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DIY Minion Craft : How To Make Recycled DIY Minion Piggy Bank

IY Minion Craft : How To Make Recycled DIY Minion Piggy Bank

Easy to make Kids craft ideas should definitely have Cute DIY Minion Crafts as kids are in love with these amazing cartoons! To make this Cute DIY Minion Piggy Bank all you need is a few colored papers an old plastic jar and basic craft supplies. Have a look at this easy step by step tutorial on how to make …

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DIY Recycled Craft: How To Make a Cardboard Organizer


Low Cost recycled craft Ideas have always attracted me and once you know how to make this DIY Cardboard Organizer, then making easy paper crafts and best out of waste crafts is something that will never be difficult for you. DIY Easy paper Crafts are a fun art and craft activity for kids as they can store all their playing …

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Recycled DIY Projects: How To Make Plastic Spoon and Mirror wall decor.

Recycled DIY Projects: How To Make Plastic Spoon and Mirror wall decor.

Recycled crafts are my favorite. You use the imaginative side of you and create something totally beautiful and unique. This plastic spoon and mirror wall decor is something totally unique and an out of the box idea for making this plastic spoon and mirror wall decor idea. There is something so vibrant and colorful about this wall decor that it …

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Recycled Craft: Tutorial on How to Make Easy Plastic Spoon Wall Decor


There are endless options when it comes to home decorations ideas and easy paper crafts when we talk about the best DIY Home Projects. This Plastic spoon craft tutorial will easily lead you to making one of the most exciting paper crafts you have ever tried to make, Wall decor and Home decor ideas are available in plenty but the …

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DIY recycled tin can flower pots


Instead of throwing away your tin cans, why not recycle them into something pretty and useful like some flower pots. Here’s how to make tin can flower pots in just a few easy steps.

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3 Beautiful Recycled Paper Necklaces to Make [video]


Recycle paper to make these 3 beautiful paper necklaces! Save the planet AND look amazing while you do it.  Use your old magazines to create colorful, bold jewelry. Three stunning projects in this easy tutorial. They become as hard as wood and so much fun to make. They are sellable too! Can be used for earrings, bracelets, buttons, charms, and …

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Recycled Magazine Bracelets


Make colorful recycled magazine bracelets in any size for the summer! A fun project for kids, too! Watch the short video tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3NKK5XNBFQ

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Recycled Jean Quilt

quilt collage-jpg

Grab your old jeans, cords, and wool clothing or head to the closest Good Will or resale shop and get ready to create the cutest quilt perfect for the couch or your child’s room. This is also a wonderful graduation present especially when you personalize it with that special someone’s name:)

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Awesome Recycled Cereal Box Chalkboard Tags

Chalkboard tags 031-jpg

Want a way to recycle those cereal boxes after you eat all the goodies out? For these, you just need some cereal boxes and chalkboard paint and you can have some cute tags or bookmarks of your own. For full instructions, please visit: Not So Idle hands

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