3 Time Management Tips for Running Errands

running erands

Today we’re talking about time management tips while running errands for Chevy.  How many of you have gotten so busy running errands that when you return home, you realize that you didn’t purchase everything you needed?  {{raising my hand}}

Therefore, having a few simple time management strategies can really help you be more productive and actually enjoy running errands.  Here are my three time management tips that have really worked for me.

I would love to know what works for you, feel free to leave a comment if you’re willing to share!

Time Management tips for Running Errands

1.  Have a plan before you run errands.

Not everyone is a list maker and that’s totally cool.  The key is to find what works for you and then set the routine.  For me, I’d rather not waste time running errands – I’d rather be doing what I love.  Therefore, I have one day every couple weeks that I call “Errand Day” and I do all my errands and returns in one day instead of going on several random trips a week.

Keep an ongoing list of the places you need to go, what you need to buy, and what you need to return.  The best place to keep this list is in a central location.  I use an embellished clipboard.

2.  Have a clipboard with all of your information on it.

Time ManagementWhy?  So that you don’t have to remember everything all the time. {{wink}}  If you’re at lunch with a girlfriend and she wants to stop into Dillard’s afterward – you just take a quick peek at your clipboard when you get into the car and you’ll know what you need to get while you’re there. That’s right, your man needs new black socks.  Done!

What’s on my clipboard?

The basic idea is to keep everything you need in one place and then carry your clipboard around with you or at least refer to it several times a day.  This way if you’re out and about, and you happen to stop into Hobby Lobby, you’ll see on your list that you need hanging brackets to finally hang that picture that’s been lying on the floor for months. {{wink}}

How to make an Embellished Clipboard

If you want to make your new clipboard reflect your personal style and embellish it a bit, here are several tutorials that I’ve featured on Tip Junkie.

3. Make it Fun!

Since this is something I only do a couple times a month, I make an event out of it.  I dress up cute, I take along my favorite beverage, and buy my favorite treat at the first store I go to.  This way I’m in a great mood while dealing with cranky sales people, I’m more polite to people, and I end up really enjoying the day out and about.

3 Time Management Tips for Running Errands from Laurie Turk on Vimeo.

This has really saved me hours and hours out of each week and has made my life so much more fun.  I hope it works for as well. {{hugs}}  I am so passionate about errand day that I made this quick video giving you my 3 time management tips while running errands in the Chevy Malibu.

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