Darling Free Thank You Note {printable}


Thank you notes are something that everyone needs.  Right?  I was taught growing up that one always writes a Thank You card for a gift or nice deed done, and I can’t even imagine how many Thank You cards I’ve written in my life time.

That’s why I love that I get to offer you this free Thank You Card Printable!  Below is the free file for you to print out and use.

Thank You Note

Thank You Note

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About the Printable

This file contains a fold-able Thank You card.  Print out a few because you’ll need them. This way, when the time comes for a Thank You card, you have one handy. Simply fill it out and distribute and voila! You’ve made someone’s day. Guaranteed. {smiling}

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About the Designer

Pretty Darn Cute Design is my absolutely necessary creative outlet. Without it I would explode. I have had a passion for design my entire life. I first indulged my passion by creating websites in Notepad then later discovered the magic of WordPress. Since then my continuing education has enabled me to build PDCD into a rapidly expanding graphic/web design consulting business. I’m a Military Wife and feel incredibly blessed to have a portable career that’s allowed me to work with amazing people from all over the world. I love what I do and enjoy bringing my clients web and graphic design ideas to fruition. I work with everything from the whimsical and light hearted to the serious professional.

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Freebie Friday ~ Thanks for Following!

I swear TJ has the best readers on the planet. I am so grateful for your comments, sharing ideas on Facebook, forwarding your e-mails to friends and family, and all that you do to help spread the word.

Therefore every Friday I will be introducing you to a new designer and giving EVERYONE free stuff. Because I adore promoting women in business but I also want to give each one of you something as a thank you for being so flippin’ fantastic!

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  1. How do you fold this thank you card??? I have tried several ways and cannot figure it out! Please help! I love it!

  2. Loved the card. However, I was also confuse on how to fold it. tried two, three and four folds but it doesnt look good:( im doing it wrong somewhere i’m sure.haha!:)

    I’d like to share that im into making standees. Yup,DIY standees. I love the idea of turning every picture I want
    into a life-sized memorabilia! They’re great for pictures too! I got mine here: http://www.almostbreathing.com/

    You just have to try them!
    Have fun!



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