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85 Baby Homemade Gifts to Make

Homemade presents for baby showers are easier than you think!  Here are 85 incredible free patterns all with pictured tutorials on how to make the perfect gift for any newborn or baby shower gifts.

85 Baby Homemade Gifts to Make which are amazing!

Homemade Gfts

These homemade gift ideas for babies include adorable gift baskets, nursery decor, diaper gifts, quiet books, newborn clothing including soft shoes, diaper bags, baby bibs, and even baby blankets.  You will certainly impress any new momma with any one of these amazing homemade presents!

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Homemade gifts for a new baby ~ Growth Chart!

1.  Portable Growth Chart {How-To} ~ I love marking the growth of the kiddos (man it happens fast!), but it’s always a sad day when you move and those little ticks you made in the door frame can’t come with you.  Instead, make this cute chart out of jute fabric and you can store it, display it, and/or take it with you when you go.  It would also be a fun memento to give the kids when they are grown.  Maybe they will want to add their children someday too!

Basket of Baby To-Go Pouches Tutorial a great homemade gift

Homemade Presents

2.  Basket of Baby To-Go Pouches Tutorial ~ Help a new mother feel not-so-overwhelmed with this useful and beautiful baby shower gift.  Each pouch contains different items which correspond to their contents which include those on-the-go essentials like diapers, wipes, a new onesie, pouches of formula and baby food, etc.

Yo-Yo Baby Crib Mobile for new baby

3. Yo-Yo Baby Crib Mobile ~ I love anything that’s a little outside of ordinary.  This Yo-Yo crib mobile is a fantastic gift for a new mom.  You could match it to the exact nursery colors and she’ll have something hanging in the baby’s room that is unlike anyone else’s. Baby Homemade Presents

New Baby Homemade Gifts

4.  PBK Transportation Art Knock Off ~ Pottery Barn Kids Transportation Art is $69 each or $207 for the set. Yikes! So here is how to make a Knock Off set that only cost $6.

5.  Nursery Alphabet Art Tutorial ~ This alphabet art is a knock of from a version at Restoration Hardware that retails for over $300!  This easy tutorial shows you how to DIY.  Great for a baby shower gift!

6.  New Baby Subway Art Canvas Tutorial ~ This homemade gift is a lovely way to welcome a new arrival to the world.  Personalize this gift with you favorite fonts featuring the date, time weight, etc.  It would be perfect for an after-the-birth baby shower.  You could also use this same technique for a wedding gift with their name, date, and place.

DIY Diaper Cake Tutorial

Cute Diaper Gift Ideas

7.  DIY Diaper Cake Tutorial ~ A great tutorial on how to build your own diaper cake.  Perfect for a centerpiece at a baby shower, this gift doubles as party decor.  Embellish with baby toys and blankets.

Nappy Cake Instruction make great baby shower gifts!
8.  Diaper Babies {Baby Shower Gift Ideas} ~ Whip up a set of these adorable swaddled babies, all wrapped up in baby washcloths & sock hats as your next baby shower gift idea! Put these together with pacifiers, baby bibs, rattles and more and you will have a precious gift for a precious baby.

Easiest Baby Gifts to Make

9.  Onesie Cupcake Tutorial ~ If you are giving onesies at a baby shower, why not present them as cupcakes in a cute basket? Complete them with hair bow “toppings”.

Baby Home Made Gifts

Bundled Home Made Gifts

10.  Sushi Baby Shower Gift~ A fun and creative way to display useful baby items for your next baby shower gift.  This “sushi plate” is made up of essentials like washcloths, socks, onesies and more.

11.  Container Calendar Paper Craft ~  Collect all your special dates, reminder and mementos each month all within this cute little container calendar. At the end of year, you can remove the mementos (put them in a scrapbook etc.) & then reuse the CONTAINER CALENDAR year after year!!  A fun gift idea for a January birthday. Sew a blanket, bib and burp cloth set for new baby homemade gift12.  Baby Bundle Tutorial ~ Make a gorgeous blanket, bib and burp cloth set with just two yards of soft flannel.  A perfect baby shower gift!

New Baby Kit with free patterns. Great homemade gift ideas!

