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Top 10 Crafts to Make this Week {6/25}


Since I skipped a week, I’m combining the last two Tip Me Tuesday linky parties.  I’m so grateful to these crafty bloggers who took the time to share their time and talent with us.  {high fives}  Yep, they are my top 10 favorite crafts, parties, recipes, free files, DIY tutorials, and family traditions from Tip Me Tuesday!  I hope you’re inspired to make something fabulous this week as well.

Top 10 Crafts to Make This Week Award by Tip Junkie

These are just the 10 tutorials that I had time to highlight right now, you’ll see many more featured on Tip Junkie, Tip Me Tuesday newsletter, AND promoted through my social media sites like Facebook, G+, Instagram, and Twitter. {yep, I love to hook a creative girl up. HA!}

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New: Thanks to Tip Junkie’s new look you can now click the arrows under each image and “vote” on your favorite.  The featured tutorials will move up or down according to your results.  This way if you don’t agree with my ranking order –> you have the power to change it!  {squeal in delight}

#1 Make Bracelets from Recycled T-shirts

Amanda shared her t-shirt bracelets that's complete with a full pictured tutorial on how to make this recycled craft project for teenagers and preteens.  She says all you need are cheap bangle bracelets and some old t-shirts.

Get the tutorial here:  Bracelets from Recycled T-shirts

#3 Master Hand Lettering in No Time

If you just don’t know where to start hand lettering and you aren’t in the market to shell out both time and money for a course in order to learn. Then try out Lindsay's challenge on how exactly how to master hand lettering in no time at all and for FREE!

Get the free worksheets here:  Master Hand Lettering Challenge

#5 Fabric Flowers From Bed Sheet

These flowers were made in an afternoon with an old bed sheet, sharpie, and some florist wire. So they cost very little to make. I made some pink watercolour flowers and left some au naturale but you can make them any sharpie colour that you want.

Get the free pattern here:  How To Make Fabric Flowers From Old Bed Sheets


Tired of your wall light fixtures and you want to change them? Cristine has hooked us up with these super cool wall sconces.  She makes it look so easy to build your own light fixtures. 

Get the instructions here:  DIY Wood Wall Sconces

#9 Free Printable Summer Sign

Teresa shared her free printable sign to add your your summer home decor.  Simply head over to her blog and click the "download" text to print now or save to your computer for later

Download it here:  Free Printable Sign

#10 How to Make a Felt Letter Board

I leave messages for my kids on a chalkboard crown in my hallway.  So I absoutely love MA's idea of this felt letter board. She created a tutorial for you to follow and there are so many fun ways you can use it. Enjoy!

Get the tutorial here:  How to Make a Felt Letter Board

Berry ice cream with lavender flowers