20 Creative Thanksgiving Crafts To Make


Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! If you’re looking to make your Thanksgiving Day a little more fun why not try some of these creative Thanksgiving crafts!  There’s a Thanksgiving craft idea for just about everyone.   I hope you’re inspired to make something today.

Here you’ll find amazing ways to count down to Thanksgiving and you’ll also find great crafts to show what you’re thankful for! There are crafts like a Thankful wall, a blessing board, a “Thanks” board-display, and a count your blessings wipe-off board. You can make a November magnet calendar, a Thanksgiving countdown, and a turkey countdown.

If you have a Thanksgiving tutorial on your blog, feel free to submit it!  I would love to feature you.  Tomorrow I’ll be featuring Thanksgiving Decorating tutorials.

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20 thanksgiving crafts to make

You’ll find other crafts to make pillows, leaf bowls, a give thanks banner, a wood napkin holder, toilet paper roll turkey craft, fire starters, an Altoids scrapbook, and Thanksgiving nested boxes. Don’t forget to try out the wearable crafts such as a Turkey beanie, a turkey yo-yo ponytail holder, and a turkey headband!

thanksgiving crafts


1.  Thankful Wall – I just adore this chalkboard painted frame with cornucopia chalk holders.
2.  Thanksgiving Blessing Board – it would be lovely to have a place for people to write down and display what they are thankful for at your gathering.
3.  “Thanks” Board-Display What You Are Thankful For – I think this is such a Thanksgiving craft that you can use all month long to display what you’re grateful for.
4. Count Your Blessings Wipe-Off Board – It’s our family list of things we’re thankful for. We each wrote some things we recognize as our blessings.

thanksgiving crafts

Thanksgiving Crafts

5.  Leaf Placemats turned into Pillows – I just adore how she took these leaf placemats from Wal-Mart and made pillows into them.
6.  DIY Fabric Leaf Bowls – A cool accessory to your Thanksgiving Day table.
7.  Give Thanks Banner – I just love this fun Thanksgiving papercraft.
8. Turkey Beanie – This isn’t an actual tutorial but I just love the idea of having a crocheted turkey with ribbon feathers.  I thought it might inspire you to make something similar.

thanksgiving crafts

Thanksgiving Day

9.November Magnet Calendar – I just adore how scrappy this magnet calendar is.  How cool is it to decorate it for each holiday?  That’s right up my alley!
10. Turkey Yo-yo Ponytail Holder – This would also make a cute pin to wear on a jacket.
11.  Wood Turkey Napkin Holder Pattern – This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this. She’s hooked you up with a free pattern on how to make this wood turkey that also holds napkins.
12.  Thanksgiving Count Down Calendar – Create a calendar to list what your family is thankful for, and count the days to your holiday feast at the same time.

Thanksgiving crafts

Thanksgiving Turkey

13.  Turkey Count Down Calendar – What a darling idea to use the turkey feathers as a fun count down to Thanksgiving.
14.  Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft – Not only is this Turkey absolutely darling but it’s cheap too!
15.  Turkey Headband – I just had to show you this fun headband.  What a fun accessory to wear on Thanksgiving.
16.  Sweater Pillow Turkey Hands – Since my children’s hands will only be so little for a limited time, I came up with this fun Thanksgiving craft idea.

Thanksgiving crafts

Thanksgiving Holiday

17. Thanksgiving Count Down Calendar – I love how she’s able to keep the cards year after year on what they’re grateful for.
18.  Pine Cone Fire Starters – A cool way to make a fire starter kit.  You can even package this up as a homemade gift idea.
19.  Altoids Scrapbook – I love this little fall scrapbook make out of an Altoids can.
20. Thanksgiving Nested Boxes – A fun tutorial on how to scrap boxes to make this easy display.


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