Transformer Party Planner


Use these examples of party games, agenda, as well as food ideas for a Transformer birthday party.

Transformer Bingo Party Game for Kids

I’ve included lots of free printable files that I made so you can quickly print them out for a quick and easy party.

EHprint Print Free File:
Transformer Agenda (4804 downloads)

Party Planning

Make a Transformer birthday party invitation

Gathering Game:  Play w/ Transformers
__:15:  Transformer Hide ‘n Seek
__:25:  Hunt for the Matrix
__:45:  Transformer Bingo
__:55:  Open Presents  (Have box to put presents in & trash sack)
__:15:  Cake & Ice-cream (B-day song)
__:25:  Watch the G rated Transformers movie
__:00:  Gift Bags (to parents), Clean-up

Party Games

EHprint Print Free File:
Transformer Hide 'n Seek Cards (6828 downloads)

Transformers Hide and Seek:

Again keep the same arm bands unless the children want to switch sides. Before the party hide 4 Transformer Cards per kid. The game has Autobots and Decepticons cards. Each team will search for their own cards” and receive a small prize or treat at the end.

Use these Autobot and Decepticon transformer cards for a fun game of hide ‘n seek.

How to Play: Print out the cards above.  Give each guest a red or purple arm band.  Have the guest try to find at least 4 cards that correspond with their color.   Red for Autobot and Purple for Decepticon.

EHprint Print Free File:
Transformer Party Clues - Example (3087 downloads) ,
Transformer Party Clues - Blank (2372 downloads)

Search for the Lost Matrix

Clue 1: Starscream was seen collecting energy crystals to make energon cubes on hockey mountain.   (“gusher” gummy jewels will be hidden by the air hockey table).

Clue 2: The Decepticons were seen chasing Minicons who are now hiding in the desert (In the rock box I’ll hide a Minicon for each child to find).

Clue 3:You’ve been infected with cosmic rust come to base to get treatment (they’ll have a juice box & snack break.)

Clue 4: Some Autoboots have surrounded the Decepticons. Find out where they have hidden the matrix. (I’ll have the boys play Transformers Memory then give afterwards give them the “matrix” candy rings.)

Transformer Memory Game for Kids

Transformer Memory:  Print out Transformer Memory

EHprint Print Free File:
Transformer Memory Game (4800 downloads)

Party Food Ideas

  • Red (Autobot) versus Purple (Decepticon).  Have one half of the food table with red food and the other half with purple.
  • Make Energon cubes (blue jello jiggers)
  • Red & Purple Cool aid
  • Rice crispy treats (w/ food coloring)
  • Crunch berry cereal (separate the colors into bowls
  • Pop Tarts also come in both colors


Party Favors

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  1. when i click on these links, it just takes m to the printable page and i have no idea how to find the actual pages for the memory game and the bingo game. can someone help?

  2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! I am planning my nephews Transformer birthday party, but fell short on time with 2 sick kids of my own. After an afternoon of searching and trying to come up with ideas on my own, I can across your site. I am so happy to have everything I need in one place!!!! You made it so easy! I am looking forward to checking out more ideas on your site. It rocks!

  3. From tazreporter on old site:

    We had a great Transformer Party and wanted to share some ideas.

    We printed up small pictures of Autobots and Decepticons, which the boys had to pick one and then put on their sleeve. We had an Autobots versus Decepticons silly string fight. I got red silly string and blue silly string and the boys ran around like crazy spraying each other.

    Then we had a pinata, which was a car, because I forgot to order the Optimus Prime. But the car was cool and we filled it with candy and toys, some Transformer toys, too.

    Then we spray painted a box I had silver and then black symbols to be the Allspark. Then I made a “candy ball” which is just candy wrapped up, each layer alternating newspaper and wrapping paper. We put the candy ball in the Allspark and the party boy, Liam, got to hold it and hide around the house and yard until we were ready to open it and “discover” what was in the Allspark box.

    Then we went to the park nearby for a two-hand touch football game Autobots v Decepticons. That was fun! Then back home for pizza.

    Then the Transformers movie, recently out on DVD. And then nighttime flashlight hide and seek tag in my yard. The kids had a blast!

  4. From jlwhome18 on old site:

    Ethan’s 5th Transformer Birthday Party

    My son loves art projects, so for the gathering activity the kids made their own Transformers out of different construction paper shapes and glued them to card stock.

    We divided the kids into Depcepticons and Autobots.

    As teams, they looked for hidden transformers and returned them to Cybertron.(I took digital photos of his toys, printed them, and mounted on construction paper). (Autobots could only find autobots, etc.)

    Next we played a matching game with the photos, matching robot to vehicle disguise. aStealing an idea from the internet, they waged a war outside with spray silly string.

    The next clue lead them to the Allspark(square box with gift bags filled with candy rings and a bouncing ball) hidden in the dryer.

    Finally, the last clue they had to find the Optimus Prime pinata with the matrix inside.

    We opened presents, ate Bumble bee birthday cake(made from Wilton cake pan race car, frosted to look like bumble bee.)

    The kids played with my sons toys and watched a Transformer cartoon DVD while they waited for their parents.

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