13. New Baby Kit {Free Patterns} ~ This is the perfect baby shower gift.  Jordan make them all as a set, and gives you the links where you can find a tutorial for each individual item.  The set includes bibs, burp cloths, a blanket and changing pad.  She also links to a pattern for a nursing cover and pacifier leashes if you are so inclined.

Baby Hair Bow Patterns

Baby Hair Bow Patterns

14. Box Fold Felt Flower Headband ~ Beautiful box fold felt flowers make a sweet headband for a baby girl, but change up the headband and it works for girls of all ages.  The felt flowers can also be used to make pins, accent throw pillows, or dress up an old shirt.  The gifting possibilities are endless.

DIY Baby Hair Bows

15.  Felt Hair Accessories ~ Make these adorable felt hair accessories for your little one.  They include flower and bow hair clips and headbands.

Quiet Book Patterns make amazing homemade gifts!

Quiet Book Patterns


16.  Color Fabric Quiet Book  ~ I hope you enjoy making this color fabric book for your little one. The directions are very general, but the photos explain a lot.  Here are all the photos for the pages.

17.  Close Your Clothes Quite Book ~  Not only is this quiet book a great activity for kids, but it will hold sentimental value when you use the old clothing they have grown out of.  A sweet and sentimental gift.

18.  How-To Felt Quiet Book ~ Amy not only shows you her darling quiet book, but gives you links to the supply list and free printable templates!  Everything you need to make a quiet book for yourself or as a gift.

DIY Baby Shoes

Baby Booties Pattern

19.  TOMS Inspired Baby Shoes ~ TOMS shoes are all the rage these days!  Sometimes they are not always pocket book friendly.  This tutorial and free pattern shows you how to make your own booties.  You can even order the customized labels

.Baby Booties {free pattern}

20.  Bitty Booties {free pattern} ~ These little sewn baby booties are so precious.  And don’t be intimidated – they are super easy to make with the free printable templates.  Use ric rac or bows to add trim for a professional finish.

DIY Baby Shoes

21. Mila Baby Shoe Pattern ~ This tutorial will set you down the path to making some adorable baby booties! These little ruffled beauties will have you blushing!

Make My Baby

22.  Barefoot T-shirt Sandals ~ These flower sandals are seriously adorable!  And, comfortable.  They are the perfect way to accessorize bare feet, but still let them remain barefoot.  {wink}  You can easily make them from an old t-shirt.  You’re going to love how simple they are to make!

DIY Baby Booties

23.  Leather Baby Shoes ~ This tutorial will set you down the trail to making some adorable baby booties! These little leather beauties will have you blushing! There’s lots of room to change it up too, so get creative!Free Baby Shoe Pattern

24.  Ballet Baby Shoes Pattern ~ How to make custom ballet slippers for your baby girl or for a friends baby shower.

Baby Bootie Pattern

Infant and Baby Shoe Patterns

25.  DIY Baby Moccasins ~ This tutorial will set you down the trail to making some adorable baby booties! These little leather beauties will have you blushing! There’s lots of room to change it up too, so get creative!Baby Shoe Pattern

26.  Felt Baby Shoe Free Template ~ These little hand-sewn baby booties are so precious.  And don’t be intimidated – they are super easy to make with the free printable templates.

DIY Baby Shoes

27.  Recycled Denim Baby Shoes ~ This sweet little pattern is totally hip and stylish.  Use an old pair of jeans and they are free.  Your little baby will be on the leading edge of the latest fashion trends.

Baby Shoe Pattern

28.  Little Man Shoes ~ Every little boy needs a pair of loafers!  Make a matching pair with one of dad’s shirts!

29.  Kimono Baby Shoes ~ Use this tutorial and free PDF pattern to make these adorable kimono baby shoes for a 0-6 month old. Great for a baby shower gift, or to give after the baby is born.

30.  Reversible Baby Booties – This pair of adorned baby booties is absolutely darling!  Reversible too!  How fantastic is that?!  You can either buy a Simplicity bootie pattern or trace your own template.

Baby Shoe Patterns

31.  Baby Shoes with Embellishments ~ Why is it that the smaller something is, the cuter it is?!  These little shoes are so adorable, and the combinations of fabric and embellishments are endless.  You could give someone a whole shoe wardrobe before she is even born.

