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Tips for Setting Up an Art Classroom

Sally Wilkinson
The trouble with art rooms is that they are rarely designed or set up for the function that they need to serve. More often than not, it … continue reading

45 DIY Gift Card Holders You'll Love to Give

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15 DIY Paper Flower Tutorials

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9 Paper Mache Projects Perfect for Fall

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Handmade Bookmarks Making

Creative Khadija Kiran
If you are a student or a book reader, You will understand the importance of having a bookmark. Do you belong to those who turn their bo… continue reading

Tips on Choosing a Frame for Your Paintings

Sally Wilkinson
When you first decide that you need a border for your painting or your picture, you are not sure of much else. At this point you are sim… continue reading

Diy Binder Clip Notebooks

Emma Liston
I always carry a notebook around with me. It's something I've done since school but it's only been the last couple of years that I start… continue reading


Emma Liston
I love coming up with new ways to add a handmade touch to my desk. Lately it's been starting to look a little neglected and cluttered so… continue reading

Make A Cute Get Well Card

Little Girl Designs
Here's a cute get well card that is sure to bring a smile to your friend's face. And you probably already have all the supplies you need… continue reading