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85 Things To Make for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so here are 85 thoughtful things to make for Mother’s Day including activities, easy crafts, free printables, flowers, presents kids to make, and printable Mother’s Day cards.

These are the best ideas for Mother’s Day that your Mom, Grandma, Meme, Gigi, Mimi, and Granny are going to love them!  These are full pictured tutorials on how to make each Mother’s Day homemade gift, recipe, craft, and fun activity.

Things to Make for Mothers Day

In case you’re new here, “Hi!  I’m Laurie” and Tip Junkie has thousands of craft and DIY tutorials, most with pictured tutorials.  You can always type any word or topic into the search bar if you’re looking for more ideas on what to make or sew with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

When is Mother’s Day?

Wondering when is Mother’s Day? The United States celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May.

Silhouette Cookies Recipe

1.  Silhouette Cookies Recipe ~ These beautiful silhouette cookies are personalized with the silhouettes of the ones that you love and with this simple tutorial you will be able to create a set of your own. These would be a fabulous cookie for a Mother’s Day brunch.

Free Mother’s Day Breakfast Printables

2.  Free Mother’s Day Breakfast Printables ~ Mother’s Day is this weekend and if you are still looking for a quick and easy way to add a special touch to the day for Mom, these printables are a great way to personalize breakfast in bed with notes and memories written on flags.

Mod Podge Photo Flower Pots

3.   Mod Podge Photo Flower Pots ~ These little flower pots would be wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day, covered in picture of the grandkids.  You could also do as Jenn did and cover them in students picture and give it to the teacher for Teacher Appreciation.

Send A Hug To Someone Far Away

Mother Day Activities

4.  Send A Hug To Someone Far Away ~ This is such a creative way to send a hug to Grandma or another loved one this Mother’s Day through the mail.

Mother Day Activities

5.  #1 Best Mom Award Printable ~ A fun little ribbon award that any child can color and cut out for a nice homemade gift for mom on Mother’s Day.

6. Mother’s Day Coupon Book ~ Print out this free coupon book for Mother’s Day to use as a thoughtful gift for the special woman in your life.

7.  Wheel of Affection Card {printable} ~ At a loss for words? This clever wheel-shaped card lets you tell Mom just how great you think she is. *Update: Blog link is no longer available.

8.  Printable Mommy’s Many Hats Activity for Preschoolers ~ Little ones will enjoy coloring the many hats of their mom and will feel extra special being able to present mom with this handmade gift.

9.  All About Mom Printable Activity ~ This cute printable is a perfect gift for kids to fill out for mom.  A fun activity that can be done with Dad or at school.  I also make this Hat’s off to Mother free printable activity to show all the amazing things mom do!

4 Photography Gift Ideas for Mom

Photography Gift Ideas for Mom

10.  I You Mom! Family Picture ~ A creative way to capture your children for a fabulous and memorable picture (or card) for Mother’s Day for Mom or Grandma. * Update: Blog link is no longer available.

11.  Family Photo Wreath Tutorial ~ This family photo wreath is so beautiful and such a fun paper craft to make for Mother’s day.

12.  Photo Fun Bookmarks Tutorial ~ I just adore the smile that these little photo bookmarks bring to my face when I look at them.  These are so easy to make and would make lovely homemade gift ideas for Grandma’s and Mom’s.

13.  Mother’s Love Photo Gift ~ Mom will love getting new pictures of her kids and these pictures will tell her just how much the kids love her.

Hand Print Craft

Hand Print Craft and Gift Ideas

14.  Hand Print Gifts From The Heart ~ So, I decided to create something that would involve the kids and thus be a great grandparent gift.  I call them, ‘WOOD You Be mine Wall Art’.

15.  Handprint Tree Art ~ This beautiful art project for kids becomes even more sentimental with the use of their handprints.  A great project for the kids to work on together to present Mom with one beautiful picture.

16.  Salt Dough Hand Prints ~ These salt dough hand prints are a wonderful keepsake gift!  It’s a great way to capture small hands and see the growth throughout the years.  They are so simple to make and I guarantee you already have all of the ingredients in your kitchen.  {wink}

First Mother’s Day Present

17.  First Mother’s Day Present {1st Mother’s Day} ~ This gift is precious and will totally show mom how loved she is on her 1st Mother’s Day! You’ll need some flour sack towels and some paint for baby’s footprint. Then print off the beautifully designed tag included in this post and you have a memorable gift to give the new mom!