Fortune Cookie Quotes32.  Fortune Cookie Baby Booties {free template} ~ I just couldn’t resist not showing you these sweet baby booties!  They’re made from polar fleece so they will keep babies tootsies nice and warm. Download the free template to make a pair or two.

Baby Bootie Pattern

Crochet Baby Booties

33.  Bow Baby Booties ~ These bow baby booties are simply precious!  Make them for your own little girl or for that perfect baby shower gift.34.  Barefoot Baby Sandals ~ These barefoot baby sandals are absolutely darling!  If you don’t already have a little girl you may just find yourself wanting one just to wear these pretties!  Or, you could give them as a gift.35. Crochet Summer Baby Sandal Pattern ~ These summer baby sandals are absolutely darling!  They are perfect for a boy or girl just change the color of yarn.  If you don’t already know how to crochet you’re going to want to learn now!

Crochet Baby Bootie Pattern

36.  Crochet Cuffed Baby Booties ~ Get hooked on crocheting baby booties with this simple pattern. Add some posies instead and they’re perfect for girls too!

Baby Bootie Pattern

Knit Baby Booties

37.  Knit Baby Booties {Free Pattern} ~ Download a free pattern for these adorable knit baby booties. The perfect gift for a baby shower or just a special token to spoil the little one you love.

Baby Booties Pattern

38.  Knitted Baby Booties ~ Use this free cable knit pattern to make baby booties.  They’ll keep baby boys and girls little feet warm and cozy.  There’s a google translator for English.

Knitted Baby Booties Pattern

39.  Knitted Baby Uggs ~ The perfect knitted “Ugg” like bootie for pre-walking baby.  They are knitted in one piece so there aren’t any ends or seams to weave.

Baby Clothing Pattern

Baby Clothing Patterns

40.  DIY Necktie Onesies {free printable} ~ Keep track of babies first year of growth with these adorable necktie onesies. Each month place baby in the designated onesie to take a photograph. The printable set includes one necktie for months 1 through 12. Simply download, print on sticker paper, and attach to plain white onesies. This would make a wonderful baby shower gift!

DIY Onesies

41.  Handmade Onesies~ These personalized, one-of-a-kind onesies make a great baby shower gift idea for the guest-of-honor. Family, friends and neighbors who are expecting or who have new arrivals will appreciate the unique handmade gift.

Matching Onesies {tutorial}

42.  Twin Boy and Girl Onesies {Baby Shower} ~ Fabric appliques turn plain white onesies into the perfect baby gift.  This set with a ruffle bib and coordinating tie are a fun mix for a set of boy/girl twins.  See the full tutorial and download the applique pattern.

Baby Gift Ideas

43.  Vintage-Trimmed Onesies {Baby} Here is an easy project that will yield adorable results! All you need is a onesie and the trim of your choice! Take your sewing machine and zig zag your way to a cute onesie! Perfect for a baby gift or to keep for your own bundle of joy!

Blessing / Confirmation Dress Pattern

44. Blessing / Confirmation Dress Pattern ~ Make this special day even more memorable with a handmade blessing or confirmation dress.  Use an existing dress to help create your own pattern.

Homemade Diaper Bags

Homemade Diaper Bags

45.  Amy Butlers Diaper Bag with Changing Pad and Storage Case ~ For the Stylin’ Mom and Baby on the go! This hip and functional diaper bag design helps to keep everything under control. It’s easy access design even keeps your cell phone right where you can reach it.

46.  DIY Diaper Bag with Divider ~ You can carry your stuff and baby’s stuff, all in one bag. It’s a big one, measuring about 19? long, 12? tall and 6? wide. All In One Diaper and Wipes Holder47.   Wet Bag Tutorial for Cloth Diaper Use ~ If you use cloth diapers for your baby, you might want a wet bag for on-the-go diaper changes.  If you are giving a gift to a mother using cloth, then this is the perfect gift.

48. All In One Diaper and Wipes Holder ~ This all in one bag has a zippered pouch to hold diapers and diaper rash cream and a separate compartment with opening to access your wipes easily.  To make it even more handy, there is an additional zippered pouch in the back that is perfect for personal items like car keys or necessities like an extra pacifier.

