17 Gorgeous Leaves Crafts for Fall Or Any Season


Simple leaves can make beautiful gifts and home decor for any season and occasion. Learn how to preserve gorgeous fall leaves, how to paint a realistic leaf, and how to turn craft store leaves into artwork that makes a classic or modern statement.

These leaf crafts use all sorts of fun (and inexpensive) supplies and lots of different kinds of leaves. You’ll find a free printable for a cool succulent garden and also for some beautiful artwork to hang. I just love all things fall and I think you’ll love these unique ways to preserve one of the best things of fall–the leaves!

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17 leaf crafts

There are so many creative ways to use leaves in your everyday decor. You’ll find amazing ways to use leaves in your wall art! There are ways to make different useable decorations like a paperweight, place cards, paper succulents, paper leaves, a leaf bowl, leaf coasters, leaf mobile, leaf embedded candles, and leaf ornaments. There are even tutorials on how to make leaf earrings and ways to paint eggs.

leaves crafts


Simple Leaves

resin leaf paper weight
@Sonja & Jane

DIY Leafy Resin Paperweight Office Decor

Here’s a beautiful way to display fall leaves that’s also a useful paperweight for the office. This leaves craft project would make a beautiful gift for the holidays. Sonja and Jane show how easy resin crafts are in this post and I love the way they highlight the red maple leaf with the other fall colors. Click here for the tutorial ➜ DIY Leafy Resin Paperweight Office Decor

painted eggs with leaves

DIY Watercolor Tropical Leaf Eggs

These beautiful watercolor palm leaf eggs are hand-painted. The good news is you can follow the tutorial and learn how to draw a realistic leaf. Isocella’s tutorial has beautiful photos that will show you how to draw a leaf with shading using a couple of shades of green. The finished egg is a work of art! Click here for the tutorial ➜ DIY Watercolor Tropical Leaf Eggs

leaf shaped earrings

Faux Suede Leaf Earrings

These amazing leaf earrings are trendy and can be made in under 10 minutes! Cori’s tutorial includes svg files to create a handful of different kinds of leaves to turn into earrings. You might want to make a few pairs because all of your gal pals are going to want a pair!  Click here for the tutorial and svg filesFaux Suede Leaf Earrings

Leaf place holders

Easy Leaf Place Cards

I think this is probably the easiest place card idea. All you need is some fresh leaves and a metallic permanent marker! You could pick up a variety of different kinds of leaves at your local craft store to add some great fall colors.  Click here for the tutorial Easy Leaf Place Cards


Papercut leaves

Leaves placed in pots

How to Make Realistic Paper Succulents with Cricut

If you love succulents, but struggle to keep them alive {like me} you’ll love this easy DIY! Learn how to cut paper succulent leaves with your Cricut and paint them to look like the real thing! Amber has done all of the work and offers the svg files to make your new succulent garden a sure success! Click here for the tutorial and svg files ➜ How to Make Realistic Paper Succulents with Cricut

Framed leaves

Framed Papercut Tropical Leaves

You don’t need to know how to draw a leaf to create this beautiful project. You can use scissors or your e-cutting machine to cut these cute tropical leaves templates and turn them into modern wall art. Lia has created a leaves clipart template for hand-cutting and also tropical leaves svg files for use with a Cricut machine. Click here for the pattern and svg files ➜ Framed Papercut Tropical Leaves

leaves made from paper

Easy DIY Paper Leaves

Using a free printable template you can learn how to make these folded simple leaves. By choosing various colors of folded paper and different kinds of leaves, you can create some beautiful fall garland and much more for your autumn décor crafts. Click here for the free printable and tutorial ➜ Easy DIY Paper Leaves

Supplies Needed:

  • Paper (6 x 6-inch squares and 6 x 3 inches rectangles),
  • Leaves free printable
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape

Fall Leaves

leaf made bowl

Easy DIY Leaf Bowl

Mod Podge is truly a great crafting material and this project uses it to turn fall leaves into an impressive looking bowl. This DIY project is easy enough for kids to create and is perfect for the maple leaf. You can find all different kinds of leaves in beautiful fall colors at the craft store and even at the dollar store! Click here for the tutorial ➜ Easy DIY Leaf Bowl

leaf shaped coasters

10 Min DIY Cork Leaves Coasters

Cork, felt, and scissors are the main items you need to create these cute cork costers that make perfect fall leaves décor. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know how to draw a leaf with shading, Medina has you covered with a free printable template. I also love the leaf drawing color through the gray felt. Click here for the free printable ➜ 10 Min DIY Cork Coasters

leaf mobile

DIY Fall Leaves & Flowers Mobile

This lovely fall leaves & flowers mobile costs next to nothing to make and it’s so easy kids could do it too! It is a great way for the family to create something beautiful out of the different kinds of leaves and flowers that you collect on a fall walk. Click here for the tutorial ➜ DIY Fall Leaves & Flowers Mobile

Supplies Needed:

  • Embroidery hoop
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • leaves (at least a dozen)
  • flowers (at least a dozen)
  • Ceiling hook
  • Lace/ribbon/twine/embroidery floss
fall leaf decorated candles

Fall Themed Candles Embedding Real Leaves

These candles look impressive and you could definitely give these out as gifts too. They are a surprisingly easy way to keep those fall leaves that you have collected and put them on display. A simple leaves DIY project that will brighten up your home. Click here for the tutorial ➜ Fall Themed Candles Embedding Real Leaves

leaf and pinecone printable

Oak Acorns and Leaves Fall Printable

If you love leaf drawing pictures but don’t know how to draw a leaf, Kelly’s free printable will make your fall decorating easy and inexpensive. Simply print, frame, and hang this colorful leaf and oak art to pretty up your home with almost no effort and no cost if you are recycling an old frame. {knuckle bumps} Click here to download the free printableOak Acorns and Leaves Fall Printable

Leaf marble

Resin Tree Ornament Tutorial

Resin crafts are very easy and these ornaments will ensure your Christmas tree looks amazing. It is such a beautiful way to preserve the gorgeous fall leaves you collect.  Click here for the tutorial ➜ Resin Tree Ornament Tutorial


Leaf Wall Art

foliage wall

DIY Gathered Foliage Wall

You can hardly call this a craft but it’s certainly a brilliant idea. Some pretty foliage, different kinds of leaves, and some tape are all you need to make a gorgeous, green statement wall. Click here for the tutorial ➜DIY Gathered Foliage Wall

Leaf wall art

DIY Leaf Art

You can make this stunning leaf art using a special folding technique and a few minutes of your time. The post shows a couple of different ways to fold with different kinds of leaves. Click here for the tutorial ➜ DIY Leaf Art


painting made from leaves

Use A Cheese Plant Leaf To Make A Painting

Painting with monstera leaves will produce these fabulous art hangings. Who knew using leaves as stamps would work so well? The black or charcoal colored paint makes the artwork look like leaf drawings in pencil, without the talent needed! Click here for the tutorial ➜ Use A Cheese Plant Leaf To Make A Painting


Leaves framed

Fall Leaves Printable Wall Art

There is no need to learn how to draw a realistic leaf when Rachel is giving you these free printable hi-res fall leaves photos. Her leaves clipart looks so realistic. Fall leaf décor couldn’t be easier. These gorgeous prints are one step away from becoming your wall hangings. Click here for the free printable ➜ Fall Leaves Printable Wall Art


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