Hand Print Craft and Gift Ideas

18.  Waving Flowers Mother’s Day Gift ~ Here is a fun hand print activity that is really inexpensive and really fast to make. And what mother doesn’t love flowers? *Update: This blog link is no longer available.

19.  Handprint Flowerpot ~ This cute handprint flower pots are an easy craft activity to put together for preschool aged children.  Add a second layer to the flower pot and it can open up to be a card too.  Perfect if you are still looking for a craft you can do today with supplies you already have in the house.

20.  Printable Handprint Flowers Poem ~ These cute fingerprint flowers will be a cherished gift for years to come.

Mother's day Hand print Butterfly

21.  Mother’s day Hand print Butterfly ~ A darling poem from your child or grandchild creating butterfly wings out of hand prints.

Homemade Scrubs Recipes

Bath and Body Homemade Gifts

22.  16 Homemade Scrubs Recipes ~ Sugar, Salt, Facial, and body scrubs which is a perfect homemade gift for Mother’s Day.

23.  14 Easy Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipes ~ Some of the recipes vary only an ingredient or two, but I loved all different packaging ideas. So I’’ve included not only a variety of recipes but ways to dress them up to give as homemade gifts as well.

Spa Scrub & Bath Tea Tutorial

24.  Spa Scrub & Bath Tea  ~  There’s nothing quite as relaxing as filling a bath with something yummy smelling, grabbing a book, and having some time to just . . . . rest.  So here’s a great homemade gift to encourage rest.

25.  DIY Spa Gift Basket ~ Get this how-to on putting together an ultimate spa gift basket.  Includes recipe bath scrub, how to make a lavender sachet, how to make a travel candle and more.

Simple Beauty Mask Tutorial

26.  Simple Beauty Mask Tutorial ~ This eye pillow, filled with lavender and flaxseed, is a Mother’s Day gift that actually takes something away: stress! *Update: Blog link is no longer available.

Ruffled Flip-Flops {Tutorial}

27.  Ruffled Flip-Flops {Tutorial} ~ Stock up on those Old Navy flip flops!  For a few extra cents worth of fabric, you can turn them into these ADORABLE ruffled sandals, for adults and kids!  The combination of colors and fabrics is endless.  I’m loving this idea. *Update: Blog link is no longer available.

How To Make Jewelry with 3 tutorials

How To Make Jewelry

28.  Bird Nest Necklace Tutorial ~ This DIY Bird Nest Necklace makes a wonderful gift for women for any occasion. Incorporate the birthstone colors of a mother’s children for a lovely Mother’s Day gift.

29.  Mini Polaroid Necklace Tutorial ~  Create a personalized mini Polaroid necklace for yourself or as a gift for loved ones. This would be make a wonderful Christmas or Mother’s Day gift for mom!

30.  Fingerprint Pendant Tutorial ~ How to make an heirloom mothers necklace out of your child’s fingerprint out of clay and beads.

31.  DIY Hammered Heart Necklace ~ What a simple yet fabulous silver hammered heart necklace! You will be able to create your own using jewelry wire and this easy to follow tutorial.  It’s the perfect way to decorate your neck! {wink}

4 Jewelry Tutorials

32.  DIY Girl’s Flower Ring Tutorial ~ This craft is easy enough the kids could make one too!  Just get  your hands on some cute buttons, and turn them into these fun rings, with the band made from a stretchy headband.  I think this would be an especially cute gift for a young teen.

33.  Fabric Flower Bracelet {Tutorial} ~ Here is a great tutorial on making a wrapped fabric flower.  You could easily attach it to a handbag, hat, brooch or do as they did in the tutorial and make a bracelet.  Attaching a little charm gives it just the right touch! *Update: Blog link is no longer available.

34.  DIY Chalkboard Necklace Tutorial ~ With a can of chalkboard spray paint, you can turn pretty much anything into a chalkboard these days.  But I never thought of making a necklace out of it!  This is a super fun gift for a school teacher.