49.  Duo Pocket Changing Pad Clutch ~ This cute and stylish pocket changing pad clutch is a perfect gift for a new mom. It has separate compartments for diapers and wipes plus it rolls out to become a changing pad. Easiest Baby Gifts to Make

50.  Wet Bag Tutorial ~ Wet bags are perfect for storing soiled diapers, wet undies, or a wet swim suit.  Well, anything wet that you want to keep separate in your diaper bag.  You can easily make one with either laminated cotton or oil cloth and a zipper.

Diaper Changer

51.  Roll-up Diaper Changer {free pattern} ~ This roll-up diaper changing pad has a pocket for storing wipes, diapers and a change of clothes.  The changer rolls up neatly to store in a diaper bag or purse.  It’s made with a vinyl table cloth which is perfect for wiping up leaks and spills.  Plus it’s affordable – the vinyl table cloth was only $5!

Easiest Baby Gifts to Make

52.  Pacifier Pocket {free pattern} ~ This fabulous pacifier pocket not only keeps the binky clean, but also at hands reach.  You can snap it to a diaper bag, purse, stroller or even the infant carrier.

Baby Toy Patterns

Baby Toy Patterns

53.  Stuffed Football with Ribbon Tags ~ For the manly baby, a football with the ribbon tags all babies love, instead of a boring old blanket.  Sure to be a hit for dads everywhere {wink}!  Great for a baby shower too.

54.  Baby Ribbon Balls Pattern ~ I used the free sewing pattern to make a soft ball and then I modified it and inserted folded ribbon in between each section of the material.  It’s perfect for younger babies so they can hold them easily.

55.  Sock Monkey Snuggle Square ~ With just a few simple sewing steps, you will have this adorable Sock Monkey Snuggle Square made in no time. This snuggly is perfect for a boy or girl and it makes a great gift for the holidays or birthdays.

56.  Soft Rattle Tutorial ~  A simple, easy and quick soft rattle toy that anyone can make (regardless of their sewing skills). Homemade Baby Toy

57.  DIY Butterfly Stroller Toy ~ This is a great toy for a new mom to hook to the car seat or stroller, or just throw in the diaper bag for a quick distraction while she is out running errands.  The wings make that crinkly sound babies love, plus the is a jungle bell sewn inside too.  This would make an adorable gift topper at a baby shower.

Homemade Baby Toys

58.  Sock Dog {Children’s Toy} ~ Turn a men’s sock into an adorable stuffed dog. He’s quiet and house trained… the perfect companion!

Travel Toy

59.  Baby Toy Blanket with Velcro Loops ~ The baby blanket has a pocket for small books or a toy and little velcro loops around the edges which prevents the toys from falling onto the floor.  Perfect for airplane rides, restaurants, church, etc. Homemade Sensory Toy60.  Giraffe Crinkly Sensory Toy ~ Take inspiration from a baby shower registry to create your own homemade gifts for babies. This toy can also easily be monogrammed for an added personalized touch.

61.  Washcloth Hand Puppets {Free Pattern} ~ Puppets for bath time! Take your older washcloths that are still usable and make them into something great! So far the favorite seems to be the shark.

DIY Baby Bibs

Baby Bib Tutorials

62.  Funky baby Bibs Pattern ~ These darling bibs can get a little pricey when you buy them from a boutique.  With this free pattern it’s easy to make your own, plus a homemade gift is always more meaningful.  Go for it!

63.  Appliqued Baby Bib Free Pattern ~ These baby bibs are boutique quality – a gift any new mother would love.  Tutorial includes applique instructions, as well as free printable PDF patterns. How To Make Burp Clothes

64.  Silhouette Burp Cloth Tutorial ~ Quickly and easily make these adorable burp cloths to give as a baby gift to an expecting mom. These can also be personalized with the new baby’s name or monogram.

65.  How To Make Easy Burp Clothes ~ Some cloth diapers and grosgrain ribbong make this a simple {and useful} gift for a new mom-to-be.  Make a whole bunch to have on hand for your next baby shower.

66.  Easy Baby Burpies ~ A new mommy can never have too many burpies handy.  But there’s no reason they can’t be beautiful.  Use cloth diapers and some fab fabric to make these as a gift for your next baby shower.

67.  “Burp” Burp Cloth Tutorial ~ These “burp” cloths are sure to bring a smile to any new mom’s face. Print out the template for your letters for free!

