Free Printable Valentine Card ~ 3D Smartie Pants!


FREE printable Valentines make such cute kids valentines perfect for their school class, preschool class, or just for fun!  Print out this homemade Valentine and pop in a few Smarties candies for unique, fun and yummy Valentines candy card!  {squeal}

Valentine Valentines

Smarties Valentine Valentines

EHprint  Print Free File:
Free Printable Valentine Card 3D Smartie Pants (21627 downloads)

Free Printable Valentine Card ~ Two Versions

Version 1 ~ Easy:  Since the pants are already printed onto the card, you can simply cut out the first page of the file and use it as is.  Attach some Smarties candies, or not.  {your choice}

free printable valentine

Version 2 ~ 3D:  Make the 3D Smartie Pants card by making the pants into a box that can hold 2 Smarties candies.  On how to make the 3D version, follow the pictured instructions below.

candy card

Candy Card Supplies Needed:

The great thing about this Valentine is that you can use supplies that you already have around the house!

  • Print out Smarty Pants File {free file above}
  • Smarties Candies
  • Tape
  • Scissors

valentine valentines step 1

How To Make This Valentine:

Step 1:  Cut out the pants. To cut out the pants, simply cut along the outside of the pants just like you would a paper doll.  Be sure to leave all of the tabs attached and do not cut the red inseam out of the pant leg.  There are 3 pants to a page.

Cut out the Valentine card.

Step 2:  Cut out the Valentine card. To cut the Valentine card simply cut a rectangle around each of the cards.  There are 3 cards to a page.  Bonus Card:  I’ve included an extra “love” folded card in case you want to use it for something else. Glue onto blue cardstock. {optional}

This next step is completely optional, but if you would like to polish off the look of your home made Valentine simply cut out a larger piece of coordinating blue paper and use a glue stick to glue it together.

Tip:  Be sure to print out your Valentines first and then take them to the paper store to color match the blue.  My blue ink might be a different color than yours and these photographs are a little lighter than what the Valentines look like in person.

Cute Kids Valentines

Cute Kids Valentines

Step 3:  Fold the Pant Tabs. Next you are going to fold the pant tabs.  Just like you would a paper doll ~ fold the tabs on the pants on both white dotted lines.  This will give you the 3D effect as well as show you where to tape the pants onto the card.

Step 4: Place Tape onto Pants.

Step 4:  Place Tape onto Pants. Don’t over-think this next step, it’s really easy.  To place tape onto the pants, simply place a one inch {or so} piece of tape and place it along the back-side of the both pant tabs, next to the folded crease. Be sure not to tape over the middle crease, as then you won’t receive the 3D effect.

Tip:  Use 1 piece of tape for each side of the pant.  But use 2 smaller pieces for the pant leg.  The pant legs are going to want to turn in a little and the separate pieces of tape will allow the paper to naturally make a curve for the box.

Step 5: Tape Pants onto Card.

Step 5:  Tape Pants onto Card. To tape the pants onto the card, simply line up the middle crease to the pants that are already printed on the card.  This makes it really easy to see where the 3D pants are supposed to be placed onto the card.

free printable valentine

Repeat this step on all three sides of the pants.

Home Made Valentine

Home Made Valentine

Step 6:  Pop in your Smarties! Tape your two Smarties candies inside the pants, and you’re all set to impress with a unique, fun, and yummy home made Valentine card.

Smarties Valentine Valentines

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Free Printable Valentine Card ~ 3D Smartie Pants!

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