20 Creative Crafts You Can Make

One of the things I love about you {Tip Junkie readers} is how willing you are to share the creative crafts you can make!  My in box is full of crafts and tutorials that you have submitted to be featured.  So today, I’ve put together a fabulous round up of 20 creative crafts you can make this month.

Leave a comment and tell me your favorite!

Crafts You Can Make

Crafts You Can Make

1.  Suitcase Redo – Great way to make those old suitcases pretty again!
2.  Paper Flower Jar Lids – I’m trying to get my craft area a little more organized which requires more jars and containers.
3.  How to make paper flower push pins – How to make darling paper flower oragami push pins.
4.  You can make a star pincushion – How to make a star shaped pin cushion, free pattern.

Things To Make for Home

Things To Make for Home

5.  Urban Chic Denim Pin Cushion: a quicky tutorial -Recycle your old jeans to make this urban chic pin cushion! Start to finish in 15 min.
6.  Ruffled Flower Rag Quilt Pattern – This is a really fun Ruffled Flower FREE Rag Quilt Pattern that’s printable.

Crafts You Can Make

7.  How to make fabric liners – Don’t buy expensive drawer liners.  Use that leftover fabric!
8.  Mini Cupcake Stand – You can make this mini-cupcake stand for under $5 and only a few steps.
9.  Pottery Barn Lazy Susan Knock-Off – The great thing about it is that it’s soooo great when I’m working on a project and need all my bits and bobs at hand. I can just twirl that Lazy-Susan around to fetch the tools I need!


10.  You can make Burlap Silhouette Pillow Tutorial – How to create  a one of a kind pillow using your own families silhouette’s.

Things To Make

11.  You Can Make Silverware Wind Chimes – How to make your own wind chimes from old silverware.
12.  Tea Cup Bird Feeder Tutorial – I’ve been making these Tea Cup Bird Feeders for years and though you might like to make one too! You know now that spring is here and all. The Birdies just might like this.

You Can Make for the Kids

You Can Make for the Kids

13.  DIY Cupcake Paper Liner Printable – Print out the template on any color paper that you want.
14.  You Can Make Candy Race Cars – Make candy race cars with circus peanuts & gum drops.
15.  How to crochet Sesame Street hats – As a beginner crocheter…I was sooo pleased with the outcome of the first ELMO hat, that I moved on to other characters.
16.  Cut the ABCs from Paper – Learn to cut matching letters from paper & even make your own stickers for craft projects.


17. Easy Kids Tent – Make a kids play tent from 3 sheets and one hula hoop.
18.  Ticket Roll Popcorn bowl – Tutorial on making the cutest popcorn bowl out of a roll of tickets.
19.  Rolled Flowers made from Magazine Pages – Recycle your magazines and catalogs and make these adorable paper flowers.

you can make a beaded flower

20.  Free beaded flower tutorial – How to make a 3D beaded broach out of beads.

Thank you so much lovely Ladies for submitting all of these really creative crafts and tutorials.  This blog would not the same with you!  {{hugs}}  As always, feel free to leave your blog links in the comments if you have a version of any of these projects.  We’re always looking for more ways to make these crafts!

You Can Make These Too:

Tip Junkie ~ Laurie Turk

What one of these crafts are you going to make?

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  1. omg!…thanks so much for the feature!…i totally squealed when i saw it!….love love love all the other ideas!…

  2. Thanks for featuring my burlap silhouette pillow :)! I always love ALL the ideas you share- thanks for all the hard work you put into this blog so all of us crafty ladies can be constantly inspired!!!

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