DIY Party Favors

This DIY Party Favor will use those old baby food jars. Save them to make beautiful (and cheap!) DIY party favors for any kind of party! These jars are unique, fun, and can be made to match any colors and theme of any party! And did I mention it’s very inexpensive?

Mini Party Cakes {Tutorial}

Bake adorable and colorful cakes inside baby food jars!! Perfect for parties and get togethers, these mini cakes can be customized to match party colors, favorite colors, etc! These mini cakes are SO easy to make, and are unique and so much fun! They can be made ahead of time for easy party prep, and

How to make spa birthday invitations

How to make a very cute invitation that’s perfect for a spa birthday party. You make it, decorate it, write on it, and send it! Simple as that! You and your kids will love this birthday craft idea!

DIY White Chandelier with Crystals!

Create your own DIY chandelier from a $5 thrift store item by simply adding spray paint and crystals. Turn drab into fab! This project create a profound statement in my home office.

Hanging Wall Organizer

I made these Pocket Wall Organizers to hang from a curtain rod to store craft supplies, kids items, magazines, kitchen supplies, office supplies, shoes, and lots more! Use more wall space and leave more space on your table for other things. Get the Pattern and Tutorial here.

Breaking Bad Candy

Breaking Bad candy. Also use different colors for fantasy parties, science and chemistry parties, princess parties, as wearable diamonds, bachelorette weekends… So many uses! Breaking Bad Scientist Rock Candy Lollipops and Bling Rings Recipe

Date Lottery

My husband and I are often looking at each other and saying, “What do you want to do?”…. “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”…. and so on. We go on this way for a while, pause for a bit, and then start it all over again. We aren’t very good with coming

Strawberry Milkshake Poke Cake

Enjoy a combination of a milkshake and a cake all in one! Strawberry Milkshake Poke Cake will melt in your mouth! Serve with a thick strawberry milkshake topped with chocolate drizzle. Get Recipe! Strawberry Milkshake Poke Cake @ Sewlicious Home Decor

Twinkie Ice Cream Cake

Don’t just have a Twinkie! Have a Twinkie + Ice Cream = Cake! You can make it with strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, or any other of your favorite flavors of ice cream. It’s kid friendly not only will they love it, but they can also make it! Make it nutritional by adding strawberries. Get Full Recipe!

Strawberry Cheesecake In A Jar

Easy to make and fun to eat from a jar! Creamy Strawberry Cheesecake in a Jar (with a little shortbread and cool whip!) It’s an easy recipes to make even the kids can make it. 1 Can Lucky Leaf Strawberry Pie Filling 1 Pkg. cream cheese at room temperature 1/2 cup sugar 1 egg at

300+ Free Sewing Tutorials

Over 300 FREE Sewing Patterns and Tutorials. Handbags and Totes. They are easy to follow so even a beginner can make them. Remember to wash your fabric before you make your project so that when you wash your handbag it won’t shrink! FREE Sewing Patterns

DIY Hair Ties

These super-easy DIY hair ties make a great party craft for girls or a cute addition to a bridesmaid’s kit. Or maybe they’re just the thing to brighten up that laundry day ponytail!

The Muppet Show Cookies

Special customized cookies for a very special person. Everybody loves the Muppets! Decorated in loving detail. Project The Muppet Show.

Sea Glass Candy

Stunning and easy to make sea glass candy. For weddings favors, birthdays, events, birthdays, beach house weekend getaways, showers, bachelorette parties… The possibilities are endless.