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20 Creative Ways To Ask Someone Out {Prom, Dance, Date}

Wondering how to ask someone out for Prom, Homecoming Dance, or just on a date night?  Well, I’ve hooked you up with 20 creative ways to ask someone out!  You can tweak these ideas for either a girl or guy and use your own style to pull off a memorable “prom-posal”.  {snicker}


How To Ask

How To Ask

1.  How To Ask to Prom Cookies ~ Oh my gosh how adorable are these “Will you go to Prom with me” cookies.  I just adore how all the answers are there as well.  {my fav!} How To Ask A Girl Out

How To Ask A Girl Out

2.  When Pigs Fly ~ Fill a bunch of pink balloons with helium and draw pig faces on them. Put those balloons in a box and put a note on top of the box that says, “When will I ask you to prom?” and a note inside the box that says “When pigs fly!” Deliver the box!  {get it ~ they’re flying!  HA!}

Creative Ways To Ask A Girl To Prom

Creative Ways To Ask A Girl To Prom

3.  This is from the Disney movie “Prom”, how simple and elegant is this P.R.O.M. ? cut-outs on a lighted stage.

Ask Girl Out Using Sidewalk Chalk

4.  Ask Girl Out Using Sidewalk Chalk ~ What an cheap and unexpected way to ask a girl out on a date, using chalk.


5.  Make it Puzzling ~ Write your date night question onto any type of board and then cut it out into puzzle pieces.  When your date finds it, they can put it together and enjoy the surprise.

Creative Ways To Ask A Girl To Prom

6.  Ignite The Flame ~ Set out a bunch of candles that light up on her driveway that spell out “Prom” or “Homecoming”.

Creative Ways To Ask A Girl To Prom Tshirt

7.  Prom? Check Box T-shirt ~ Ok, only a certain type of guy could pull this one off, but I thought it was so hysterical I couldn’t resist showing it to you. how to ask out

8.  Use a Sign and Some Friends ~ If you don’t want to do it alone, then grab some friends and meet her at her favorite hangout.

9.  Prom Please? Cupcakes ~ Simply have any bakery add a few letters on some cupcakes and you’re in business.

10.  Use Post-Its ~ Here’s another really easy way to ask someone out.  Simply write little notes on some post-its and place them on her wall in the shape of  heart.  Who doesn’t love some affirmations.

11.  Here’s another version of using signs to ask someone out.

ways to ask a girl to prom

12.  Hide in a Sea of Balloons ~ Do you see the chalkboard wall in the background with the words “Prom?”  Her future date is hiding inside the balloons to surprise her when she come in.

Ask Someone Out

13.  Ask in a Photo Collage ~ Photograph yourself with different words in all of your future-dates favorite places.  Then put it all together in a photo collage or hide it around her room.

night date

14.  Message in a Bottle ~ What a romantic way to ask a girl out on a date by putting the message in a bottle of sand.

ask on a date

15.  Here’s another “when pigs fly” version of asking someone out.  Package a few flying pigs into a box and hand it to her with a bunch of fabulous pink baloons.

Ways To Ask A Guy To Prom

how to ask someone out

16.  Free Printable Shoe Print ~  Cut out black foot prints and place a Hershey’s Kiss on each one.  Make a trail from the person’s driveway into their bedroom.  In their bedroom leave a big sign that says, “Now that I’ve kissed the ground you’ve walked on, will you go to Prom with me?”

Ways To Ask A Guy To Prom with food

17.  They say the way to a guys heart is FOOD ~ Here’s a yummy way to ask a guy to prom and get is attention.

ask prom pizza

18.  Prom Pizza! ~ I’m sure your local pizza joint would be happy to spell out anything you’d like using their pepperoni.

ways to ask a guy to prom

19.  Stalk His Ride Home ~ If there is a bridge or overpass that your soon-to-be-date routines drives under, you can hang a big sign under it.  Make sure you’re there waiting for him!

ask to prom

20.  Decorate his garage doors ~ This girl went all out using balloons, crepe paper, and some large letters.  




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  1. Rachel @ day2day joys

    Wow! Kids these days are getting serious about asking someone to prom?

  2. Connie @ Daydream In Color

    These are the cutest ideas ever!

  3. Liz @ Arty McGoo

    These are so fun! I wish I was that creative {and brave!} when I was in high school! Thank you so much for featuring my cookies! I just did a Winter Formal set today 😀

  4. Rudy Lorejo

    o_o I took that balloon picture… I inflated a good amount of those balloons haha.

  5. Lauren

    These are all very cute but i’ve seen them done before. too cliche !

  6. Michele

    I love the prom-posal ideas, especially the cookies. You can also hire an event coordinator like The Heart Bandits who specialize in unique Prom-posal Planning 🙂

    Michele Velazquez
    Event Planner

  7. Bryce

    Tried the candles tonight, just ordinary tea-candles. Wind blew them out and it was still out with MAYBE 1 MPH gusts. BAD idea guys. But i got her flowers to go with and she still said yes :DD

  8. abby

    those ideas are so cute

  9. [email protected] california dates

    If he/she loves cookies then Prom Cookies will be the best idea. The message in a bottle seems to be the best of all.For ladies, knowing what she likes may also help in deciding on what method to use.

  10. molly

    its not funny and dont write that if you are trying to get attention its not working!:)

  11. Lizzie

    So, there’s this kid in my class that I like, but he’s super shy and I knew he’d never ask me himself, but he’s hinted at liking me. So, I took it in my own hands: (warning, this is only appropriate for real nerds(not the video game kind, like the chemistry kind)!) I got a bunch of chemical equations that solve out to equal “PROM WITH ME”. I wrote it out so it looked like it was an actual school assignment, with a hint that the answer he should get is “yes”. I then gave it to him in our free period and told him to find me when he figured it out. Ten painfully long minutes later, he comes out with a blank face. He asks for help on three equations- the spelled “Yes”!!!!!!!!!
    As I said earlier, it only works for nerds :P.
    Good luck!

  12. Reyna

    I couldnt think of good ideas until i seen this page its incredible

  13. bmckown57

    One of my daughter’s friends was asked out in a very creative way. She received at text message from a boy telling her to come out into the front yard. When she went out there were dozens of Hershey’s kisses all over the grass and a note that said “Now that I have kissed the ground that you walk on…Will you go to Prom with me.?

  14. z0em0nster

    Wow! You are so smart! There’s this guy in my class that’s a math nerd and you totally just made my day! Thanks! 😀

  15. Dfoley2295

    What a great idea! There is a girl in my chem class and I was thinking about using the same thing. What was the equation you used? Thanks

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