20 Lego Birthday Parties and Lego Cakes [printables]


Here are 20 of the best Lego birthday parties and Lego cakes including a ton of free printables! These parties are seriously over-the-top but you can tone them down according to your budget and preferred color scheme.


We’’re continuing our 4th Annual Birthday Bash with three more amazing giveaways today as well as lots and lots of amazingly creative birthday parties. As always, the Tip Junkie Party blog has HUNDREDS of first birthday party cake and party themes so you can always search there if you’’re looking for something in particular.

real Lego Birthday Party

1.  Lego Birthday Party {with vendor list} – Isn’t the giant Lego storage head the best idea EVAH?!  So perfect for this parties centerpiece.  Jessica also graciously provides a vendor list for all the fabulous goodies for the party. Lego Cake Pop Tutorial

2.  Lego Cake Pop Tutorial – You’ll love all the bells and whistles on Amy’s party.  She has even made Lego printables that you can get in her store to make your party planning even easier! Home Made Lego Party

3.  Home Made Lego Party – This just goes to show how far a black sharpie can go!  I just loved the yellow cups and goodie bags with drawn faces on them.  Voila – a Lego face! Lego Cupcakes

4.  Lego Cupcakes – Cupcakes completed the meal and they were topped with Lego chocolates made in the mold for a fun play date.

Lego Build Birthday Party

5.  Lego Build Birthday Party – The photo props, t-shirts, and Lego buffet table is simply darling with so many creative design ideas.

Lego Themed Birthday Party

6.  Lego Themed Birthday Party – From the centerpieces, to the Lego head straws, to games like build your own race car, and Lego toss this is an all around fun party.

Lego Party: Welcome to Legoland!

7.  Lego Party: Welcome to Legoland! – Another great homemade party with inexpensive crafty ideas that can turn a room into your own personal Legoland.

Lego Party Games and Birthday Ideas by TipJunkie

7. Lego Party Decorations {Tip Junkie} ~ You are going to love these Lego Party Decorations from Drake’s 7th Birthday Party! This post contains how to decorate for and make and play Lego games and activities include Lego banner, Lego Party Signs, Lego Printable Masks, Lego Circle Garland, Lego Skeeball, Lego Can Memory Game, Lego Bean Bag Toss, Lego Drop, Lego Tic Tac Toe, and more!

Super Awesome Lego Party

8. Super Awesome Lego Party – You’ll love all the cool crafty ideas: Lego block good boxes, Lego shaped crayons, soap up in cellophane baggies, Lego playdough, and even lego key chains! Lego Man Cookie Recipe and Tutorial

9. Lego Man Cookie Recipe and Tutorial – Pictured instructions on how to make this fantastic lego man head for a Lego party or just for fun.

Bean Bag Toss Lego Party Game for Kids by Tip Junkie

10. Easy Lego Games or Fun Activities for Kids {Tip Junkie} ~ I can guarantee you’ll love these Lego games and activities that your kids will love to play! Games and activities include include Lego Skeeball, Lego Can Memory Game, Lego Bean Bag Toss, Lego Drop, Lego Tic Tac Toe, and more!

Lego Origami Tutorial

10. Lego Origami Tutorial – If you’re wanting to decorate a fabulous lego party or just make these for fun, here is a complete tutorial on how to make folded Lego men.

Lego Party Dessert Table -

11.  Lego Party Dessert Table – The starting point for the table was the covering. It was bubble wrap spray painted green to imitate lego building plates. Brilliant!

Amazing Lego Birthday Party

12.  Amazing Lego Birthday Party Games – With darling party games like I Spy the Lego Guy, Lego, Lego, Who’s got the Lego?, and Lego Collaboration this is such a fun party for boys.

Creative Lego Party Details

13.  Creative Lego Party Details – There are so many fun details in this party like paper plate personalized banner but my favorite is this fun juice box. {snicker} Easy Lego Party Crafts tutorial

14.  Easy Lego Party Crafts – Here’s a pictured tutorial for Lego man soaps and Lego picture frames.  You’ll also find no-bake lego cake and lego cheese and crackers and well as lego chocolate.  You can see all of Melanie’s Lego party here.

Free Printable Lego Guy Banner

15.  Free Printable Lego Guy Banner – This is such a fabulous banner for a party and you can print it out for free. Blue and Yellow Lego/Pirate Party

16.  Blue and Yellow Lego/Pirate Party – I just love this color scheme for a lego party and with all the fun details like the hand print muslin table cloth and the fruit salad in an ice cream cone. Free Printable Lego Party Favors & Decor

17.  Free Printable Lego Party Favors & Decor – Free printable invitations, coloring pages, lego bunting, as well as thank you toppers.

Lego Mini Figure Party Boards

18.  Lego Mini Figure Party Boards – These boards are cracking me up and such a fun photo op for a party. Free Printable Invitations, Games, and Decor

19.  Free Printable Invitations, Games, and Decor – I just love how this invitation is cut so that you can mix and match the lego pieces. {snicker}  Also check out Part 2 the decorations and cake, Part 3 for the games.  Download the Free LEGO font

20.  Download the Free LEGO font – Click the link and the scroll down to #268 and then click the word “lego” to download the free font. {image from this Lego party}

20 Lego Birthday Parties and Lego Cakes [printables]

More Birthday Parties for Boys:

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Lego Party Games and Birthday Ideas by TipJunkie

Lego Party Games and Birthday Ideas by TipJunkie


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  1. Wow!!!!! These are amazing ideas! My son’s 8th birthday just passed- he opted out of a party for a trip to Lego Land but these ideas will be in use for #9 birthday!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

  2. Those cupcakes decorated with Lego chocolates are just too cute. I thought from the photo that they were real Legos!

  3. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing and inspiring such fantastic Lego party ideas. My son is so excited to have his passion for Lego® shared through his upcoming party.

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