13 Halloween Nail Art Ideas


Tutorials on Halloween nail art ideas to achieve the perfect nails for Halloween!  These nail art Halloween tutorials include green gooze, eyeball nail art, candy corn, mummy nails, frankenstein and even spider webs.

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We’ve taken away all the guess work on nail art design with these incredible tutorials. For even more Halloween ideas Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 1,000 tutorials.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Nail Art Halloween

Halloween Nail Art

1.  Halloween Nail Art ~ It’s no trick it’s a treat to learn how to paint your nails with these fun Halloween patterns.

Pumpkin Nail Art

2.  Pumpkin Nail Art ~ These little pumpkins are fun for Fall and Halloween.  Easy to make in just 6 steps.

Candy Corn Nail Art

3.  Candy Corn Nail Art ~ Learn how to paint your nails into the popular candy corn pattern by painting in layers and using painter’s tape to make the stripes.

Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Half Moon Spider Web

4.  Half Moon Spider Web ~ How pretty are these spiders and webs using a metallic nail polish?!  Only 8 steps to achieve the look.

Halloween Ghost Nail Art

5.  Halloween Ghost Nail Art ~ Aren’t these ghost nails boo-tiful!  White and black nail polish is used to make these adorable spooky nails.

Jack Skellington Nail Art

6.  Jack Skellington Nail Art ~ Inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas these festive Jack Skellington nails are made using white and black nail polish.

Action Skulls

7.  Action Skulls ~ Add action to skulls when you tap your thumb and ring finger together.  Bwahaa!  A tape transfer technique was used to make the skulls.

Spooky Splatter Nails

8.  Spooky Splatter Nails ~ You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to achieve this paint splatter look using a straw.

Halloween Nail Art

DIY Eyeball Nails

9.  DIY Eyeball Nails ~ Your nails will always be watching with these spooky eyeballs.

 Vampire Fang & Blood Nails

10.  Vampire Fang & Blood Nails ~ With tips easy enough for even a nail art beginner, your nails are going to look spookified.  All you’ll need is a red, black and white polish colors, nail dot tool or toothpicks and a paper plate!

Green Gooze

11.  Green Gooze ~ Green polka dots are filled in with polish to create the gooze effect.  You can use red and white nail polish to make bloody nails.

Frankenstein Nails

12.  Frankenstein Nails ~ After two coats of green nail polish thin black curved lines were drawn to section of the nail into three or four sections.

Mummy Nail Art

13.  Mummy Nail Art ~ Mummify your fingernails with thin strips of tissue layered to create the perfect mummy look.

13 Halloween Nail Art Ideas

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