35. Fork Ring Jewelry Tutorial ~ There are so many fun uses for this great tutorial.  You could use this as a craft activity for a class or youth group.  Or you could also make a sentimental gift for a new bride or parent having an anniversary using one of their wedding silverware. *Update: Blog link is no longer available.

DIY Lovely Pinboard {Jewelry}

36.  DIY Lovely Pinboard {Jewelry} ~ This lovely pinboard can be used as a jewelry board too. Made out of wood, cork and fabric, this simple and inexpensive gift is perfect for the jewelry lover. *Update: Blog link is no longer available.

DIY Mother's Day Corsage: Felt Dahlia Flower Brooch

37.  DIY Mother’s Day Corsage: Felt Dahlia Flower Brooch ~ This felt dahlia pin has a secret pocket in the back that can hold a picture or message for your favorite mom. *Update: Blog link is no longer available.

crocheted Chain Link Necklace Tutorial

38.  This crocheted Chain Link Necklace Tutorial ~ This necklace looks edgy and soft at the same time.  Plus, a baby grabbing hold of it won’t break it!  A great gift for a new mom. {Wink}

Mother's Day Photo Albums and Journals

Presents For Kids To Make

39.  Mother’s Day Photo Albums and Journals ~   Meander Mini Album Video Tutorial ~ This paper crafts mini album uses one one sheet of 12×12? patterned paper. It can be altered, inked, stickered, and journaled. It makes great calendar, going away gift, Mother’s Day mini album, etc the ideas are endless!

Presents For Kids To Make

40.  How To Make A  Paper Flower Canvas ~ Of course Mother’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a little handmade art from the kids. But this would also be a charming gift for a grandparent, or for the little ones to make and hang in the new baby’s room.

41.  Mother’s Day Paper Tulips ~ Here is an easy craft for kids.  A bouquet of these cute tulips is a sweet gift for kids to make for Mother’s Day or they can make individual tulips as place cards for your Mother’s Day brunch

Mothers Day Presents For Kids To Make

42.  Artwork Lunch Bags ~ Children love to give handmade gifts and this simple preschool craft make a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Grandparent’s Day. *Update: Blog link is no longer available.

43.  Paper and Ribbon Water bottle Vase ~ Flowers are always a beautiful gift, so if you are looking for a super quick last minute vase to hold some flowers in for Teacher Appreciation Week or Mother’s Day, this tutorial will show you how to turn an empty water bottle into a vase with just some paper and ribbon.

Printable Coupons

Printable Coupons

44.  How to Make a Booklet of Mothers Day Coupons ~ Download these free printable mothers day coupons to make a sweet homemade gift for your mom! I’ll also show you how to make the coupons into a cute matchbook style booklet that your mom can keep in her purse.

45.  Mother’s Day Coupon Book {free printable} ~ Mom will love these personalized Mother’s Day coupons. Fill in the blank on each of these beautiful cards with the gift of love that you want to share with her.

46.  Kids One-On-One Date Coupons {Printable} ~ This coupon book is filled with dates for alone time with mom and dad.  They include inexpensive activities like projects around the house, as well as destination activities.  Great to print and give as a gift or use as award incentives for a job well done.

Mothers Day Printables

Mothers Day Printables

47.  Mother’s Day Printable Bookmarks ~ This beautiful printable bookmark will make a great addition to the book you bought Mom for Mother’s Day.

48.  Dr. Mom’s Prescription Pad ~ A free Dr. Mom Prescription Pad to write your little ones notes or reminders(a fun to do list). Dr. Mom does make house calls.

For Chosen Mothers Poem Printable {mom of special kids}

49.  For Chosen Mothers Poem Printable {mom of special kids}I received this poem framed as a gift from a wonderful friend. As a mother of a high functioning autistic son, it effected me in ways I can’t explain. I display it in my bedroom and refer to it on those less than wonderful days.

Best Mom In The World Printable

50. Best Mom In The World Printable ~ This printable Mother’s Day Poster certifies that the recipient is The Best Mom in the World.  You can print it out in four beautiful colors, so pick Mom’s favorite and make her feel special on Mother’s Day. *Update: Blog link is no longer available.

