc. from Birthday Direct.

My son Thatcher LOVES “Green Chips” aka: Sour Cream and Onion chips, and Gold Fish.  I filled two buckets that I found in the Target $1.00 aisle full of chips and fishies!

The Cupcake Toppers had all the Mario characters…

We had the kids make their own mini pizzas out of English Muffins.  I had a little topping bar where they could pick out their own toppings for their own pizzas, it was a big hit! While the pizzas baked we played the party games.

EHprint Print Free File:
Pin the Mustache on Mario (14901 downloads)

We played Pin the Mustache on Mario.  I got Mario printed at Costco on Poster paper.  The mustaches were cut from my Cricut.  You really could use anything!

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Mario Bingo (7249 downloads)

I printed the bingo cards on heavy cardstalk and then cut out mini stars out of yellow card-stalk with my Cricut for the Bingo markers.

The boys all got red foam visors with a “M” on them for Mario!  I made these with sticky back felt and cut the M’s with my Cricut.

The girls got gold crowns just like Princess Peach!

The Birthday Boy blowing out his number 5 candle.

The gift bags for the kiddos to take home!

For all the coordinating Partyware come check out my blog, Panache & Pizzazz Parties!  I am offering now all my partyware in printable files for you to print and cut!

About the Executive Homemaker:

I am Rachael, I am a wife to a MIT grad student (who is a smarty pants!), and a mother of two darling little boys who keep me hopping! I love planning showers, weddings, and birthdays and thrive on making each event unique. If you’re looking for ideas check out my blog Panache & Pizzazz Parties as well as my latest designs in my shop.  Creating cute partyware for holidays and celebrations is my passion.

Pin the mustache mario game free printable


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  1. Great ideas!! I’m about to do a Mario Party for my almost 7yr old. I’m trying to do a Mario Bingo as well so I was hoping this site’s link worked. anybody figure out how?

  2. Oh wow!! I am so happy with your blog. I myself am getting ready for a Mario party in two weeks and going crazy thinking of related activities. I am having difficulties dowloading bingo. Please help!!!!! Thank you for all your ideas and links.

  3. This is a really helpful website, I was really inspired. My little cousin is turning six and his party theme will be of Mario Bros. I really like the gift tags and pin the mustache , very cute, very nice! =)

  4. Thanks do much for sharing all your awesome ideas/ with pix.
    I’m putting together a SM Bros birthday party ( and sleepover) for my grandson who will celebrate his # 6 birthday with 4 of his friends. I’d already decided on the Pin the Tail on Mario game, plus Mario Bingo ( which I’m borrowing from the boxes of Mario Bros gummies sold @ Walmart) but your pic & suggestion of Costco for the poster is sooo appreciated! I was just going to purchase a poster from Target.
    Thank you for helping all of us.
    Grama Paula

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