30 Creative Character Theme Parties for Kids


How to host a popular character themed birthday for your kids! These 30 character themes are so creative and include  cakes, clever food ideas, free printables, party favors, and even entertaining party games. Featured are birthday themes for Buzz Lightyear, Hello Kitty, Darth Vader, Cabbage Patch and Spiderman to name a few.

Creative Character Theme Parties Tip Junkie

As always, the Tip Junkie Party blog has over a THOUSAND birthday parties so you can always search there if you’re looking for more zoo animal or pet party themes and DIY party tutorials.

Theme Characters

Angel Party Ideas

1.  Angel ~ Princess Angel Party ~ This precious princess angel themed party was for a baptism, but would be equally adorable for a first birthday.  It features tiara’s and angel wings in a blue ombre pattern.  (The post is not in English, but you can get many ideas from the pictures.)

Bikers Themed Character
2.  Bikers ~ Motorcycle Birthday Party ~ This amazing motorcycle party is sure to rev your engine! Canned food items were transformed into oil cans for food props as well as an actual motorcycle for photo ops were some of the fantastic ideas. There are plenty more fabulous ideas to insure your guests have a “wild time”!

Disney Toy Story Birthday Party
3.  Buzz Lightyear ~ Disney Toy Story Birthday Party ~ This party details all of the vendors to re-create your own Toy Story birthday party theme.  It’s amazing.

Toy Story Birthday Cake

Buzz Lightyear Birthday Cake ~ This adorable Buzz Lightyear cake is easy and perfect for beginners.  Make and roll out some chocolate candy clay, trace out pieces with a knife, and assemble it into a little edible puzzle.  You can print out the free Buzz cake pattern to make your own Space Ranger.

The Tip Junkie Community has tons of amazing 23 Toy Story parties, and activities for kids as well.

Cabbage Patch Kids Party

4.  Cabbage Patch Kids ~ Growing Up 80?s Party ~ This party is ‘like’ totally ‘tripendicular’! If you grew up in the 80?s then this party will be a walk down memory lane for you. The dessert table displayed delectable sweet treats which included cabbage patch cake balls, tetris rice krispies, 80?s toys cake pops, pop rocks and Cosby chocolate cakes.

Cowboy Birthday Party

5.  Cowboy ~  Cowboy Birthday Party ~ An over-the-top cowboy birthday party with all the western bells and whistles.  Even a horse!

Cowgirl Party

6.  Cowgirl ~ How to Throw a Cowgirl Party {Themed Party Idea} ~ Giddy up Cowgirl!  Rope your own cowgirl themed party with these amazing ideas and tips for decorations, food, games and the invitation.  Did you know you could ‘rent’ bales of hay?  Get out!  Check out this post before the sheriff comes and gets you!

Cowgirl Party

Wild West Hoe Down {Birthday Themes} ~ Yee Haw!  This wild west hoe down is PHENOMENAL!  Laura created this party for her 3 daughters who adore cowgirls and horses.  Laura loves vintage and shabby chic.  She “just went with it” and created this party.  The venue was in a barn.  How fitting!  The guests got to “gussy up” with cowboy/cowgirl hats, bandanas and sheriff badges for the photo booth.  I won’t give everything away you will have to see for yourself. 

Boys Birthday Cakes

7.  Darth Maul ~ Star Wars Clone Wars Birthday Cake ~ How to make a Star Wars or Clone Wars birthday party cake. Simply order a $14 flat-iced round cake from Kroger and add sugar cookies or printables to quickly turn any cake into a themed birthday cake. I sent an image of Star Wars clones, Anakin, and Darth Maul to decorate this cake into an easy-do-decorate Star Wars Clone Wars Birthday cake, in minutes!

Lego Star Wars

Lego Star Wars Party ~ Make your little Jedi a card board snow speeder for their party.  It doubles as entertainment and fun photo ops.

Darth Vader Party Ideas
8.  Darth Vader ~ Darth Vader Taters {Star Wars Party Food} ~ Quickly pop in tater-tots into the oven for Kid-Friendly appetizer or side dish for a Star Wars Birthday Party or just for fun. This is the easiest way to add fun themed party food to any Clone Wars or Star Wars themed party or event.

