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These are the newest entries from Tip Junkie readers for the 1st Annual DIY Halloween Costume Contest!   {squeal}  For this contest, I’m looking for great tips and how-to’s for DIY Halloween Costumes and it’s not too late to enter to win.

Click here for the details on how to win and how to vote for the  Tip Junkie’s Halloween Costume Contest ~ Win a $100!  right here on Tip Junkie.com.

It’s a fun way to be inspired on easy to make Halloween costumes for our kids AND give three fabulous Tip Junkie members a $100 bucks.

* Tip Junkie is also hosting a handmade and semi-handmade DIY Trick or Treat Contest, for details click here.

Tip Junkie's Halloween Costume Contest ~ Win a $100!

DIY Halloween Costume Contest

Everyone is invited to enter Tip Junkie’s handmade and semi-handmade Halloween Costume Contest, no blog is required.  {giddy}  Tip Junkie members {that’s YOU!} will vote for the THREE winners who will each receive a $100 Visa Gift Card to spend it however you wish.  {high fives}

Deadline: Entries will be accepted through Friday, October 19th, midnight CST!

Baby Halloween Costumes

Hershey Kiss Halloween Costume

1.  Baby Hershey Kiss Halloween Costume ~  This adorable Hershey’s Kiss costume was made with love by a mama who didn’t know how to sew and her tips and instructions will help you make one too.

Girl Halloween Costumes

Halloween Peacock Costume

2.  How To Make a Peacock Costume for Girls ~ This beautiful Peacock costume was made  using leftover peacock feathers from a farm, which were then glued onto cardboard.  Directions on how to make the rest of the costume of course, is in the tutorial.

Milli Umizoomi

3.  Milli Umizoomi Costume ~ Made completely from scratch, Andrea had to make the print on Spoonflower and the pattern for the cap by hand.  Adorable.

Adorable Flower Pot Costume from the Dollar Store

4.  Adorable Flower Pot Costume from the Dollar Store ~ This is an extremely simple yet adorable toddler Flower Pot Costume. Simply use large bucket from dollar store, and you have a flower pot costume!

Little Bo Peep

5.  Little Bo Peep Costume ~ Adrienne’s version of Vintage Little Bo Peep. Skirt, vest with plumes, Bonnet, lamb and crook. The perfect costume for your Little Miss.

Fabric Scrap Skirt

6.  Halloween Fabric Scrap Skirt Tutorial ~ This step by step tutorial with show you how to make a quick, simple and inexpensive fabric scrap skirt. Your Little Trickster will love pretending to be a Candy Corn Fairy Princess.

The Corpse Bride Girl’s Costume

7.  The Corpse Bride Girl’s Costume (DIY Tutorial)~ This is a tutorial on how to make the perfect DIY Corpse Bride Costume.

 White Queen Halloween Costume

8.  DIY White Queen Halloween Costume ~ If your daughter loves Alice in Wonderland, then making a White Queen Costume is super easy with a little thrift store shopping. Just buy an old wedding dress!

pirate costume

9.  Pirate Costume ~ This tutorial is for a cute, homemade pirate costume. It’s simple, inexpensive and unique.

Boy Halloween Costumes

Lego Halloween Costume

10.  Lego Halloween Costumes {how-to} ~ Jessica got her inspiration for these costume from instructables.com.  They wore these costumes to a coworker’s Halloween party as well as trick-or-treating with their nieces.

Big Furry SPiDeR costume

11.  Big Furry SPiDeR ~  If your kids want to be a big furry spider then you can make this amazing costume in 2 hours or less with some black fur and a beanbag pattern and gloves.

Flying Chameleon

12.  Flying Chameleon ~ Pamela came up with this homemade costume when her son asked to be a flying chameleon for Halloween.  Absolutely clever.

Captain Destructo  Costume

13.  Captain Destructo Halloween Costume ~ When Melissa’s son was little he broke almost everything he touched.  She started calling him Captain Destructo. When Halloween came around she decided to make him this Captain Destructo costume.

