A Spin of a Gift Card

Spin on a Gift Card

One year my friend really wanted a new fall jacket.  Obviously that’s not something I could pick out for her and it was out of my price range.  So several of our friends got together and decided to go in on a group gift.

The problem:  She hadn’t decided on what jacket to get – so we couldn’t get a gift certificate to a specific store.

Solution:  I collected the money and made her a “money jacket”.  She LOVED it and it gave her the flexibility to pick out the jacket where and when she wanted.  (See picture below)

How to Make:

1.  Cut out cardboard in the shape of a jacket.  I drew the shape on a box and cut it out.

2.  Place your bills on top of your cardboard jacket.  I think I used double sided tape sparingly to keep the bills in place.  (Don’t forget to make the lapel.)

3.  User saran wrap to keep the bills from falling off.  Tape the seran wrap together on the back.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
-- -- -- -- Grown Up Best Friend
Going Away
Homemade Gift

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