Star Wars Birthday Party

Star Wars Birthday Party ~ Star Wars scavenger hunt printables, death star pinata, and we saved Yoda from the Vader Dungeon.

Eeyore Party Ideas
9.  Eeyore ~ Pin the Tail on Eeyore {party games} ~ This Pin the Nose on Eeyore game is a version of the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Winnie the Pooh Birthday Party
Winnie the Pooh Birthday Party ~ The whole feel is very natural, with references to bees, honey and the 100 Acre Wood friends. With very neutral colors, paired with shades of yellow and touches of red, and burlap fabric.

princess tea time table

10.  Fairytale ~  Sweet Fairytale Princess Birthday Party ~ I could get lost in the gorgeous party.  They had some fun elements like a story time tent where a Princess read them a story and my favorite tea time on frog pillows.  Seriously too cute.

A Fairytale Princess Birthday Party

A Fairytale Princess Birthday Party ~ The party atmosphere is easy to create with yards of ribbon hanging from trees or the ceiling, the empty frame made an immediate photo booth, and a book shelf  doubled as decor and a place to serve snacks from.

Flash Party Ideas

11.  Flash ~ Art and the Flash Party ~ An art party with the fastest man alive, Flash and sparkly stars incorporated into it.  After a day filled with art activities the party guests got to take their picture in this super fun Flash photo booth.

Superhero Photobooth

Super Hero Photo Booth {childrens party} ~ This amazing city scene is the ultimate photo booth for a super hero party. A simple blue sheet for the sky and duct tape boxes for the city gives the appearance that the super heroes are flying in the sky!

Goofy Party Ideas
12.  Goofy ~ Goofy Party Hat {free template} ~ If you are having a Goofy themed party then this party hat is for you.  Simply download the free template, trace and cut on colored paper.

Hello Kitty Party Ideas
13.  Hello Kitty ~ Hello Kitty Themed PartyThere are lots of over-the-top details in this Hello Kitty themed party, but the sweet shop playset takes the cake.  This makes for a great gift as well as party decor.

There are 16 Hello Kitty crafts, tutorials, and parties over on the Tip Junkie creative community to help you plan your party.

Little Miss Muffin Party Ideas

14.  Little Miss Muffin ~ Bakery Party {Kids Baking Party Idea} ~ This is the most colorful baking party that I’ve seen.  I just adore the orange and pink color scheme, the matching outfits, chef hats with fabric flowers, and all of the details that went into this gorgeous party.

Little Miss Muffin

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Birthday {Birthday Themes} ~ Strawberry Shortcake and all of her berry patch friends will have the ‘berry’ best time of all at this vintage party!  Inspiration for this party began with the adorable birthday cake.  Some of the fun decorations included homemade party hats in red, pink, and green polka dots.  Wait until you see the birthday girls Strawberry Shortcake outfit!

Magic Birthday Party

15.  Hocus Pocus ~ Hocus Pocus Magic Birthday Party ~ A Hocus Pocus party wouldn’t be complete without the famous bunny in the hat trick!  This party is sure to play tricks on any magic fan.

 Check over on the Tip Junkie Community for there are 41 Magic crafts and tutorials to help you plan the coolest Hocus Pocus party.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party
16.  Mickey MouseMickey Mouse Birthday Party ~  Wrapping paper  is used as a great source for decor and there are 3 types of wrapping paper in this photo.

There are 26 Mickey crafts, tutorials, and parties over on the Tip Junkie creative community to help you plan your party.

Naruto Party Ideas

17.  Naruto ~ Naruto PartyA birthday party based on the anime TV series Naturo, with lots of costumes, a gorgeous cake and beautiful photos.

Paddington Bear Party Ideas
18.  Paddington Bear ~ Paddington Bear Party ~ Everyone knows the cheeky bear with the yellow wellingtons and rain coat from the classic children’s book.  A Paddington Bear party wouldn’t be complete without his favorite, marmalade.

Pirate Party Ideas
19.  Pirate ~ Pirate Birthday Party {Free Printables} ~ Ahoy Matey!  You can create your entire pirate themed party with these adorable free party printables.  The invitation, banner, cupcake wrappers, pirate hats with mustache and patch, and thank you cards. Everything is included except the guests!