Burp Cloth

68.  How to Make a Burp Cloth~ Quickly and easily make these adorable burp cloths to give as a baby gift to an expecting mom.

Free Sewing Patterns for Baby

Free Sewing Patterns

69.  Baby Snuggler Tutorial ~ How to make a baby snuggler so you can microwave for 1 minute and contour around baby’s side to help him sleep.

70.  Fabric Binky Bag Tutorial ~ A little homemade goodie to attach to a baby shower gift.  This bag ties to a crib or rocking chair so you always have a place to set the pacifier and don’t have to dig around when it’s time to find it again.

71.  Infant Car seat Cover {Tutorial} ~ A free pattern for sewing a carseat blanket that attaches to the handle.  A cute and useful baby shower gift. Free Baby Sewing Patterns72.  Crib Toy/Book Holder Tutorial ~ Here is a quick tutorial for a little hangy thingy for your child’s crib…fill it with books, toys, or binkies to keep them happy after naps. (or before…)

73.  DIY Laundry Hamper {Tutorial} ~ Check out this super fabulous laundry hamper.  It’s cute enough you may actually look forward to doing laundry.  OK, probably not, but still!  It folds up and the liner is removable Free Sewing Patterns for Baby

74.  DIY Pouch Baby Sling Tutorial ~ This baby pouch is not adjustable like a ring sling, but instead is fitted for the wearer.  The original post also provides a link where you can get measuring instructions and the sewing pattern.

75.  Baby Ring Sling Tutorial ~ This baby sling makes for a fantastic baby shower gift, plus you can save a bundle of cash by sewing it yourself.  See how with the easy DIY tutorial.

76. How-To Make A Nursing Cover ~ Create a cute and stylish nursing cover for the new mom using this easy to follow tutorial.  Using just a yard of fabric it is inexpensive and requiring limited sewing skills it is a gift that almost anyone can create.

Pictured Baby Blanket Tutorials

Pictured Baby Blanket Tutorials

77. Baby Life Blanket Tutorial ~  “Eat. Play, Sleep. Repeat.”  Funny, yet so true.  The tutorial for the baby life quilt includes pictured instructions, as well as a printable pdf of the letters for you to applique on.  Great for a baby shower gift!

78.  Chevron Chenille Baby Blanket ~ Make a blanket with handcut zigzag chenille on the back! This baby blanket is absolutely darling and perfect for baby to snuggle in!

79.  Heirloom Cut Chenille Baby Quilt ~ The blanket is 45″x45″, a generous size for using as a play mat and transitioning to a nap or lap blanket when baby is older.

80.  Rainbow Bunting Baby Quilt Tutorial ~ There are probably a million possibilities for color combinations for this quilt.  Think of all the buntings you could come up with! Homemade Baby Blankets Patterns81.  Luxe Lovey for Baby Tutorial ~ A cute, portable, baby-sized blanket that the mother is supposed to sleep a couple nights with the lovey to imbue it with her scent, then give it to baby so that baby will be comforted by it when mommy is in the other room sleeping.

82.  Baby Floor Play Mat Pattern ~ Amanda shows you how to make this baby floor play mat, perfect for tummy time.  You can customize it with whatever toys and accessories you choose.  She also included rubber grips on the bottom so it stays in place – smart!

Travel Play Mat with Hidden Storage {Free Pattern}

83.  Travel Play Mat with Hidden Storage {Free Pattern} ~ This convenient play mat can double as a changing pad, plus it has a hidden pocket for storing wipes, diapers and other necessities.  Plus it’s affordable – the total cost for this project is only $6!

Home Made Baby Gifts

Home Made Baby Gifts

84.  Decorative Wash Cloths ~ Make your own adorable decorative wash cloths from store bought wash cloths and scraps of flannel.  Each wash cloth costs about $.50.  Pair them with some baby wash or even a bath tub and toys for the perfect shower gift.

Easiest Baby Gifts to Make, check out this travel chair!

85.  Travel Chair {How-to} ~ Dining out just got easier with this fabric travel high chair!  You can easily make one from a thrifted bedspread, ottoman cover or bed sheet.  Folds up small enough to fit into a diaper bag.  


85 Baby Gifts to Make

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