8 Ways to Fold Your Bathroom Towels


Bathroom Towels for utility and aesthetic that will give you tons of options.  Whether you like the spa look of rolled towels, fun shapes folded into your towels, or just neat stacks, these ideas are sure to please!

8 ways to fold your bathroom towels
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Towels on a hook

On a Hook

One of the easiest ways to display towels is to place them on a hook like a locker room.

The nice thing about this option is that anyone can hang a towel on a hook, including children so you don’t have to worry about perfectly folded towels.  Plus, the hook and towel look is totally in right now!




stacked towels


Folded and stacked towels are a great option, especially for people who like symmetry and the look of folded towels.  You can fold towels in half or thirds for your stacks and place on an open shelf for easy access.




rolled towels


Roll your towels and place them on a shelf if you like a spa look.

This is a great space saver and looks very decorative and sleek.  It’s super easy to roll your towels, so this is a great option for saving space while looking great!




layered towels


Layer your towels for easy use.  This option is pretty self-explanatory.  Simply fold your towels neatly and layer on top of each other over the towel rack.  I love to layer a bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth.




folded and tied with ribbon

Group with a Ribbon

Group your towels with a ribbon for a chic look.  Ribbons make a statement and it’s a nice way to make your towels look more expensive and designer.

It’s also a great way of saying, “hands-off” if you don’t want someone to use a particular set of towels.




Towels on decorative holder

Hang on Decorative Holder

Decorative holders are super great because they can be useful as well as decorative.  You can even find towel holders that have a built-in shelf.

This example shows how you can hang your towels in a layer and then stack towels on top.  Double score!




towels folded in fun shapes

Fold in Fun Shapes

Fold your towels into fun shapes like a Disney resort!

You can find lots of towel folding tutorials on-line from pretty shapes like fans, to animals including elephants and monkeys.  The sky is almost the limit with what you can fold with your towels!




Stacked towels

Decorative Decor

Add a touch of decorative decor to your towels by embellishing with thematic elements from your decor.

This bathroom has a nautical theme so the starfish is the perfect piece of decorative decor.  It’s easy to add the shell to a simple stack of towels!


What is your favorite way to fold bathroom towels?



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Stacked towles

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