18 Awesome Boys Lego Room Ideas!


You will be blown away by these 17 awesome boys bedroom Lego pictures!  These Lego room ideas incorporate Star Wars, cool colors, mural ideas, and even Lego storage solutions.  They are a Lego creator’s dream room.  Many of these elements can easily be incorporated into a play room.

Yep, I’ve covered this topic before!  Here are more Lego pictures of boy rooms:

Lego Pictures

Lego Pictures

1.  Star Wars Lego Room Mural ~ I just adore the blue faux finish in this room as it gives such dimension and a sophisticated yet whimsical polish to the bedroom.

Lego Castle Boy's Bedroom

2.  Lego Castle Boy’s Bedroom ~ I have three boys that would kill for this bedroom.  {snicker}  I love how they’ve married two great themes together into more of a playroom look.  Oh the battles that will be fought here.  May the force be with them.

lego bedroom ideas

3.  Star Wars Lego Mural ~ Sorry, I don’t have the original link to this room but I absolutely adore how the Star Wars Lego Miniatures are busting out of the wall armed and ready to fight.  It’s fabulous.

Lego Bedroom Ideas

Lego Bedroom Ideas

4.  Giant Lego Brick Storage Boxes ~  What great accent pieces these giant Lego storage boxes make for this room.  I also love the fresh colors by mixing the greens with the yellow. So vibrant and fun.

Lego Room Mural

5.  Lego Room Mural ~ It’s a Disney and Lego fan’s dream bedroom with all kinds of movie characters playing on the Lego bricks.

Brick Lego Room

Brick Lego Room

6.  Lego Brick Painted Mural ~ I really like that the traditional Lego blocks are only used around the base of the room.  I think it brightes up the space without overwhelming it.

Lego Loft Bed with Storage7. Lego Loft Bed with Storage ~ How easy would it be to simply paint the edges of an old bunk bed Lego primary colors and bring the theme into the room without being so literal.

Lego Brick Bed

8.  Lego Brick Bed ~ I could only find one image of this Lego bedroom but how easy would it be to add wood cylinders to the bed and then paint it to resemble a Lego.

9.  Beth Weis Lego Room Ideas ~ I don’t know how she made that huge Lego head but that is crazy cool!

Wall Lego Brick Storage Boxes

10.  Wall Lego Brick Storage Boxes ~ This room was actually made for a Lego exhibit, but I loved the idea of putting empty frames as Lego Creation displays. They would double as storage and decor.

Lego Creations

Lego Creations

11. Lego Creations Wall Art ~ What a chic way to could display your kiddo’s Lego sculptures in a sort of revolving modern art piece.  Love it!

Lego Star Wars Space Invaders Wall Art

12.  Lego Star Wars Space Invaders Wall Art ~ How seriously cool is this Lego Mini figure battle scene.  Now that you can purchase them individually at the Lego store, this would be such a fun project to do with your kiddos.

Lego Mini-figures Wall Organize

13.  Lego Mini-figures Wall Organizer ~ My boys would die for this cool way to display and organize their Lego men.  Especially since my youngest thinks they come alive at night.  {Yep, just like Toy Story.}

Lego Organizing Ideas

Lego Organizing Ideas

14.  Color Coded Lego Bins ~ Jen embellished the IKEA Trofast system and turned them into a Lego organizer dream-machine.

15.  Spiral Bound Lego Instructions ~ This isn’t in English but I absolutely love the idea of spiral binding the larger Lego instructions.  Especially for the Star Wars ones that will be popular for decades.

16.  Mega Monster Mat for Quick Clean Up ~ Have your kiddos play with their Legos on the round mat and then simply fold it together as a quick clean up!

Lego Monster Bag17.  Lego Monster Bag ~ A fun way to wrap a Lego gift or for use as a container for quick clean up.

Lego Bathroom Decor Ideas

18.  Lego Bathroom Decor Ideas ~ An easy way to incorporate a Lego color scheme without going to literal with using Legos.

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Lego room

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  1. My son is drooling over all those lego rooms. 🙂 I told him I’d build him the minifigure shelving piece. I think that made him happy! lol

  2. I said “boy” room for the Google Search engines. {snicker} Obviously, these rooms can be tweaked with any color to accommodate any gender. {wink}


  3. I don’t understand why you say these are “boy” rooms! Girls deserve LEGOs, too, and these ideas would work great for many of the little girls I teach.

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