Pirate Party Ideas

DIY Pirate Party ~ Design a fun pirate party for your little one. Here are unique ideas for pirate party food, decor, games, and more. Look at all these ideas if ye dare!

There are 90 pirate crafts, tutorials, and parties over on the Tip Junkie creative community to help you plan your party.

Prince Party Ideas

20.  Prince ~ Royal Prince Birthday Party ~ A crown cake with dragons guarding the Prince’s treasure are the main focal points to this enchanting party!  The party also features a hand painted Dragon & Castle photo booth.

Princess Birthday Ideas

21.  Princesses ~ Modern Princess Birthday ~ Here is a great party for the little girl that loves pink and princess but doesn’t want the disney princess’ everywhere. With adorable modern decor details this post is packed with great inspiration for your little princess’ bash!

The Tip Junkie Creative Community has 81 Princess crafts to make your Disney Princess party even more fabulous!

33 Gorgeous Fairy & The Princess Birthdays ~ They contain fairy and princess cakes, clever food ideas, free printables, party favors, and even entertaining princess party games.  They are so beautiful and their individual elements will bring fun detail to any party.

12 Best List of Disney Princesses Parties ~ Disney princess movies make great birthday party themes and these are so creative and include Disney princess cakes, clever food ideas, free printables, party favors, and even entertaining princess games. Featured are birthday themes for the main Disney princess characters like Belle, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Ariel, Snow White, Pocahontas, Tiana and more!

Raggedy Ann Party
22.  Raggedy Ann ~ Red White and Raggedy Ann Party ~ This adorable party is red and white and everything Raggedy Ann! Use this as a great inspiration party to create your own Raggedy Ann themed party for your little girl! Everything from the perfect dessert table to party girls outfit has been thought of in this perfect party!

Snoopy Party Ideas
23.  Snoopy ~ Snoopy Birthday Party ~ If you’re hosting a Peanuts or Snoopy party, this is the one for you.  It’s bright, cheery, and uber cool.

Spider-Man Party Ideas
24.  Spider-Man ~ Spiderman Birthday Party ~ Pow! Zap! Boom!  This Spiderman party was inspired by the movie and includes fun food ideas and photo booth props.

There are 24 Spiderman crafts, tutorials, and parties over on the Tip Junkie creative community to help you plan your party.

AMAZING Superhero Party

25.  Superhero Party ~  AMAZING Superhero Party ~ All the kids came dressed “Super” and there were extra capes and masks for them to wear. There was a photo backdrop for them to have their pictures taken in front of.  Served “hero subs” on a stick, “super striped jello”, and “powerful punch” for the kids.  Each child took home a favor bag with superhero themed treats, toys, and a mask.

17 Super Super Girl and Superhero  Parties  ~ Super Girl and Superhero parties that include free printables.  These parties will blow your mind they are so creative! 

There are 88 Superhero crafts, tutorials, and parties over on the Tip Junkie creative community to help you plan your party.

Superhero Themed Birthday Party

26.  Superman ~ Superhero Themed Birthday Party ~ Such a stinkin’ cute 1st birthday party.  I love the colors and the “KA-POW!” pop outs.

Tigger Party Ideas 
27.  Tigger ~ Orange & Blue Tigger Themed Party ~ Orange and blue stripes oh my!  This modern polka dot and stripe Tigger party is absolutely bouncerific!

Tweety Bird Party Ideas

28.  Tweety Bird ~ Tweety Bird Cake Pops  ~ Use this basic cake pop recipe to make Tweety Bird cake pops for your next Looney Tunes party.  

Wolverine Party Ideas

29.  Wolverine ~ Wolverine Superhero Party ~ Calling all superhero’s!  Capes, chevron stripes, word bubbles, masks, games and fun food ideas complete this amazing superhero party.  The push pops even have capes on them.  Adorable!

Yogi Bear Party Ideas

30.  Yogi Bear ~ Bear Picnic Party ~ Don’t feed the bears – except Yogi!  It’s a modern girly picnic party in bright color hues perfect for an afternoon of fun!

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