Do These 5 Things To Get The Best Nights Sleep


Getting a good night’s sleep can be more difficult than it seems.  As we get older there seem to be more obstacles in our way.  Our bodies start to betray us, we have other commitments that take time away from good rest…and the list goes on.

Research has proven that getting adequate sleep is a key component of a healthy lifestyle, so we found the best ways to get the best shut-eye!

DO THESE 5 THINGS TO GET THE BEST NIGHTS SLEEP so that you can help protect your mental and physical health, your quality of life, and live more safely.



Do these 5 things to get the best nights sleep

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Clean your room


This may sound like odd advice, but it really works.

Clean your room.

Not only does it make sleep easier for those of us that are OCD, but it greatly helps those that have allergies.  If there is clutter and dust it’s hard to relax and fall asleep so keep your room clean to avoid sleepless nights as a result of dirt!

Also, don’t forget to change your sheets weekly and make sure you use the right sheets for the season.  If it’s summer, don’t put those flannel sheets on the bed, you’ll get too hot and not be able to sleep! We love Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender line.  It’ll clean your room beautifully and the lavender scent is soothing and promotes relaxation!




Ditch the caffeine


Caffeine can play a huge role in the quality of your sleep!  If caffeine keeps you awake at night, stop drinking caffeinated beverages by mid-afternoon.  Even if you think it doesn’t play a role in your sleep, try abstaining from caffeine after 2 pm and see if it changes how you sleep.  You might be surprised! You’ll want to stay away from any drink that claims to enhance your energy because those are most likely full of caffeine.  Of course, also steer clear of coffee and tea (unless it’s herbal) as well after 2 pm.




eat better


Take advantage of all of the fruits and vegetables that are in season for better sleep! Your body can probably use all of the natural vitamins and nutrients it can get and the best way to get them is through fresh food.

You can also try vitamin supplements (although check with your doctor first, we are not experts)!  We’ve read that magnesium deficiency can cause insomnia, low potassium can cause interrupted sleep and a Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to fatigue during the day.




Turn off your electronic devices


This is a hard one since so many of us use electronic devices to actually fall asleep. We watch movies, listen to music, or read e-books on our electronic devices to help us nod off.

However, electronic devices emit a blue light that hampers our ability to fall asleep!

So, turn off your electronic devices an hour before you hit the sheets! And, resist that urge to check your phone in the middle of the night for status updates.  Not a good idea!




Stick to a routine


We are more like children than we think. Just as a routine is important to children, a sleep routine is important to adults.

Our bodies have internal clocks and when they get interrupted, it’s hard to get them back in check.  The best way to keep our internal clock happy is to stick to a routine sleep schedule. We know that it can be difficult but try. It’ll make a huge difference.




Do you have any great tips for getting a better nights sleep?



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