Top 10 Tips For Defrosting and Organizing Your Freezer


At least once a year you should be defrosting your freezer. If it’s full of frost and ice it won’t run efficiently. Not to worry! I’ve got your back. Here are 10 how to defrost a freezer tips and tricks. Not only will you have a clean freezer you’ll be able to find what’s in it. {{knuckle bumps}}

How to defrost a freezer with these ideas which include a boiling pot of water, blow dryer, freeze defroster spray and so much more!

How to Defrost a Freezer

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House of Sprinkles



How to Defrost a Freezer

1. Wondering how to defrost your freezer? House of Sprinkles shows you the quickest way to defrost it using a pot of boiling water.

Bob Vila

2. Keep your freezer running efficiently by defrosting it every once in awhile. Bob Vila shares 3 main tips to defrosting your freezer. You’ll not only save money, but you’ll be able to find what’s in your freezer. {wink}

Maintaining Motherhood

3. Maintaining Motherhood shares their easy steps to defrost a chest freezer and how to organize it.

4. How to defrost a freezer without unplugging it. Check out this easy trick.

Mom 4 Real

Freezer Defroster Spray

5. Isopropryl alcohol and water makes a terrific freezer defroster spray by Mom 4 Real. Even though the post is for a car de-icer this solution will do the same trick in a freezer. Simply add the alcohol and water to a spray bottle and watch it melt the ice in seconds.

Jamie Oliver

Freezer Tips

6. Don’t waste your money with these saving tips to batch cook by Jamie Oliver. He’s even provided general rules for how long you can freeze certain items.

Time With Thea

7. Time With The nailed it with her organization ideas for upright freezers. Labeling and dividing the food by category are key.

Practically Functional

8. Tired of not knowing what’s in your freezer? Try organizing it using dollar store bins. Practically Functional shows you just how easy and cost effective it is. You’ll wish you’d done it a long time ago.

Lia Griffith

9. These free printable chalkboard freezer labels by Lia Griffith are too cute! You can write on the labels and circle the date of freezing. A great way to keep track of food items.

Polished Habitat

10. This free printable freezer inventory form by Polished Habitat can be used in your home to keep track of both what you have to eat, and when you should use it by, to take full advantage of your freezer as a food storage asset.

Top 10 Tips For Defrosting and Organizing Your Freezer

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  1. I would venture to say that using my hair dryer on med or low and a plastic putty knife works a lot quicker.

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