10 Clever Baby Products That’ll Make Parenting Easier

When it comes to parenting, every little thing helps. That’s why products that are clever, useful, and take some of the stress out of parenting rock our world.

We love these baby products so much we almost want to keep them a secret. Almost. (smiling)

Here are 10 CLEVER BABY PRODUCTS THAT’LL MAKE PARENTING EASIER because every parent deserves a little help!


10 clever babay products thatll make parenting easier

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Automatic bottle maker


We really don’t know how parents have lived without a bottle maker all their lives.

A bottle maker is a kind of like a coffee maker. Once you have one, you don’t know how you ever lived without one. It makes, measures, pours, and heats the bottle.



pacifier that closes when it drops


If you’ve ever seen a baby with a pacifier, then you know that it’s inevitable that the pacifier will drop at some point. Keeping pacifiers clean and away from germs is one of the biggest challenges of parents with babies that use pacifiers!

That’s why we think the  Razbaby pacifier is so clever. It automatically closes when it’s dropped so parents don’t have to clean it each time baby spits it out.



Baby food processor


Take baby food making to the next level with this baby food maker.

Prepare fruits, vegetables, and even meat for your baby so you know exactly what he is eating, and since there are two cups, you can make twice as much as once. We are all about efficiency!



Reusabale pouches


Who knew that you could purchase reusable pouches for your homemade baby food, right? So clever I could scream. Get these.  ASAP.





Teething isn’t comfortable for babies or parents so it’s really nice to have a  hands free teether for baby that actually soothes their gums throughout their whole mouth. Super clever.



Spill proof bowl


Quite possibly the coolest baby feeding product out there, this spill-proof bowl will thwart your child’s every attempt at dumping their food on the floor.

The bowl is easy to hold for baby with outer handles and an inner bowl with 360-degree rotation so food doesn’t fall out. ADORE.

soft baby bath


Bath time for baby can be a struggle because so many baby baths make baby feel unstable.

This baby bath, made out of Minky material is super soft and fits in the sink for a comfortable seat for your baby. Just ring out the water when you are done and throw in the dryer.



shampoo cap


Take the stress out of shampooing your baby’s hair with a baby shampoo cap.

Just adjust the cap to your child’s head and then rinse hair without worrying about soap and water getting in their eyes and ears. It’s so smart.



faucet extender


Washing hands just got a lot easier with a faucet extender. Little kiddos have a hard time reaching the faucet so an extender brings the water closer to their hands. Brilliant.



potty training urinal


Potty training your son with a urinal can be a whole lot easier than on the toilet (think of not having to deal with a step stool and potty seat!).

This adjustable urinal easy to clean, interesting for toddler so potty training should be a breeze!



Do you know of any clever baby products that make parenting easier that we’ve missed?


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