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Craft Room Storage {Before and After}

12 craft room storage ideas with before and after pictures that will help you design the craft room of your dreams!


Craft Room

1.  There are so many craft room organizational ideas from It’s Me, Sarah.
2. Check out Sky Angel’s sewing room with pegboard organizers.
3.  Kristen used a  shelf partion to make 2 separate work stations and create extra storage.
4.  Dog Named Bango has a 5 Part post on her hanging craft room storage.


Crafting DIY Containers

5.  Crafty Nest used an old spice rack for her bead storage.
6.  Mom’s Toolbox used rods and cups to hang her supplies.
7.  Carly created magazine holders out of cereal boxes.
8.  Coordinate your  storage boxes with paint & modge podge like Cathie Filian.


9.  Pigtails Paper Trails has beautiful ideas for storage solutions in the craft room.
10.  Kojo Designs made a fabric covered canister to hold her crafty items.
11. Fabric boxes I found on Sew Mama Sew from Elizabeth Hartman with a  tutorial.
12.  Kelly’s dad made her this ribbon storage case.  I also love to use jars to store & decorate.

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  1. SoBella Creations

    Inspiring rooms!

  2. Sunny

    Oh, I love all those ideas! What gorgeous set ups! My wimpy little craft room is going to need a facelift with some of these ideas.

  3. tina winkle

    I am blushing right now because my craft room needs a do-over! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration Laurie! 🙂 tina

  4. Amy @ MomsToolbox

    Wow! So excited to be included in your roundup of ideas!
    Even more excited to see all the others… I’ll definitely be putting some to use soon!
    Thanks for all the great ideas!

  5. Jessica

    Thank you so much for posting this! I was just thinking about how i need to do some researching for ideas. I am going to turn my spare bedroom into my craft room! Now I dont have to do the searching its all right here 🙂

  6. kirstin

    Wow! As you probably read, I am right in the middle of a craft room redo- so the ideas are super helpful! And thanks for the feature…

  7. r.pinnegar

    I love the new layout for tips within a post!

  8. Laruie

    YAY! I’m so glad you like the new format. It’s a bit more work but I’ve been trying to make the posts easier to read and shorter with out cutting back on the # of women I feature every day.

    I’ve been wondering if readers like it. Thanks for your input.

  9. Sarah Youde

    Thanks for featuring my craft room, I was really shocked when I saw it 😀 Love some of the other ideas too.

  10. joey sowada

    I loved your idea! It got me to thinking…what if you were to use a lightweight semi-flexible smooth-edged plastic instead of the fabric filler inside each square? A person could even use cardboard if you’re like me and like to recycle 🙂

  11. GiddyNiddy

    Love the ideas here! Awesome post.

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