Whimsical Paper Poppy Tutorial

These whimsical crepe paper flowers are a breeze to make once you have learned the basic techniques of paper flowers making precisely the “Winding Technique”.

Hand Print Hearts Flower Garden

Create a family keepsake when you use a large canvas, and paint each for your childrens hand prints to make a heart shape, then add a stem and whimsical details to make it look like a flower garden. Other tips for this project: Have Mom and Dad include their hand print flowers. Use a thumbprint

How to Make an Upcycled Water Bottle Vase

Every year people use millions, maybe billions of disposable, plastic water bottles. Chances are you have one in your refrigerator, back pack, purse or gym bag right now. You’ll feel a little bit better about using one of these disposable bottles if you recycle it when it’s empty. Better yet, give it new life by

Dimensional Icing Flower #2

Learn how to easily create a collection of stunning royal icing flowers that you can add to any cookie, cupcake, or other baked treat. You can make them ahead and store them for later use!

Dimensional Icing Flowers

Learn how to easily create a collection of stunning icing flowers. Store them for later use when you can add them to any cookie, cupcake, or other baked treat for added beauty.

Chocolate Cookies with Raspberry Icing

When I get a hankering to decorate cookies, I usually reach for my favorite sugar cookie recipe and royal icing recipe. My mouth starts to water just thinking about the sugary combo! But, sometimes you just want to change things up a bit, ya know? That’s where this recipe for chocolate sugar cookies and raspberry

Pansy flower cupcakes

Yup! That’s a pansy flower on a cupcake. It’s edible and made with the simplest cutters. Summer is right around the corner and these cupcakes would be perfect for an “outdoorsy” party!

DIY Welcome Spring Free Printables

How good will it feel to welcome Spring with these cute little Button Bloom and Butterfly “Welcome Spring” Printables? Especially as we are offering this project for free! Imagine how many fun ideas you can think of to use these little cuties. I’d love to hear your ideas. Clipping them on colorful straws with mini

Silk Fabric Flowers

Fabric flowers are a relatively inexpensive substitution for real flowers and can be made in a day with very few materials. I love the look of this homemade silk fabric flower! This is a great tutorial showing how to create a lovely fabric flower, make great embellishments to clothes, purses, hair accessories perfect for a

Carte Postale Stamped Silk Flower Pin

These stunning silk flower pins add a touch of elegance and “wow” to a simple sweater, purse, tote, or hairstyle.  They’re made by using fabric ink to stamp vintage images on silk flower petals.  Several different flowers are used to make a composite piece. The pins can be used to dress up a tote, handbag,

Pink Flower Necklace

This necklace was made with three different shaped glass beads, all the same color. Finished with a metal flower and seed beads used in between each bead. A great gift to give or a personal gift as well.

Simple Flower Headband Tutorial!

Here is a super easy tutorial on how to make a flower headband using felt and ribbon. It is low in cost but adorable! For more of my tutorials check out my blog at: http://the-dailyme.blogspot.com/

Fabric Rosette Tutorial Showdown

Fabric Rosette Tutorial Showdown. A review of 5 different cloth rosette tutorials and a free poem for gifting fabric rosette bookmarks! A great gift for a teacher or neighbor! Info here: http://www.findingpinsandneedles.com/2012/05/fabric-rosette-tutorial-showdown.html

28 Most Popular Homemade Gift Tutorials {diy}

I just love a homemade gift!  If you’re wondering what to make for someone special in your life here are 28 of the most popular homemade gift tutorials from the Tip Junkie Homemade gift site. These are fabric flower tutorials, the most popular edible gifts and food, most popular gifts for kids {Ages 2 -12},