11 Easy DIY Play Tents for Kids


Kids love adventure and a place to hideout.  Here are several easy and creative tutorials on how to make a diy kids tent, canopy and kids teepee tutorial complete with pictured instructions.  You’ll learn how to make an A-frame tent, reading canopy, collapsible fabric tent, Land of Nod copycat tent, ruffled teepee as well as a lace teepee tutorials.

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DIY Kids Tent

1.  DIY Hand Painted Tent Cover ~ Cotton canvas was purchased from a local fabric store and hand stamped with homemade stamps made from foam sheets.

2.  A Frame Tent {step by step} ~ If the kids need a hide-away from the adults, check out this step by step guide to making your own A-frame tent!

3.  Summer Fort ~ Keep your kids entertained with this summer fort idea. It’s a creative way to get your kids outside and using their imaginations.

4.  Land of Nod Tent Copycat ~ Keep your costs down by making your own Land of Nod tent from duck cloth and wooden dowels.

5.  Collapsible Fabric Play Tent ~ A collapsible play tent made from wooden 1” x 2” boards and wooden dowels.  Perfect to easily store away when not in use.

6.  Reading Canopy ~ A circular quilting hoop and 108″ x 54″ piece of silk was used to make this reading canopy.

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Kids Teepee Tutorial

7.  DIY Lace Teepee ~  Oh how I love the idea of indoor teepees or forts and this post has a lovely teepee made of lace.  It’s so pretty you wouldn’t mind it being left in your living room.

8.  Summer Sewing ~ Child’s Tent ~ This Child-Size Teepee Tent is perfect for a rainy day or great for the outdoors! This easy, no sew project stays together with the addition of grommets!

9.  Ruffled Teepee Tutorial ~ A plain teepee is embellished with beautiful layers of ruffles.

10.  No Sew Teepee ~ I love the idea of a playroom with a space for reading in a teepee because it just looks so cozy. And, it looks like it will really appeal to both girls and boys. The Handmade Home has a no sew tutorial for the teepee. {{knuckle bumps}}!!!

11.  DIY Teepee ~ A reading nook or puppet theater this teepee has endless possibilities.  I love the realistic look to it with saplings, leather and drop cloth.


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