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Home Design: 5 Steps to Use Photos to Create Your Look


  1. sibylle

    great tips! thanks so much!

  2. Kristin

    I am always so overwhelmed when it comes to creating mood boards! Good post ūüôā

  3. Anna @ The Guiltless Life

    Haha that second photo is on my Pinterest I think – or one very similar! (pinterest.com/AnnaWootton) – crazy! Thanks for the post!

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    Thank you so much for this article! While I’m not planning to improve on my house at this time, it’s nice to have stumbled upon something as useful as this. Bookmarking~ thanks again! ^^

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    A carefully planned and implemented home decorating project can make any home interesting irrespective of its dimensions, when it was built, or architectural design. Decorating can make small spaces can look bigger, bring old houses up to code, and even make odd-shaped rooms into more interesting living spaces.

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    Soon,I will be moving into a new house.in first picture, the bedroom arrangement seem fine for me.I may have to change the colour to something different.

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    Wow! Everything are lovely and looks elegant.

  11. need inspiration

    I love this page! I’ve been looking for something like this forever. The only problem is that when I clicked on 2 links .(that both went to remodelaholic) they said that there was an error on the page and would not come up. One is about breaking down the elements in a room and the other one is how you broke down the inspiration image. I really would like to see what you did here. It seems really important Any help locating this would be great! Thanks

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