Pirate’s Booty costume

14.  Pirate’s Booty toddler costume ~ Turn your toddler into a bag of Pirate’s Booty. Melissa modified a Simplicity pattern for a ladybug, pumpkin or duck. It’s almost like a pillowcase dress that’s fitted at the bottom, and filled with some batting.

DIY Cowboy Costumes

15.  DIY Cowboy Costume ~ Coming up with a DIY Cowboy Costume is easier than you may think. I’d bet most of you have all the elements in your home already! You’ll need jeans, boots, cowboys hats and bandanas. If you are crafty, making chaps are simple and easy, too!

Star Wars Anakin Jedi  Costume

16.  Star Wars Anakin Jedi No-Sew Costume ~ How to make a no-sew Jedi costume for a Star Wars Clone Wars birthday party or for an easy Halloween costume. This costume only cost $3 and was easy to make by simply making a few cuts in the faux-leather.

Boy or Girl Costumes

 Mummy Costume

17.  DIY Mummy Costume ~ A simple DIY Mummy Halloween costume using inexpensive material and techniques. Project includes tutorials on how to make a tutu, how to dye fabric with black tea, and a separate tutorial on making a matching Trick Or Treat bag.

Smurf  Costume

18.  Smurf Halloween Costume ~ Look at this fun little smurf costume! All Hillary did was dye a onesie to the perfect Smurf Blue (evening blue) and bought a pair of white tights. Then she just made a little smurf hat out of white felt.

Adult Halloween Costumes

Tutorial for a Lego Halloween costume

19.  Tutorial for a Lego Halloween costume ~ Looking for a easy halloween costuem? Well if you keep reading, Grace will show you how to make a lego halloween costume good for multiple children or a couple.

Chic Vampire Mask

20.  Free Printable- Chic Vampire Mask ~ Fara Party Design made this mask last year to decorate their Chic Vampire Collection dessert table.  Just print, cut and decorate it to celebrate with style!

garden gnome costume

21.  DIY garden gnome costume ~ Here is a garden gnome costume Robyn made for herself a few years back. So fun! She just used clothing she found around the house and made the hat out of red poster board. The beard and hair are poly fibre fill.

Extreme Couponer  Costume

22.  Extreme Couponer Halloween Costume ~ Inspired by the TV series Extreme Couponer, this fun costume is totally unique!

3D Snowman Costume for Halloween

23.  3D Snowman Costume ~ Jodie was looking for something different to make herself for Halloween this was the costume that she pulled off.   She made this Snowman Costume over a few days, and it was so much fun!

Corpse Bride and her Grave Digger

24.  Corpse Bride and her Grave Digger ~ Leigh Ann had so much fun creating this Halloween costume.  She created a graveyard in her front yard complete with a freshly dug grave and then stood beside it with a lantern and gave out candy.

Family Halloween Costumes

DIY Star Wars Themed Halloween Family Costume

25.  DIY Star Wars Themed Halloween Family Costumes ~ How to make a DIY Star Wars Themed Halloween costumes for the family for cheap!!

Winnie the Pooh Easy DIY Family Costume

26.  Winnie the Pooh Easy DIY Family Costumes ~ This was an easy group costume Christina made for her family when I was pregnant with fleece.  So adorable!

Mailbox & Popcorn Box costume

27.  Halloween Costumes from a box – No Sewing required (Mailbox & Popcorn Box) ~ Two costumes featured here are a blue mailbox and a popcorn box.These were so much fun and very simple to make. Michelle says they were super fun to make and got tons of attention!

Family Blues Clues Halloween Costume

28.  Family Blues Clues Halloween Costumes ~ Davis was addicted to Blues Clues so in October 2000 Jason went as Steve, I’m Magenta, Davis is Blue, and Dylan is Green. Dylan is 3 months old and my mom converted a ’3 pees in a pod’ costume into the green puppy.


It’s not too late to enter your own past ideas.
Deadline: Entries will be accepted through Friday, October 19th, midnight CST!

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Star Wars Anakin Jedi No-Sew Costume

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