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amazing woman door hanger

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Here’s a little something to remind us women of how amazing we truly are.

Hang this on your door and know that each time you open a door of opportunity, you are blessed with all the abilities and resources to conquer what lies beyond it. Remember that you, a lovely and fabulous woman, deserve the very best that this world has to offer and nothing less. You are a Goddess having a human experience.

When you put your whole being into this sort of mindset, all the positive energy will flow to and through you and soon enough, you will be prosperous in all the aspects of your life – family, love, relationships, career, spirit, body. You will live in limitless abundance.

To use this, print the file on an 8.5 x 11 vellum board or any 200-220gsm board. Cut along the dotted lines and hang on your door.

This is meant for sharing so give this to your favorite girlfriends as gifts to let them know how amazing they truly are.

Have a fabulous day!

About the Executive Homemaker:

I’m Issa and I am a firm believer of using creativity in our everyday lives. I am not married (yet!) nor do I have kids whom I use my craft for but I am child inside (woohoo!) and whatever I do simply reflects my zest for creating and making things.

Join me at Issa Sarza: Creative Living and catch great ideas on how to live an inspiring and artistic life!

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    Love it, getting for a friend. Thanks for sharing!

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