51.  Mother’s Day Free Printable ~ This beautiful printable quote, Home is Where Your Mom Is, is available in 5×7, 8×10, 11×14 or 16×20.

Mother’s Day Favor Tags {printable}

52.  Mother’s Day Favor Tags {printable} ~ These free printable Mother’s Day Favor Tags will work as little cards for gifts or toppers for cupcakes.  Each sheet has a dozen circle tags in three colors.

Room Service Door Hanger Printable

53.  Room Service Door Hanger Printable ~ A good Mother’s Day always starts with breakfast in bed.  Make the tradition even more fun this year by letting mom choose her breakfast with this Room Service Door Hanger.

54.  Breakfast in Bed Printables {Mother’s Day Breakfast} ~ Is breakfast in bed a tradition in your home? If not, it should be! {wink} This post features beautifully designed breakfast in bed labels! A lovely way to make sure mom knows how appreciated she is!

 Paper Watering Can {printable template}

55.    Paper Watering Can {printable template}These are darling little paper watering cans with a printable template.  They would make fun party favors or small little gifts for Mother’s Day.  If you want to see more versions of these paper crafts, click here.

Super Mom coloring Page

56.  Super Mom coloring Page ~ Color pictures, email pictures, and more with these Mother’s Day coloring pages. Click on any Mother’s Day picture above to start coloring.

Homemade Mothers Day Cards

Homemade Mothers Day Cards

57.  Free Mother’s Day Printable Cards ~ Beautiful cards in four fun colors.  Just print and write your own sentiment inside.

58.  I Heart My New Mom Mother’s Day Card ~ Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate moms young and old. Our adorable chick mother’s day card is perfect for a new mom, or change the message and give it to any special mother.

Mothers Day Printable Card {free download}

59.  Mothers Day Printable Card {free download} ~ Here is a darling free Mother’s Day card with three bonus tags included in the download! The 3rd one is plain, so you can personalize it.

60.  CD Case Mini Album Tutorial ~ Since the ipod showed up, most of us don’t carry CDs around anymore.  But if you’ve hung onto those little cases, you could whip up this darling photo album.   What a great gift for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day.

Pop Out Homemade Mother's Day Card Template

61.  Pop Out Homemade Mother’s Day Card Template ~ Start with a piece of cardstock that is 6″ x 12″ in a textured cardstock in Certainly Celery, but in the card above I used Kiwi Kiss Textured Cardstock.

Homemade Balloon Card Template

62.  Homemade Balloon Card Template ~ A fun surprise card with printable notes, “Excuse me I need some Air”.  The beauty of this card is that you can use it for ANY occasion.

63.  Simple Mothers Day Card Ideas ~ Rebecca shows you how to make a base card with card stock and how to embellish it with buttons, doilies, twine and scrap patterned paper.

Flower Cake Pop Bouquet Tutorial

Mothers Day Recipes

64.  Flower Cake Pop Bouquet  ~ These beautiful flower cake pops would be a great gift for Mother’s day or a fabulous party favor for any garden party.  This tutorial will show you how to create both the cake pops and the fondant flowers from start to finish.

Mother’s Day Cupcakes

65. Mother’s Day Cupcakes ~ Melt mom’s heart with these delicious cupcakes with sweet sentiments.  Simply pipe your favorite words onto rolled fondant, don’t forget “mom”.

flower pot cookies

66. Flower Pot Cookies ~ Sugar cookie cups filled with chocolate ganache and sprinkled with oreo dirt. What could be cuter and more delicious?!

Mothers Day Decorations

Mothers Day Decorations

67.  Personalized Moms Heart Garland {free printable} ~ This beautiful garland is both a decoration and a present, listing all of the traits that you love about Mom to celebrate her on this special day.

68.  Mother’s Day Printable Garland ~ A simple mother’s day garland you can download for free and hang over your table during your Mother’s Day Brunch.

Personalized Mother’s Day Napkin Wraps

69.  Personalized Mother’s Day Napkin Wraps ~ These personalized napkin bands do double duty as place cards for your Mother’s Day brunch.  With three styles available you can find the one that fits your party style.

