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32 Best Homemade Fathers Day Gifts


Wondering what to make for Dad this Father’s day?  Here are some of the most thoughtful and creative homemade gifts for Dad, Grandpa, Father-In-Law to make this Father’s Day.


When Is Fathers Day?

This Much Card Tutorial

What To Make For Dad

1.  This Much Card Tutorial ~ I love how simple and elegant this homemade card is. Simply trace your child’s hands, attach together and use letter rub-ons for the message. Happy Father's Day Handprint Plaque

2.  Happy Father’s Day Handprint Plaque ~ This isn’t a tutorial on how to make, but I just loved how well put together this handprint gift if and couldn’t resist showing it to you. Family Handprint Gift for Dad

3.  Family Handprint Gift ~ Using the framed family handprint tutorial, here is another version of a handprint keepsake gift from the kids.

Lucky As Can Be Handprints

4.  Lucky As Can Be Handprints ~ This is a brief tutorial on how to make this adorable handprint plaque for Father’s Day.

What To Make For Dad printable

5.  Why We Love Our Dad Printable ~ Use paint chip samples and then create your own little book of a few samples of why you love your dad!

Mustache Mug Tutorial

6.  Mustache Mug Tutorial ~ A fun, easy and silly gift to give the cute men in our lives this Father’s Day. DIY Soda Can Coasters for Dad

7.  DIY Soda Can Coasters for Dad ~ Make Dad his own set of coasters in his favorite soda!  These are perfect to use in his Man Cave or office.

Daddy's Car Wash Kit

8.  Daddy’s Car Wash Kit ~ Decorate a bucket at Target and printed out a “Daddy’s Car Wash Kit” and fill it with all of his favorite car washing products.

Jumbo Tape Dispenser Tutorial

9.  Jumbo Tape Dispenser Tutorial ~ I think this is hysterical and couldn’t help but show it to you.  This is a quick tutorial on how to make a jumbo tape dispenser for Dad. Daddy's love TIES us together Tie Rack Tutoria

10.  Daddy’s love TIES us together Tie Rack Tutorial ~ This homemade tie rack is not only cool and functional but it has such a lovely message.

DIY Accordion Photo Album In Pocket Watch

11.  DIY Accordion Photo Album In Pocket Watch ~ If you’re looking for a more traditional gift for Dad or Grandpa, here’s a great pocket watch photo album tutorial. Vintage inspired gun sleeve mini tutorial

12.  Vintage inspired gun sleeve mini tutorial ~ A mini tutorial for those of you who have hunting type men in your lives complete with a pdf printable file.

How To Make A Luggage Handle Cover

13.  How To Make A Luggage Handle Cover ~ A thoughtful gift for a guy that travels a lot.  Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make a luggage handle cover to help him quickly recognize his suitcase at the airport. Monogrammed Cuff Link Tutorial

14.  Monogrammed Cuff Link Tutorial ~  Turn a pair of thrift store cuff links into a personalized, monogram set for Dad this fathers day.

How To Make An Adjustable Unisex Apron

15.  How To Make An Adjustable Unisex Apron ~ It’s big enough to be worn by a 6 foot tall guy but can easily be folded up to fit a 5 foot 4 gal as well.

Golf Course Pen Holder Tutorial

16.  Golf Course Pen Holder Tutorial ~ This golf pen craft can be made for your favorite golfer, following these free project instructions.

How to make Father's Day Trophies

17.  How to make Father’s Day Trophies ~ This is such a fun kid craft and Father’s Day activity for the entire family or church group.

Father's Day Manly Gift Basket {free printable}

18.  Father’s Day Manly Gift Basket {free printable} ~ If your man doesn’t have a sweet tooth, then this is the gift basket for you.  It’s filled with  Beef Jerky, Peanuts, Pistachios, Word Searches, Money, Gum and Mints and money bows.  {love!}

Couch Potato Gift Basket {free printable

19.  Couch Potato Gift Basket {free printable} ~ Sometimes the man in your life just needs a break, so give them a gift of a day of nothing.  Nothing but being a couch potato, a relaxing gift.

Worlds Best Pop Gift

Homemade Fathers Day

20.  Worlds Best Pop Gift ~ An adorable  collection of “Pop” items! Soda Pop (IBC Rootbeer), Popcorn, Pop-tarts, and a Blow Pop lollipop.

Father's Day Soda Bottle Covers {free printable}

21.  Father’s Day Soda Bottle Covers {free printable} ~  All you need is to grab a six pack of his favorite beverage and add some of these fun little “cover-ups” to personalize them. Retro soda bottles for Dad

22.  These Retro soda bottles were created out of an old 6 pack of IBC soda bottles. Take Dad back to a time when “Father Knew Best”.   Then Fill each jar with his favorite goodies.  Candy Filled Tie Pot Tutorial

23.   Candy Filled Tie Pot Tutorial ~ A fun activity for kids that turns a pot into a candy filled tie treat for Dad. Sweet Father's Day Bouquet Tutorial

24.  Sweet Father’s Day Bouquet Tutorial ~ A fun and easy gift to make for that sweet-lovin’ Dad in your life. Father's Day Candy Gram Poster

25.  Father’s Day Candy Gram Poster ~ I just love the thoughtful sentiment of the candy gram message for Dad in this fun jumbo card.

Father's day Candy Jar

26.  Father’s day Candy Jar ~ A great way to dress up any container to fill with Dad’s favorite treats for Father’s day. Tin Can Treats for Father's Day

27.  Tin Can Treats for Father’s Day ~  These treats also come with several great recipes for goodies to pack inside that you Dad will love.

Father's Day Questionnaire

28.  Father’s Day Questionnaire ~ Framed the printable in an ikea ribba frame and topped it with a homemade bunting made from scrap paper and some baker’s twine. Happy Father Day Card

Happy Father Day Card

29.  Father’s Day Tie Card ~ To make the hanger use 18-gauge wire and using a pair of jewelry-making pliers, shape the wire into a cutesy little hanger.

Bow Tie Happy Father Day Card

30.  Bow Tie Happy Father Day Card ~ An elegant chipboard bow tie card perfect for Grandpa or any tie-lovin’ man. Daddy & Grandpa Cut Out Watercolor Card Template

31.  Daddy & Grandpa Cut Out Watercolor Card Template ~ Print out the template for either Daddy or Grandpa, cut, and have your child color to their hearts desire.  I just love how this card is also a work of art. We Heart Daddy Shadow Picture

Photography Gifts

32.  We Heart Daddy Shadow Picture ~ I searched and searched for the original link to this amazing photographer but with no luck.  However, I just couldn’t resist showing you what a unique Father’s Day photography gift this would make.

More Father’s Day Ideas:

We all know that “Daddy’s love TIES us together!”  {snicker}  If you’re looking for even more home made gifts to make for dad, also check out Tip Junkie’s  Homemade Gift Guide for Men for even more homemade gift patterns.


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