Personalized Homemade Gifts

70.  DIY Porcelain Ware Decorations ~ A quick and easy gift to make with Porcelain Pens. Use it on any solid color porcelain ware and make a special personalized gift for the holidays, or let the kids create the art for a personalized Mothers Day/Fathers Day gift idea. *Update: Blog link is no longer available.

71.  Photo Tile Coasters Tutorial ~ Created your own personalized gifts for anniversaries, the holidays, Mothers Day or birthdays with this simple to follow tutorial. Your personalized gift will surely be treasured for years to come.

Fabric Small Party Purse Pattern

72.  Fabric Small Party Purse Pattern ~ This little purse if a perfect gift for girl who loves to play dress-up or just wants to be like mom.  Fill it with lipgloss and sunglasses for a present she’s sure to love.

Framed Monogram Art

73.  Framed Monogram Art ~ Here is a great ideas for an affordable last-minute gift.  Use a die cut (or hand cut) an oversized monogram, attach to some pattern paper and place in a frame.  Add little bling to the edge of the frame by attaching charms and ribbons.

Felt Chapstick Case Key Chain {How-To}

74.  Felt Chapstick Case Key Chain {How-To} ~ With this handy little case, you’ll never have to look for your chapstick again (unless you’re one of those people who’s always losing their keys too – ha!)  And since these instructions are so easy to follow, you can adjust the measurements to fit any sized gloss.  Fun for party favors too.

75.  Camera Wrist Strap {Tutorial} ~ This wristlet is a fun and funky alternative to the tradition neck strap for your camera.  Less bulky to use and easier to store, this is a great gift for a photographer or mommy on-the-go.

Holder For Charging Cell Phone {Tutorial}

76.  Holder For Charging Cell Phone {Tutorial} ~ This is a perfect gift for someone who loves organizing.  Do you hate having stray cords or leaving you phone laying on the ground while it charges?  You can make this fantastic holder from a baby lotion bottle!  And it looks cute, to-boot!

Rock Your Phone Case Tutorial

77.  Rock Your Phone Case Tutorial ~ Create a super bling smart phone case using a blank case and flat back gems and cabochons.  You could use this idea for a youth activity or a creative birthday gift for a teen. *Update: Blog link is no longer available. *Update: Blog link is no longer available.

Wrapped Yarn Letter Tutorials

78.  Wrapped Yarn Letter Tutorials ~ You can give ordinary objects a cool and aesthetic look simply by wrapping them in yarn and best of all this technique is inexpensive and easy to do.  All you will need is a paper mache or wooden letter, yarn, scissors and a glue gun.

 How To Make String Flowers

79.  How To Make String Flowers ~ A fun activity for kids that takes a few household items like glue and string to make fun spring flowers for Mother’s Day.

Homemade Mothers Day Flowers

Mothers Day Flowers

80.  Handmade Paper Corsage Tutorial ~ Give her a corsage that won’t wilt and one that she can keep as a keepsake forever.

81.  How-To Make A Cupcake Shaped Gift Box ~ Any gift can be made extra fabulous by being presented in a fabulous package.  These cupcake gift boxes are so darling, and easy to make.  All you need is a cardboard gift box, some ribbon, hot glue and a Styrofoam ball.  Check out the full tutorial for complete instructions. *Update: Blog link is no longer available.

82.  Fabric Flowers from Rick Rack {Tutorial} ~ Using Rick Rack is an easy and inexpensive way to make fabric flowers for jewelry.  As shown in this post, they are perfect for rings and you could include a matching set of earrings.

DIY Fabric Flower Cupcake Topper

83.  DIY Fabric Flower Cupcake Topper ~ Here’s a step-by-step pictured instructions on how to made these darling fabric flower cupcake toppers. These were made for a baby shower, but I think they’d be perfect for Mothers Day decor as well.

Flower corsage for celebrating mom

84.  Flower corsage for celebrating mom ~ So to help mothers feel a little more pretty on the outside, I’ve created this lovely flower corsage, made out of satin ribbon.

Sweet and Simple Mother’s Day Vase

85.  Sweet and Simple Mother’s Day Vase ~ This sweet Mother’s Day vase is an easy craft for kids that will nicely hold Mom’s favorite flowers.  It will also work perfectly as a centerpiece for your Mother’s Day brunch.

Things to Make for Mother's Day

More Mother’s Day Activities:

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